Feb 11 2010

When Scraps Get Out of Hand

Simon’s sister’s dog finds out what happens when a dog’s life gets a little too good.

posted by Claire M. Caterer

Mar 19 2009

A Lion Called Christian

If you can watch the video of Christian the lion without tearing up, you may not be human.  This YouTube sensation made the rounds earlier this year.  Well, the two Aussies who owned Christian also wrote a book about their experience.  Originally published in 1971, A Lion Called Christian has been revised and updated with more than 50 photos. 

This love story struck the nation because everyone could relate to it – whether you love animals or not.  The story was about lost love and reuniting with someone whom you always wondered about.  For animal lovers, it makes us think about the cat that ran away and if he ever thought of you like you thought of him.  It makes you realize that all animals have feelings and emotions. 

Take a moment to appreciate the people and pets in your life.  Watch the video.  Read the book.  This is the stuff we love.

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