Dec 17 2010

Getting Ready to Travel? This Tote Bag is a MUST!

Are you getting ready to take to the friendly skies this holiday season?  Are you trying to figure out how to get all of those important items to your destination?  What about coming home?  How will you get all of those fabulous presents back home?  We have the answer!  The Wayside Waifs tote bag!

This bag is amazing- take it from a self proclaimed bag diva!  When I travel either by car or plane I am always searching for the perfect tote bag to put those extra essential items in.  I look for a spacious bag with a zipper, that isn’t too heavy when its empty.  So when we received these cheerful, Wayside Waifs logo tote bags for our Whiskers and Wags store I promptly put it through my own bag test.

I pulled together a myriad of items to see how much I could really fit into this canvas bag.  WOW was I delighted by how much stuff I could get into this bag without breaking anything!

As you can see we include two t-shirts, a fleece jacket, the Wayside Waifs logo travel cup, three dog toys, four books, hand sanitizer, the Wayside Waifs compact logo umbrella, Wayside Waifs “Rescue Me” Blend coffee, two packages of holiday note cards, a notebook, the Wayside Waifs planner and of course the unbelievably soft Gund kitty.  We still had room to spare.  The front has an extra pocket and the bag has a reinforced zipper.  The greatest part is that this bag sells for only $11.99! 

So as you prepare to travel, come out to Wayside’s Whiskers and Wags Boutique and purchase your tote bag!  100% of the proceeds from every sale benefit the animals in our care!

Tail Wags and Happy Travels!

Written by Trish Stinger
Web Marketing Manager at Wayside Waifs

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