Jun 21 2017

Waif Wednesday

It’s time to meet our Waifs of the Week: Marshmellow, Bubba Ray and Gracie Belle, and Marvin!

This is Marshmellow, and the name suits him to a T, because he’s white, fluffy and sweet. He was found as a stray. He’s a friendly guy who enjoys attention and gives great headbutts. He’s curious, and he loves to explore his surroundings. He’s very playful, too, and he keeps himself entertained by playing with his toy mouse in his kennel. He has a blast! When he had his Felineality test here at Wayside, we found out that he’s a Sidekick. That means he’s moderately brave in new situations, and his favorite thing in the world is just hanging out with people, and making them look and feel good. Could he do that for you?

Learn more about Marshmellow here.

This is Bubba Ray, a sweet, 9-year-old Rottweiler mix who was brought here by his last owner. In his last home, there was a loose fence and sometimes when he wasn’t being monitored, he would escape. He was just curious though! Anyways, it’s better that he’s now somewhere safe and now he can find his fur-ever peeps and a home that fits him perfectly! He’s a sweet guy who takes his food very seriously which is why he’ll do best in a home without small children. He’d also like if you had a safe, quiet place for him to eat his food. He’s not too fond of cat friends but he loves other canine companions! In fact, I should mention that he’s a bonded pair with his best friend Gracie Belle. They love each other and have to go home together. But hey, two is better than one, right?! He’s super smart and already knows the commands sit, down, handsome, goodnight and shake but he’s eager to learn even more from you! He also loves to get outside and explore the world on walks and does pretty well on leash. He’ll have so much fun getting active with you! He’s a sweet guy who really just wants a family to love and be loved by. I hope that happens soon. Come by soon to see if he’s the one for you!

Learn more about Bubba Ray here.

This is Bubba Ray’s partner in crime Gracie Belle! She’s a sweet girl who’s looking for her second home. You see, her last owners had to bring her to Wayside because she kept escaping. It wasn’t on purpose, she’s just curious! Anyways, now she’s in search of a family who will do what they can to keep her safe and let her love them forever! Needless to say, she’ll need a home with a tall fence that she can’t jump over. She’s pretty athletic. She’s also looking for a home without cats or small children. She’ll do best in a calm home. She should mention that she’s in a bonded pair with her best friend Bubba(pictured above)! They have to go home together but hey, two is better than one right? She’s a sweet girl with a huge heart and her and Bubba are ready to give you all of their love. Come by soon to see if they’re the bonded pair of your dreams!

Learn more about Gracie Belle here.

Bubba Ray and Gracie Belle together on a walk!

This adorable little kitten is Marvin! He is a bundle of fun in a small package and he is so ready for a new family to call his own. Kittens are so much fun and boy do they love to play! He will need some work on training but you will have a lot of fun along the way. Being such a youngster he will definitely need both physical and mental stimulation to help him stay well rounded. Give him some fun and interactive toys in the mix and he will have the time of his life! He thinks I should also tell you that he loves to cuddle. Curl up with him and he will purr to show you just how happy he is; cuddles are his favorite! If you are looking for a new buddy to bring you smiles and cheer, come on out to Wayside Waifs and ask to meet Marvin!

Learn more about Marvin here.

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Written by Teryn


Jun 16 2017

Bert and Marla: Long-Term Residents

Wayside Waifs typically cares for 5,400+ animals per year, but some of our residents stay longer than what is expected. Sometimes the animals get extra medical treatment for maybe an upper respiratory infection, to something as severe as pneumonia. That can extend the stay of our friends here, and another reason they may stay longer is if they are involved in our behavior rehabilitation programs here. Every case is different, but these two long-term animals have the longest length of stay in the dog and cat categories. Bert and Marla are eager to find that fur-ever home, but here is a little background about them.

This is Bert, and he is a five-year old Basset Hound mix. His LOS (Length of Stay) is 184 days since he was returned from his previous adopter. Collectively, his LOS is longer than that. Bert was transferred to us back in August of 2016 when his previous shelter ran out of room for him. He came to us with a little upper respiratory infection, as well as being Heartworm positive. Bert received care for both conditions and is now healthy and ready to settle in a home.

Bert battled an infection on and off during his first few months here, and then he was medically cleared for adoption. Bert has a high reactivity to other dogs when on-leash, and he has been known to get stressed out around children. However he is a sweet boy, and very active! He LOVES going on walks and runs, and really loves to be outside when the weather’s nice. He loves toys as well, especially Kongs. The staff members and volunteers here have easily joined Bert’s fan club, as he is now a favorite throughout.

Jess, our Canine and Behavior Manager, speaks highly of Bert. “He’s a really fun guy, and if you’re looking for an active, lovable boy, Bert’s the dog for you.”

Jess also mentions his restrictions with children and dogs shouldn’t necessarily be set in stone. “Honestly, he needs a patient person or persons to train him properly, as he never has had the proper training. Once he has a good pattern of behavior, maybe he’ll do good with kids and dogs. At the beginning, it might be too much for him.”

Elise, a Canine Care Technician, also had some great things to say about Bert. “He will make you laugh, he’ll go outside and roll on his back with a big goofy grin. It’s hilarious!” Elise works with Bert and all of our canine friends regularly, and has seen his progress firsthand. “He needs a special person that will see how unique he is, and that will be Bert’s perfect home.”

This precious boy is looking for his big break, and who better to tell you about Bert than Bert himself?! If you want to watch his video, click here.

“Hi there, I’m Bert! I’m an adorable, 45-pound dog who’s looking for a place to call my own. After being transferred here by my shelter when they ran out of space for me, I’m ready to move on with my life and get things started with my new family! I’ll do better in a home without small children. Sometimes I forget how strong I am! I’d love to meet the whole family before heading home, so bring everyone out to meet me! I’m affectionate and loving with people! I like to stay active because being healthy is so important. I have great leash manners when I use my easy walk harness so taking walks together will be so much fun! Being outside is one of my favorite things so I hope we can spend some time bonding over the exciting sights and smells of this world. I also love to keep my brain sharp so teach me everything you know! I’ve already got the commands sit, down, and come covered but I know I can learn even more with your help. Oh, and I can even army crawl! I think that’s pretty cool. Get me extra motivated with fun toys or yummy treats! I’m so handsome and have a stellar personality. I’m one happy boy who doesn’t know a bad day! I’ll be sure to put a smile on your face whenever you’re around me. I hope you’ll come meet me soon so you can fall in love with my bubbly personality and handsome smile! Love, Bert”

This is Marla, and she is a three-year old tabby cat. Her LOS (Length of Stay) is 136 days straight. Back in February of this year, Marla was rescued from a hoarding case, and had no major signs of illness. With hoarding cases, we test for FIV and FELV, Feline Immunodeficiency Virus and Feline Leukemia Virus respectively. Being around all those cats in certain conditions can bring life-altering illnesses. Marla was the only one out of ten in her group to test negative for both, she is resilient!

Even so, she did contract ringworm after staying her for almost a month, and was put in our isolation ward to treat her patches of hair loss. She was shy through all of this, so she felt a little run-down. However, with quick treatment and our excellent TABBY program, To Achieve Best Behavior Yet, she became the wonderful cat she is today! Our excellent staff and volunteers worked with her everyday to allow her to come out of her shell. She is a staff and volunteer favorite as well, mainly because of how independent she is.

Our Volunteer Coordinator Becky is Marla’s Waif Watcher, which is an advocate program to help promote our waifs. “I love how independent she is, but she also will come up for pets. She will enjoy playing with someone, and playing by herself. She’s the perfect cat!” Becky used to work in our Feline Care Department as well, so she also got to know Marla through there. “When she started to come out of her shell, we noticed how playful she is, and it’s adorable to watch. She is also unique looking for a tabby, so that is a positive too!”

Bonnie, our Feline Care Manager, also has some nice things to say about Marla. “I love seeing a really shy cat make a huge turnaround and become who they really are. The day Marla started to play with me was a great day!” Bonnie founded our TABBY program and it has helped cats like Marla become more confident. “Marla gives good signs when she either has had enough or if she wants more attention. She’s a smart girl!”

This gorgeous gal is looking for her fur-ever home, and that might be you! She would love to tell you about herself, and you can also watch her video here. Please note this video is earlier during her stay here, come meet her to see how much she has grown! Here is how Marla is now!

“Hi I’m Marla! I’m a pretty tabby cat with plenty of love to give. My friends at Wayside call me a Private Investigator. That means that I might spend some time behind the scenes while I make sure everything in the house is in order. I might be a little shy at first but I’ve been known to give purrs and headbutts. I love mice and wand toys! I will need a home where I am the only cat and there are no children under the age of 10. I’ll need someone to be patient with me and give me the private space I need to adjust to a new home. Once I’m comfortable, I’ll be your best friend. I can’t wait to have my own furever family!”

You can meet Bert and Marla at our facility during our adoption hours:

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Written by Teryn

Jun 14 2017

Waif Wednesday

Meet our Waifs of the Week: Marla, Bentley, and Bruno!


Marla is a pretty three-year old tabby cat with plenty of love to give. Her Feline-ality is a Private Investigator, which means she might spend some time behind the scenes and make sure the house is in order. She might be a little shy at first, but she loves to give purrs and headbutts! Her favorite toys are wand and mouse toys! Because she is a shy girl, she would prefer to go to a home without children under the age of ten, and she would prefer to be the only cat in the home. She just wants to have all your love to herself! She asks that her adopter will be patient, as she will be uncomfortable at first in a new environment. She will need a private space for a few days, but after that she is ready to be your companion!

Learn more about Marla here. Marla has a video, you can watch it here!


Bentley here is a handsome 11 month old American Blue heeler mix, and he is ready for his fur-ever home. He was transferred from another shelter when they ran out of space for him, but he has enjoyed his stay at Wayside so far! His favorite activity would probably be going on walks, and even runs with someone. Bentley is still a puppy so his energy is through the roof, but he is toy motivated so once you give him tennis ball or a chew toy he is a focused boy! He has herding tendencies, so it is recommended he goes home with no children under 5, mainly because he doesn’t want to accidentally hurt them! He would love to continue basic obedience training with someone, he is a smart boy!

Learn more about Bentley here.


Bruno is an adorable little red kitten and he is three months old. He is a bundle of fun in a small package and he is so ready for a new family to call his own. Kittens are so much fun and boy do they love to play! He will need some work on training but he will have a lot of fun along the way. Being such a youngster he will definitely need both physical and mental stimulation to help him stay well rounded. Give him some fun and interactive toys in the mix and he will have the time of his life! He also loves to cuddle! Curl up with him and he will purr to show you just how happy he is; cuddles are his favorite!

Learn more about Bruno here.


You can visit our animals during our adoption hours:


Written by Teryn

Jun 8 2017

Waifs of the Week!


 Meet our Waifs of the Week: Tiger, Ms. Patty, and Cullen.


Tiger is a handsome five-year old American Pit Bull Terrier mix. He got his name because of the beautiful golden/black striped coat he has, which has earned him many compliments! He’s practically housebroken, and has been buddies with kids in his previous home. He’s not a huge fan of cats, but he does love his exercise! He’s an excellent running partner, but that energy requires him to have a fenced-in yard that is six feet tall. Come down to Wayside and see Tiger, he’ll be the dog standing on top of his crate!

Learn more about Tiger here.



Ms. Patty is a gorgeous four-year old Tortoiseshell cat. Her markings are just one indicator of how unique she is! She is a litter box-trained girl who was transferred from another shelter in search of a furever home. Her Feline-ality is Executive, which means she likes to stay busy! She wants to look out the window, get into drawers or closets, and make time for some naps. But don’t worry; she’ll make time for you! She’s not a super big player, but she’ll let you know how happy I am with purrs and head-butts! See for yourself and maybe you will be a match made in heaven!

Learn more about Ms. Patty here. Ms. Patty has a video, check that out here!



This is Cullen, a dashing one-year old rat. He is looking for a place to call his own, and your home may be that place! His favorite treats are cheese and romaine lettuce, and his favorite pastime is to exercise in his wheel. During his downtime, he likes to burrow in his blanket and settle in for a nap. He is really friendly and loves to be around everybody! He is ready to meet you whenever you are!


Learn more about Cullen here.


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Written by: Teryn J.

May 2 2014

Costume Ins-purr-ration for the 2014 Fur Ball Gala

fur ball galaAs you may know, this year’s Wayside Waifs-sponsored Fur Ball Gala is centered around a fun baseball theme. Because our organization has some serious spunk, we like to celebrate and fundraise in true style. To get you warmed up and ready for the big night, we have comprised a short list of ideas from our very own Look Book.

Baseball Costumes That Will Make the Crowd Bark

Base 1 – Ease into this year’s A League of Their Own-inspired theme with a classic baseball T-hat combination. Keeping things casual with a timeless three-quarter-length baseball T is a sure way to blend in with the crowd. A comfy T paired with a baseball hat of your choosing – we’re partial to the Royals – is sure to earn you a round of applause.

Base 2 – Want to step up your costume game, while showing your favorite team in the league some love? Be royal at this year’s gala by sporting your favorite dark blue Royals jersey and fan swag. And if you’re root, root, rooting for another team, that’s okay, too. We welcome friendly rivalries.

Base 3 – For a non-traditional approach to this year’s theme, pay tribute to the hardworking men and women who distribute tasty beverages and savory finger foods throughout ball games.  Hotdogs. Cotton candy.  Lemonade. The options are limitless, and think how much fun – and treats — you can have as you get your costume together.

Base 4 – Cross home plate with a splash and go all out with a full-fledged baseball ensemble. Tube socks, cropped pants, a jersey, and a glove will have you looking like you’re on the roster. And, if you want to take your outfit to the next level, throw on an umpire’s mask and chest protector for good measure.

Tune In

On May 10th you can see the costumes firsthand at our annual Fur ball Gala, which will be held at the Overland Park Convention Center. And, if you cannot make it out for this year’s festivities, be sure to follow our social media feeds for live updates.

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Feb 25 2014

Fight the Winter Blues With Pet Exercise

snow playIt’s cold outside. Let’s face it: We are all dragging a little bit – even the dogs. As a pet owner, it is important to remember that while we are able to get outside throughout gloomy winter days, dogs often remain pent up indoors. Sofa snuggles and afternoon snoozes are great, but too much time on the dog bed can have a lot of canines feeling blue. Don’t wait for sunnier, warmer days to exercise your pooch! There are a number of great winter exercises you and your favorite companion can enjoy.

Winter Exercises for the Pooch:

Snow Angels

One of the things that makes dogs such great animals is that they still enjoy all the things we did in our youth – playing in the snow is no exception. In fact, many of these furballs relish the opportunity to run their paws through fluffy, white powder. While it’s still winter, bundle up and take your snow angel (yes, we know you call your dog “angel,” “sweets,” and other heart-melting nicknames) out for some good, old-fashioned playtime in the snow.

snow dog

Extra Training

What better way to get your pooch ready for warm park days than some additional training classes? These classes are fun for everyone, as they allow pets to socialize with their canine peers, all while learning new tricks and skill sets. After some winter classes, your furry friend will be the star of all his or her warm-weather park dates.

Sensory Stimulation

Just as we require mental stimulation, dogs have keen senses that need to be challenged to stay sharp. When your dog’s nose cannot keep busy sniffing freshly cut grass or blooming flowers, a fun game of sniff-and-eat will combat the winter blues and boredom. Something as simple as an impromptu food-driven obstacle course will do the trick, keeping your dog’s mind stimulated and its belly full.

Learn More 

Are you looking for a furry friend to roll around with in the snow? Wayside Waifs of Kansas City is home to a number of adoptable dogs and cats that are looking for their forever home, so be sure to stop by the shelter today.

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Sep 13 2011

Meet Dale

Dale is looking for his forever home

Dale is looking for his forever home

Where to begin my story – gosh, that is hard for me to figure out.  Hi, my name is Dale, and I’m a 3 year old super handsome and very housebroken lab mix who is loving, sweet natured, and definitely in need of a very special home with a very special family.  My original family adopted me almost 3 years ago, when I was still a little puppy.  As it turns out, I grew into a big, goofy, lovable dog, and definitely a guy that needs daily exercise, lots of interaction with my family, and plenty of playtime – hey, I’m a lab, doesn’t that just say it all?    I also need lots of lovin’ and affection, just like any dog wants to have.  At my old home, somehow as the time passed, I started spending more and more time in my kennel in the garage.  It wasn’t that they didn’t love me, they just didn’t have the time and inclination to work with me.  So I got stuck out there with the other family dogs, but far away from a normal life and love from you humans.   I’m so grateful that they decided to surrender me to Wayside so that I could find a new and better life for me- the kind of life that every dog dreams of having. 

I didn’t do well in the shelter environment at Wayside at all.  I was scared in my kennel, and unsure and afraid of all the people walking by and staring at me.  I was lucky enough to get into a foster home where my new family has been nurturing, loving, and ever so patient at giving me a chance to grow into my own.  I’m starting to figure out this life that I have now!  It is awesome to feel a part of something and to have some doggie friends to play with and some structure and well, lots of love.  When I first arrived, I was a little crazy, running around, jumping on everything, so enthusiastic yet unsure of how I was supposed to act.  I guess I was so excited to be out of the shelter, I just had to show how happy I was.  After I calmed down, my new family started to figure out more about my personality – and my fears.  Maybe we should call my fears phobias instead.  Foster Mom knew that I was different right away because I was scared to death of the TV.  I would do anything to get away from it.  My foster mom says that she thinks my fears are really about anything that moves or moves fast.  Loud and sudden (hair dryers, lawn mowers, door slams) noises make me so frightened that I have to run and hide.   Yes, a big boy like me, afraid of my own shadow sometimes.  However, the more I am around these sounds and noises – and that darn TV – I am getting used to them.  

A typical weekday for me includes some early morning playtime with her other dogs, then I go happily in my crate for some rest time.  My foster mom comes back at lunch, and we get out again and play and romp around for awhile.  Then it is back to relaxing until she comes home in the late afternoon.  When I say I play with other dogs, well, there are 3 –  two female and one male.  One is pretty lazy, and the others like to run around and act silly like I do.  When I joined the pack, I just so easily fit in.  I understood the natural order immediately, and I never do any boat rocking at all.  My foster mom says that I’m just a natural around other dogs.  I even spend time at Man’s Best Friend Pet Resort when my family is out of town, and they they I’m about the greatest dog in the world around other dogs.  I love everyone, and I can ‘read’ other dogs and their cues so well.  I make every dog comfortable.   I really, really want to go home with one, ok?  Another dog helps me with my confidence boosting. 

I easily stay in their back yard, and she said that she doesn’t see me jumping fences or anything like that ever again.  My greatest joy in the back yard is having my foster mom out there with me – and the other dogs, too.  When everyone is there, I’m happy as a clam.  If she goes inside, I want to follow her and be by her side.  I also really love toys – any kind of toy makes me happy.  Have you heard of the Kong Wobbler toy?  You can feed me from this toy, and it takes a long time for us dogs to find the food inside.  It is just a nice way to keep busy and get my meal!  I also love peanut butter and rawhide treats.  My foster mom says that in order to help me get used to the TV, she will give me a rawhide to chew on, and once I start chewing, I forget that I’m afraid of that doggone TV.  I can stay in the room with a show on and not get as anxious anymore.  

Besides having a great sit, I also love to play a good game of F-E-T-C-H!  You can see me playing in the park in my video.   I would be a good dog to take to the off leash park since I really do love other doggies, and I like meeting new friends.  We could play fetch in the park, too – wouldn’t you like to do that with me?

My foster mom thinks sometimes that I act more like I came from a puppy mill than from someone’s home.  My fears and phobias are typical of a puppy mill dog – afraid of sudden movement, fearful around new things and worried about the big, wide wonderful world that we live in.  I need a family who can understand that.   I look like I’m a big lion, but I’m I really act more like a little scared lamb.  I’m getting so much better, and learning so much about life.  I need a family who wants to give me the time and the chance to learn something about life and be all that I can be.  I want to be a big part of your world, and since I like to have people around me, I would love it if someone was home more often during the day.  I want to be a big and loving part of your life. 

Can you imagine how much fun it would be to show me about life and love, and allow me to blossom?   You can see the world through my eyes – it may give you a whole new perspective on life.  It may take me a little while to warm up and be the boy that I can be, but if you love me, you’ll give me that chance.  I guess you are asking yourself why you should adopt me.  I would be doing that too, if I were you.  I guess the best thing to say to you is that you would be giving a dog like me a chance at a normal and wonderful life.  You would give me a place in this world that I really haven’t had a chance to find yet.  You would rescue me – yes, truly rescue me.  It might be hard sometimes to find your way with me.  It might be hard to be as patient as you’d like to be with me all the time.  I understand all that, and I promise you that I will try my hardest to be the best dog I can be, and I promise to keep learning every single day from you – just like I’ve been doing.  I expect that you will find such a reward every day in helping me grow, I think you will feel blessed.  I am loved so strongly by my foster mom, and she protects me and feels so good that she is helping such a sweet dog find his way in the world.   I’m willing to keep trying and keep growing.  I hope that you will find that giving me a chance was the best decision you ever made in your life.  I think I’d be worth it, I really, truly do. 

Love from Dale

Dale is currently in a foster home. If you are interested in meeting him, please contact Wayside Waifs Adoptions at 816-986-4426 to arrange a time to meet.

Mar 4 2011

Meet Harlan!

Looking for an adorable dog?  Looking for a dog that not only can act like a puppy at the age of 3, but also has grown up doggie manners, too?  Hi, I’m Harlen, and I’m a 43 pound, young, handsome and very energetic black lab mix searching for my forever home.  I was a lottery winner awhile back, when Wayside decided to find someone that was willing to foster me.  I have a great foster dad who loves having me in his life, but he also so wants me to find my forever home.

Let’s get a few things out on the table right now.  I’m housebroken, I’m very friendly and playful, I’m a cuddly teddy bear, and I’m never crated in the house – I stay alone (well, with my foster brother) all day while my dad is at work.  We’ve got a doggie door to let ourselves out to the back yard whenever we need to during the day.  The back yard is fenced in (3-4 foot chain link), and I haven’t even attempted to jump.  Life is too sweet where I am!  My foster brother is a 60 pound 5 year old border collie mix.  I just love to play, and I like to spend my time trying to get him to play with me.   I’ll bounce around in front of him, play bowing, waggin’ my tail, hoping against hope that he will want to spend time wrestling around with me.    I would do the same thing with your dog probably, so it would be great if you had a doggie pal that loves to play, too.

I get to the off leash park for exercise when the weather is nice.  I love to race around and burn off that extra lab energy that I have stored up inside.  At night,  I love to follow my foster dad around and spend as much time with him as possible.  Once we get to cuddle time, well, it is like a little slice of heaven.   I also give lots of doggie kisses, and I’m not the least bit bashful about bestowing my licks on you.  When it is time for bed, I like to sleep on the floor next to his bed each night knowing that he is close by, and if he needs me, I’ll be there for him.

The perfect home for me would be one that has older kids and/or adults who are active and want to make their dog into a valued member of the family.   I would love to have daily walks or time at the off leash park.  Since I’m still young, getting exercise is important to me.  I would like to have plenty of rawhides and indestructible toys to chew on since as you probably know, labs love to chew!  I want a family that likes to cuddle, too, because I’m all about givin’ and receivin’ the love.  I’m a boy that just enjoys life, and I make everything fun.

Do I sound like the boy for you?  If so, please contact Wayside Waifs to ask about setting up a time to meet me.  Believe me, I think I’m worth the time.  I want my own family so much – I hope you will want me?

Love from Harlen

Jan 3 2011

Meet Sonic!

Oh my, you really must meet me in person to see just how adorable I am! But I’m so much more than a handsome face….I am athletic, fun, happy, fast, soft, wiggly, and smart. And more than that even, but let me take a step back and start at the beginning. My name is Sonic and I am a 25 pound, eight month old Border Collie/Australian Cattle Dog mix. I am mostly housetrained, although it’s been rough for me getting into a routine, so I may need a refresher course when you get me home. And I am searching for my one true forever home to offer me the life I need and deserve.

My life so far has been a whirlwind of activity, which is tough, since I’m not even a year old yet! But I’m a survivor and I will get through this “homeless” period and I will be stronger for it. I don’t remember much from my days as a young pup, but I don’t remember feeling safe and loved. And then one day a few months ago, I showed up as a stray on a farm. The people who lived there were awesome! They cared for me, got me vaccinated, had me neutered, and made me feel loved. But I didn’t really get along with their resident dog…he was grumpy and didn’t like young pups in his space….so they did what was best for me and brought me to Wayside to get my second chance at a good life.

My farm family loved me and said I was a sweet boy with lots of love to give. Like I mentioned earlier, I’m very athletic and if I was part of an Olympic team, I’d want to be a high jumper. Yes, I can jump! Four foot fences are no match for me, I can jump them, no problem. So I’m looking for a six foot fence or higher in my new home. When I was left out alone, sometimes I got bored and created new games, like the “Digging to China” game or the “Car Chase” game. Life is a true adventure with me, and since I’m so smart, it’s best to keep me busy, so that I don’t get bored and find trouble. I’m very high energy and active, so am looking for the same in my new family. I would prefer a family without cats or small children.

The staff here at Wayside think I would be the perfect candidate for training classes. I’m super smart, I’m very motivated by doggie treats, and I’d love nothing more than to bond with you from the very start. So do you think maybe we could do that? Training classes? What do you think?

I like to spend my time here at Wayside hanging out with the volunteers. They take me to the dog park and watch me go! I am the fastest, most athletic dog around and I love, love, love to chase after tennis balls! Wait til you see me perform. My speed and jumping ability is sure to bring a smile to your face. And I would be a wonderful, fantastic, fabulous running partner. Are you maybe looking for a jogging partner? What do you think about that?

Hopefully you can appreciate me for who I am. I have a zest for life that few can match and I’d be so happy to share it with you! I’m fun, fast, friendly, energetic, soft, and happy. Just an all around great dog with a beautiful life ahead of me. Would you like to share the adventure of life with me? Please?
Love, Sonic

Sonic is currently in a foster home. If you are interested in meeting him, please contact Wayside Waifs Adoptions at 816-986-4426 to arrange a time to meet.

Posted by Trish Stinger
Web Marketing Manager at Wayside Waifs

Jul 24 2010

Charmaine is Looking for Her Forever Home!

Meet charming Charmaine! This gorgeous tortie was found hanging around a local thrift store. We think she was hoping somebody would think she was worthy of a new home, just like the treasures they had found that somebody else had previously discarded. Sadly, nobody opened their home to Charmaine, and she came here. Of course, we are happy to have her and happy to help her find a loving family of her own.

Charmaine has gorgeous tortie markings, and she is just about one of the friendliest cats you’ll ever meet. She seems to like everybody she comes into contact with, and she is content and happy to receive a scratch under the chin or behind the ears from you. Charmaine loves old movies, and she would be happy to snuggle on your lap while you watch one together. If that sounds ideal, come down to Wayside to meet Charmaine today!  

During Wayside Waifs Feline Frenzy promotion, Charmaine’s adoption fee is waived.  

Posted by Trish Stinger
Web Marketing Manager at Wayside Waifs

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