Oct 16 2009

KC Dog Runners

It’s 8:30 Saturday morning, do you know where your favorite shelter dog is?  If he’s really lucky, he may be running with the KC Dog Runners!  Once every couple of months, volunteers with the KC Dog Runners come to Wayside Waifs and run 6-8 dogs for 30-45 minutes.  It’s great for burning off extra energy of our shelter dogs but the more significant and less obvious benefit is the much needed confidence boost it can give shy shelter dogs.



The last time the KC Dog Runners were here they ran Montgomery, a 10 month old Golden Retriever mix who had been in the shelter for 11 days.  Monty was a really shy boy who didn’t walk well on a leash, but once he felt the joy of the run, he forgot all of his fears.  When he returned from his run he was very relaxed and was able to stay behind the Adoption Counter.  Little did we know his new dad was headed to Wayside looking for the perfect companion.

I’m convinced the KC Dog Runners helped facilitate this perfect match.  Monty may not have been able to share his amazing personality with his new family without the boost of confidence and sense of ease that one run provided.  While I know serious behavior problems need the expertise of a professional trainer, a good dog run was all Monty needed to cure what ailed him.  Adoption update: Monty and his new parent are “best buds”! 

The KC Dog Runners is KC metro’s first dog running company, started Fall 2008.  They are an amazing resource for busy families unable to provide an adequate amount of exercise to keep their dogs healthy and happy.  If you find yourself in this predicament, check out their website at www.kcdogrunners.com.  If you’re a runner and would like to join their team of volunteers working to give shelter dogs a chance to run, you’ll find more information on their website.

Written by Barbara Poe
Adoptions Program Manager at Wayside Waifs

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