Mar 6 2010


Patti with her dog Lucy

Patti with her dog Lucy

As I prepare to retire from Wayside Waifs, I find myself reflecting on the memories of the everyday heroes that make this place so extraordinary.  There is a commitment here unlike anything I have ever experienced.  There is never a doubt about why we are here or what we must do on any given day.  But, it is truly those everyday heroes that make Wayside Waifs what it is today.  I feel compelled to share a few examples of the work of the heart that is Wayside Waifs.

There were those volunteer and staff members who rushed to Louisiana to help in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.  They never thought about their own discomfort.  They just knew they had to go.

The incredible volunteers who come in every day regardless of the weather to make sure that every dog gets a walk and each cat in our care receives human touch.  There are many of these unsung heroes who are compelled to come here every day to do what they can to brighten each animal’s day.

We have a number of staff people whose personal stories of tragedy, struggle, and fortitude are humbling.  And yet, they make it here every day to ensure that every animal in our care receives what it needs.  These people are in need of care themselves, yet they find the capacity to give what is needed to a lonely and frightened animal who doesn’t fully understand what is happening here.

And, I can’t leave out the animals who are heroes to all of us.  They come to us abused, injured, sick and frightened.  One would think that their spirits would be forever broken.  But, time and time again, we see them respond to a caring touch and then blossom into a loving, trusting companion willing to give us humans another chance.

Watching our foster parents care for the most vulnerable animals is inspiring.  They take them home when they need 24 hour care or they need a little extra time to heal and learn to trust again.  They love them, care for them, nurture them back to health and then bring them back here and trust us to find them the perfect forever home.

Our incredible veterinarians, who see and treat the wounds inflicted by humans, cars, or other animals but never give up.  They medicate, heal, amputate, cure and then just keep caring, knowing the next animal to come in may be in worse condition than the one before.

And, I can’t forget the donors who keep this place going so that we can do the work we do every day.  They give generously of their hearts, and we are honored by their confidence in us to do the best we can for each and every animal that finds its way here.

Wayside is truly a story of tragedy and triumph.  We are all…humans and animals alike…much better for having the opportunity to spend some time here.  I, for one, am grateful.

Written by Patti Glass
President of Wayside Waifs

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