May 15 2009

A Low-Cost Resource for KC

Congratulations to Spay & Neuter Clinic of Kansas City, which just moved this week to new headquarters at 59th and Troost! This clinic focuses specifically on providing low-cost spay and neutering services to residents who might otherwise be unable to afford surgery for their pets. Log on to to learn more about this wonderful resource, or call at (816) 353-0940.

Most shelters, like Wayside Waifs, include spaying and neutering in their adoption fees, but people who obtain their pets from other sources may find the cost of surgery prohibitive. We are grateful to Spay & Neuter KC for helping to stem the tide of pet overpopulation.

Dogs and cats that are spayed or neutered generally live longer, healthier lives and have fewer behavior problems. If you haven’t yet taken this step with your pet, don’t delay scheduling surgery. Check out our website for more low-cost spay and neuter resources.

Posted by Claire M. Caterer

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