Dec 22 2008

Give the gift of pet adoption (but not the actual pet!)

Is your child asking Santa for a new puppy or kitten for Christmas? Is there someone in your life who would love an animal companion for the new year? Do you want to surprise someone special in your life with a furry bundle of joy?

The impulse to give someone the happiness that comes with a new pet is wonderful – for the person, and for the pet. However, be sure to give such a gift in a responsible way.

That means giving the promise of a pet – not putting a puppy in a box! As cute as a puppy under the Christmas tree may be in movies and TV commercials, pet ownership is a big decision and a long-term commitment.

Instead, we encourage you to give a Wayside Waifs pet adoption gift certificate. Just drop by our office or call 816-986-4426. No time left to get a certificate? Just wrap up a few pet supplies and toys, with the promise of visiting Wayside to select just the right animal.

If you give someone the promise of a pet on Christmas day, you can go online and look at the Waifs available for adoption and visit us the very next day to meet your favorites in person and make the perfect match.

We’ll be open to the public on Friday, December 26, from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. To learn more about the adoption process, visit the adoptions section of our website.

Also, if the next few weeks are going to be hectic, we suggest waiting until after the holidays when things settle down to a normal routine. That way, the new pet will be able to adjust to its new home with minimal stress and distractions.

A pet can be a wonderful gift – and with a gift certificate from Wayside Waifs, you can make sure that gift is absolutely perfect!

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