Jun 21 2017

Waif Wednesday

It’s time to meet our Waifs of the Week: Marshmellow, Bubba Ray and Gracie Belle, and Marvin!

This is Marshmellow, and the name suits him to a T, because he’s white, fluffy and sweet. He was found as a stray. He’s a friendly guy who enjoys attention and gives great headbutts. He’s curious, and he loves to explore his surroundings. He’s very playful, too, and he keeps himself entertained by playing with his toy mouse in his kennel. He has a blast! When he had his Felineality test here at Wayside, we found out that he’s a Sidekick. That means he’s moderately brave in new situations, and his favorite thing in the world is just hanging out with people, and making them look and feel good. Could he do that for you?

Learn more about Marshmellow here.

This is Bubba Ray, a sweet, 9-year-old Rottweiler mix who was brought here by his last owner. In his last home, there was a loose fence and sometimes when he wasn’t being monitored, he would escape. He was just curious though! Anyways, it’s better that he’s now somewhere safe and now he can find his fur-ever peeps and a home that fits him perfectly! He’s a sweet guy who takes his food very seriously which is why he’ll do best in a home without small children. He’d also like if you had a safe, quiet place for him to eat his food. He’s not too fond of cat friends but he loves other canine companions! In fact, I should mention that he’s a bonded pair with his best friend Gracie Belle. They love each other and have to go home together. But hey, two is better than one, right?! He’s super smart and already knows the commands sit, down, handsome, goodnight and shake but he’s eager to learn even more from you! He also loves to get outside and explore the world on walks and does pretty well on leash. He’ll have so much fun getting active with you! He’s a sweet guy who really just wants a family to love and be loved by. I hope that happens soon. Come by soon to see if he’s the one for you!

Learn more about Bubba Ray here.

This is Bubba Ray’s partner in crime Gracie Belle! She’s a sweet girl who’s looking for her second home. You see, her last owners had to bring her to Wayside because she kept escaping. It wasn’t on purpose, she’s just curious! Anyways, now she’s in search of a family who will do what they can to keep her safe and let her love them forever! Needless to say, she’ll need a home with a tall fence that she can’t jump over. She’s pretty athletic. She’s also looking for a home without cats or small children. She’ll do best in a calm home. She should mention that she’s in a bonded pair with her best friend Bubba(pictured above)! They have to go home together but hey, two is better than one right? She’s a sweet girl with a huge heart and her and Bubba are ready to give you all of their love. Come by soon to see if they’re the bonded pair of your dreams!

Learn more about Gracie Belle here.

Bubba Ray and Gracie Belle together on a walk!

This adorable little kitten is Marvin! He is a bundle of fun in a small package and he is so ready for a new family to call his own. Kittens are so much fun and boy do they love to play! He will need some work on training but you will have a lot of fun along the way. Being such a youngster he will definitely need both physical and mental stimulation to help him stay well rounded. Give him some fun and interactive toys in the mix and he will have the time of his life! He thinks I should also tell you that he loves to cuddle. Curl up with him and he will purr to show you just how happy he is; cuddles are his favorite! If you are looking for a new buddy to bring you smiles and cheer, come on out to Wayside Waifs and ask to meet Marvin!

Learn more about Marvin here.

Come meet our Waifs of the Week during our adoption hours listed below.

  • Monday: CLOSED
  • Tuesday: CLOSED
  • Wednesday: Noon-8pm
  • Thursday: Noon-8pm
  • Friday: Noon-8pm
  • Saturday: 10am-6pm
  • Sunday: 1pm-6pm

Written by Teryn


Jul 14 2013

Sharing Adoption Success

After more than 150 days at Wayside Waifs, Dollar finally found his person. Within minutes of meeting each other, Dollar was giving plenty of hugs and kisses. #100KSaved #100KChallenge

After more than 150 days at Wayside Waifs, Dollar finally found his person. Within minutes of meeting each other, Dollar was giving plenty of hugs and kisses. #100KSaved #100KChallenge

In the last six weeks, Wayside Waifs has challenged Kansas City to help us find loving homes for hundreds of homeless dogs and cats in our community. Your adoptions are helping us qualify for grant funding to ensure our emergency shelter and rescue services continue to be available for animals that need them.

This past weekend, you answered the call once again through Adoptathon. Wayside would like to give a big thank you to 106.5 The Wolf and all the incredible Kansas Citians who came to out to adopt.

YOU can help Wayside Waifs in one more way simply by sharing your adoption success. Your entry in the ASPCA/Rachael Ray $100K Challenge Photo Contest could help Wayside Waifs win up to $5,000. If you adopted from us between June 1 and July 15 – you are eligible! It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

1. Take a photo of your newly adopted pet

2. Go to www.aspca.org/100kphoto

3. Submit your photo and fill in the form. YOUR photo could help us save more lives!

Please don’t delay – the deadline to submit your photo is this Monday, July 15th at 10:59PM.

A panel of ASPCA judges will select 40 photo finalists to compete for prizes. Then, the public gets to cast the deciding votes between July 22nd and August 4th by liking and/or repinning their favorite photos on Pinterest. Likes count as one vote and re-pins count as two. Sixteen winners will be selected and grants ranging from $1,000 to $5,000 will be given to the adoptee’s alma mater. Plus, winning submitters will receive an ASPCA t-shirt and water bottle!

Jul 11 2013

Adoptathon – Find your purr-fect match


106.5 The Wolf and Wayside Waifs are proud to present the 2013 Summer Adoptathon on July 12-14. The event will feature live broadcasts all day Friday featuring some of Kansas City’s most listened to DJs – Roger Carson, Codie Allen, Wes Poe, and Shotgun Jaxson. This weekend only, all pet adoptions are just $25. Plus, fees will be waived on all additional pets adopted. All adoptable animals are spay/neutered, microchipped and current on vaccinations. It’s the “purr”fect time to find your furry friend.

TheWolfWayside Waifs will be open special hours for this weekend’s adoptathon:

  • Friday, July 12: 6 a.m.-8 p.m.
  • Saturday, July 13: 8 a.m.-6 p.m.
  • Sunday, July 14: 12 p.m.-6 p.m.

Check out some of the grrreat dogs, cats, puppies, kittens and bunnies looking forward to meeting you.

The Adoptathon is just one of Wayside Waifs’ anchor adoption events this summer to help the shelter compete in the 2013 ASPCA/Rachael Ray $100K Adoption Challenge. Our goal is to help 1,831 animals in our community find loving forever homes by the end of August.

 The adoption fun begins this Friday at 6am! We hope to see a lot of The Wolf Pack fans participating.

Jul 8 2013

Your adoption help wins life-saving funding

From June 1 through August 31, Wayside Waifs is competing in the ASPCA Rachael Ray $100,000 Challenge. As Kansas City’s largest and most comprehensive no kill pet adoption campus, we set a goal to help find “fur”ever homes for 1,831 animals this summer. But we can’t do it alone!

What is the ASPCA Rachael Ray Challenge?
The goal of the challenge is simple – to increase pet adoptions across the country. Wayside was one of 50 shelters nationally and the only one in the Kansas City metro area chosen for this competition. More than $600,000 in prize grants are available with funds ranging from $5,000 to $100,000. In this contest – every animal wins!

How to HelpHow can Wayside win a grant?
When you adopt a pet from Wayside Waifs, it puts us closer to winning one of several major grants from the ASPCA. These grants will continue to fund life-saving medical care, rescue missions, animal behavior rehabilitation and ultimately help more animals find their forever homes this year.

Throughout the summer, visit our website to learn more about pet adoption specials.

Share the mission
Another way you can help Wayside win grant funding is by getting social with us. Just follow us on your favorite social media site(s) – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, or Pinterest. Please be sure to engage with us by sharing, liking, or retweeting our content. Your participation helps spread our mission to other perspective adopters.

Community Engagement
Tell your friends why you love Wayside by using #WaysideWaifs in your social media posts. When you generate social media posts about the Challenge, please use #100KChallenge.  When you share your adoption success stories, please use #100KSaved in your post.  This will allow these posts to appear on the ASPCA/Rachael Ray $100K Challenge Facebook and Twitter feeds and will also help us in the competition.

Together we can make a difference in the lives of abandoned, abused and homeless pets!

Nov 14 2012

Tag- Your Mine!

ID Tags- Don't Furrr-get!

ID Tags- Don't Furrr-get!

Being a pet owner means not only having a furry roommate, but a best friend, a snuggle buddy, a foot warmer, an unlimited supply of entertainment, and a source of unconditional love. The thought of losing a pet is tragic and heartbreaking, but the reality is that pets can become separated from their owners for various reasons at any given time. Just because your pet is an indoor animal does not eliminate the opportunity for your pet to escape. Pets can sneak off from the confines of their house through an open door, hole in the fence, unlatched gate, or a tear in a screen window.

In the past two months I have picked up several lost animals wandering along the side of the road, all with owners and all WITHOUT tags. There is nothing more frustrating than to find an animal that looks healthy and loved, wearing a collar, but doesn’t have any identification to immediately return it back to their family.  ID tags serve as an extra security measure that you can provide for your dog or cat and it also helps assure that your family member will be returned home quickly.

Even though all Wayside Waifs are microchipped, some people don’t know what to do if they find an animal with a microchip tag. In addition to that, it is more time consuming to take an animal to a veterinarian or animal shelter to have a microchip scanned in order to get contact information for the owner. If the animal is wearing an ID tag, the finder can immediately contact the owner, or if the owner’s address is on the tag, they can return the animal directly back to its home.

The Whiskers and Wags retail store at Wayside makes it fast and easy to pick up an ID tag for your pet. Included in our Dog and Cat ID packages are an ID tag, a dog or cat collar, plus a leash for dogs. ID tags can also be purchased separately for $6 and they are available in several style & color options. Up to four lines of information can be included on each side of the tag and it takes less than two minutes to have the entire thing engraved.

Its also a good idea to check your pet’s ID Tags once a year to make sure the information is still readable.  It’s well worth the $6 investment to have them reprinted each year in case your pet becomes lost.

Now that you know why it is so vital to have an ID tag for your pet, you may be wondering what information is best to include on the tag.

Suggested information on ID tags:
Dog or Cat Name
Owner Last Name
-Home and Cell Phone Numbers
-Address (Many animals are found near the owner’s home and can be returned faster if the address is on the tag)

Optional additional suggestions:
Reward For Safe Return
I’m on Medications (people are less likely to keep an animal that requires costly medications, or return them faster)

Don’t risk the possibility of losing your furry forever friend because you did not take proper precautions.  

Written by Danielle Sather, Marketing & Development Intern at Wayside Waifs

Jan 20 2012

The Amazing Transformation of Izzy

The day Izzy was rescued

The day Izzy was rescued

Commitment…  Patience…  Unconditional love…  Acceptance…  Powerful words with serious meanings.   But, all must become a basic way of life for anyone who is considering adopting a puppy mill rescue.  Some puppy mill rescues may eventually become fairly “normal” dogs, but others’ spirits have been so battered and broken that they will never truly recover, leaving them with permanent physical and/or psychological scars that will affect them for the rest of their lives.  Some will come with medical issues due to lack of proper nutrition, veterinary care and sanitary housing, while others will be plagued with psychological issues, most commonly an intense fear; both of people and of new situations.  And, due to their endless confinement, all will have a lack of understanding of the appropriate protocol for elimination.  Many will get better, but far more will not.  At least not completely.  But, now, thanks to the rescue efforts of Wayside Waifs, many puppy mill rescues are being given a second chance at life in a home where they will know love unlike anything they could ever imagine. 

 It was November 3, 2009 when 21 frightened and horribly neglected dogs were rescued by Wayside Waifs from their previous lives of pain and misery at a puppy mill in Camden County, MO.   As I watched them being impounded that day, I found that my heart was especially touched by two emaciated poodles; one gray and one cream colored.  It brought tears to my eyes to see their dirty matted fur, their incredibly long toenails, their filthy, rotten teeth, the wounds on their bodies from having to fight for their food, their swollen and stretched out mammary glands, and their wasted and worn out bodied from years of over-breeding.   And, more heart-wrenching still was seeing the dreadful fear in their eyes as they stood trembling at the uncertainty of their fate.  No matter how gentle the touch or how softly and kindly the words “It’s going to be OK” were spoken to them, they still could not comprehend that they were safe and that they were now beginning their journey to a life that would be filled with goodness.  In their frightened little minds, the past had proven to them that only bad things ever happened, so how could this scary new world be anything but a continuation of their previous life in hell?  Fortunately for them, time was on their side, and each would be allowed to adjust to their new-found freedom at his or her own rate.  Over the next couple of weeks I would often visit with my two little favorites; the gray and cream colored poodles, along with several others too.  I would spend some time just being with them every day, trying to help with their socialization, always telling myself that they would all be going to wonderful, loving homes, and that I would have to let them go, because the two dogs I already had at home were enough. Eventually, each of the rescues began their migration from the holding side of the building over to the adoption side, and one by one they started leaving Wayside, to a new and better way of life. 

It was one day in late November when I went to visit with one of the poodles that I found she had a new “roommate”, because her previous little buddy had recently been adopted.  Who was this pitiful looking schnoodle, and how in the world did I miss seeing her before now!!!?  “Darma”, as she was named by the staff, was cowering in the corner, pressing hard against the wall, trying to get as far away from me as she possibly could.  I reached out to let her sniff my hand, but coming from a place where no human contact had likely ever been kind, she had no intention whatsoever of coming anywhere near me.  But, Whispers, the cream-colored poodle, would now readily approach me, so I just continued to visit and snuggle with her, allowing Darma to skeptically look on from the security of her corner.  She looked so sad and lonely huddled there in the corner, but in all honesty, it was the sorrowful, pleading look in her eyes which, in the end, totally captivated me.  Regardless of everything I had told myself about not needing another dog, I really knew from the very first moment I saw her that she would eventually be coming home with me.  And, thanks to Wayside, I have come to discover a reciprocal love from an adorable puppy mill rescue who has come to mean the world to me.

So, I read as much as I could about adopting a puppy mill rescue, and after purchasing a couple of baby gates and placing a dog crate with the door left open in every room of the house, (so she would always have a safe haven close by), I thought I was well-prepared to bring home the newest member of my family.  I quickly learned, however, that nothing I had read had fully prepared me for life with a puppy mill rescue.  On the day of her adoption I went to her kennel, slowly opened the door, and gently lifted her out, at which point she immediately began to fight to get away from me.  So, I clutched her tightly to my chest, and just sat down on the floor with her and spoke to her in a calm, soothing voice, and once she relaxed and ceased to tremble I felt we were ready to go home.  I placed her in a travel crate, knowing that the car ride home would be particularly frightening for her, and that confinement while in the car would be the best option.  Nearly everything she would encounter now would be completely new to her, and for her, every one of those things would be absolutely terrifying.  It was heartbreaking to see the almost constant fear that she was suffering, but I was certain that, over time, she would eventually overcome those fears.  There would be progress.  It would be slow, but there would be progress.  Dedication…  Commitment…  Patience…  Unconditional love…  Acceptance: Progress… 

I immediately found that she didn’t actually need a crate in every room.  The only crate she ever would flee to was the one that she sleeps in every night.  Every “first” for her was incredibly difficult, and many of her fears of those “firsts” remained fears throughout the “seconds”, “thirds”, “fourths” and beyond.  The first time I put a leash on her she flopped around like a fish out of water, but it didn’t take her very long to adjust, and now she walks on leash really well.  Progress…

Her reaction to every new experience was to bolt, not really knowing where she was bolting to, or if the path that she was choosing was safe to take or not.  Everything she experienced initially sent her scurrying; the vacuum, television, doorbell, dishwasher…  She no longer runs to hide from any of those things, although she does still prefer to keep her distance from the vacuum.  Progress…  Rain, snow, walking on the grass, or just being outside, were all horribly frightening to her at first, but now she loves to go out in the back yard, as long as I go out there with her.  Progress…  Once-in-awhile she still will have an accident in the house, but that is rare, so in that regard she is getting better.  Progress…  She has even learned what “go potty” means, and knows to eliminate at that prompting.  But, if I take her outside and she doesn’t actually need to go at the time, she will still squat when I say “go potty” and then come running over to me to receive her snuggles and praise.  She’s no dummy!  And, as terrifying as the first few baths were for her, she really doesn’t mind bathing now at all.  I found that giving her treats while bathing her provided her with something she desired to such an extent that she would willingly tolerate a bath, if she had to, in order to receive those treats.  Now, every time I even just pull back the shower curtain, she comes running into the bathroom and puts her paws up on the side of the tub – just in case it happens to be her bath/treat time.  Progress… 

Izzy today

Izzy today

I am fortunate in that I can take Darma (now *Izzy) to work with me every day.  Her comfort zone is under my desk, and although that is where she stays all day, except for when we go out for a walk, I still feel it is better for her than being at home, alone in her crate all day.  *So, how did Darma come to be known as Izzy?  When Izzy first came home with me, she still had her puppy mill look – a skinny, frightened pooch with dirty matted fur.  So, I thought that this “not quite beautiful on the outside yet” little girl needed a beautiful name, so I named her Isabella.  So, I groom, and I try to get her to the “beautiful” look, but after every bathing and grooming she immediately shakes her body and rolls around on the ground, only to rise up looking terribly scruffy and completely unkempt.  So, I decided that shortening her name to Izzy was more fitting to her crazy and cute, yet messy and disheveled look.

Nothing makes me happier now than to see her running at full speed around the back yard, sometimes chasing after my other schnoodle, and sometimes just running for the sheer pleasure of being able to run free.  Progress…  She is my constant companion, and in the comfort of her home, her eyes are bright, her stubby little tail is constantly wagging and she runs and plays like any “normal” dog.  Progress…  But still, whenever she encounters other people, or faces new situations, she reverts back to being that scared and distant recluse that made her way into my heart back on that cold November day. 

Oftentimes, when she is sitting on my lap, I will look into her soulful and hurt-filled eyes, and wonder of the fear that is behind them, and the painful memories that time can never erase.  It infuriates me that she, and so many like her, have been forced to endure a life filled with horrible torture and unspeakable pain, all so that some selfish, greedy breeders can make a buck.  Yes, hundreds have been saved, but sadly, thousands remain imprisoned, daily suffering a fate that is far worse than death.  We can’t give up on them.  Wayside Waifs will not give up on them.  One by one by one we will do our best to offer these survivors the life that they deserve.  And, to all of the other Izzys out there – We will not forget you.  We will not abandon you.  We will not stop fighting for justice for you.  We will not.  WE. WILL. NOT.  Progress…


Written by Karen Brown
Lead Development Associate at Wayside Waifs

Oct 6 2011

Meet Dozer!

Dozer is looking for a forever family.

Dozer is looking for a forever family.

Dozer here, and I’m anything but…at least I’m anything but a dozer that is. I’m 3 years old and weigh in at about 55 pounds or so, and I’m energetic, fun lovin’ super duper handsome, and just an all around great guy. I was brought to Wayside by a rescue group, so there isn’t a whole lot of official information on me and my background. I do know lots of commands, and I understand that I have to earn them by doing something for you. I’ve been learning to play a new game – it is called ZEN, and I have to punch the open palm of your right hand to get you to open up your fisted left hand to give me the treat. You can switch hands on me and everything! I like the game because I get the treat once I do the trick. I really am a super smart boy. I’ve got a volunteer friend working with me, and she just can’t believe her eyes. I currently know ‘sit’, down’, ‘touch’, and I can jump through a hula hoop! I play fetch, too, and I love to play with toys! Plus, I have a ‘sit/stay’ that is awesome. You can put me in one, and I can hold my position for up to 10 seconds at least – and, you can move at least 10 feet away from me! I’m stay in my position until you tell me we are ‘all done’.

The best way for us to walk together is if you are using an easy walk harness. Hey, I’m working on loose leash walking, but, I’m still a work in progress. With a harness on, I am the best of boys. I also think that I would make a great agility dog or even a great frisbee dog! I am so incredibly athletic, and I have such an abundance of energy and smarts – well, put it all together, and I might possibly make a fantastic partner in one of these sports.

I bet I would make a great jogging partner for the right family, too. Walks are great because I get to explore, and sometimes the walk ends at the off leash park for a game of fetch or a romp in the pool, so I’m always up for a long one! I really love squeaky toys, too; but I can tear them up playing with them, so maybe you’ll need to get me some indestructible toys, ok? I have a bit of a hard mouth, but, you can work with me on that, and I can learn to take treats gently. It just takes some practice, that’s all.

I’m sweet, friendly, good natured and just so happy to be alive. I’ve been vacationing recently at Man’s Best Friend (that’s why it says I’m In Foster on my picture), and I’ve found a new friend in Judy, who owns the place with her husband, Mike. She likes to watch TV with me in the evenings! We’ve been watching Dancing with the Stars and the X Factor. I love to snuggle up next to her and fall asleep. Being away from all the noise from the other dogs makes me so happy and so relaxed. It also makes me feel special – and very loved. I haven’t had that feeling in a long time in my life.

I’ve got to find a home and a wonderful family like you so that I can leave all this homelessness behind me. I’ve got a lot of love in me, and I’m just sure I can be a great companion for someone very special. Are you my special someone? Please come and meet me, ok?

Love from Dozer

Ps. Watch my video!  Dozer is currently on vacation at Man’s Best Friend Pet Resort in Belton, Missouri. If you are interested in meeting him, please contact Wayside Waifs Adoptions at 816-986-4426 to arrange a time to meet.

May 20 2011

Meet Lambie

Hi there! My name is Lambie, a sweet and shy, but so much fun, gentle soul, searching ever so patiently for my place in this big world. I’m a one year old, partially housetrained Beagle mix. And at just under 30 pounds, I’m a perfect size to fit comfortably next to you on the couch or beside you in my dog bed. I will be such a good girl for you, I promise!

My owner surrendered me to Wayside because she was moving and couldn’t take me with her. Shelter life is scary and stressful for me. I hadn’t been socialized much at all, so I really don’t know a lot of the things that other dogs know. I had never been on a leash until the day I was brought to Wayside. I’m trying to make up for lost time now. Walks are crazy awesome! In my new home and for the rest of my life, I would like to go for a walk, on a leash, every single day. How does that sound?

I’m making lots of progress here at Wayside, but I know I have a long way to go in my search for my “just being a dog” goal. I’m looking for training, attention, understanding, and patience in my new home. I know that’s a lot to ask, but don’t I deserve that? I’m learning to be more secure and confident now, and part of that is asking for what I need. Well, I need you to show me the way. My main goal in life is to make you happy, but I don’t always know what that means yet. I’m trying so hard, I really am! I can sit for my treats and I’m so adorable with one ear up and one down. It gives me character and makes me so expressive.

In my previous home, I lived with teenage kids and did fine with them. But, because I’m so shy, and quick movements and loud noises are so scary to me, the Wayside staff thinks I will do best in a home without young children. That sounds fine with me. Toddlers are too wild and crazy for dogs like me! And I would like to meet any other dogs you might have before we all go home together. I did live with a Jack Russell Terrier in my previous life, but I don’t always know the most appropriate way to play with other dogs. My whole life is all about learning new stuff these days! It’s a new world for me.

I’m starting to love the attention I’m getting from the volunteers around here! People are awesome, I just never knew! Sometimes I get to go out to the dog park and I have so much fun running and playing and acting goofy and silly. I like to run the fence with the dogs on the other side. I love my doggie treats too.

I’m still very much a puppy, a sweet, adorable, somewhat insecure Beagle puppy. It doesn’t get cuter than that! Do you think maybe you might have room in your life for me? Do you think we could become best buddies? I hope so! I’m actually overflowing with hope that my new home will be everything I dream of!

Love, Lambie

Mar 25 2011

The Price of Love



The best things in life are free!  We’ve all heard it before, right?  And, certainly, as we all know, there is definitely some truth in that.  The beauty of a sunset, a smile given and a smile received, the light tickle on your skin as a butterfly lands gently on your arm.  All are free and likely enjoyed by most.  And, love, it seems, is something that should also be free.  But, when it comes to our pets, what is the price we must pay for that love? 

We can talk dollars, of course.  Many sources estimate that the average cost of owning a cat or dog can be up to $3,000.00 a year.  That’s probably a bit high, but whatever the financial cost, animal lovers everywhere are willing to pay that price, in order to give a loving home to one (or more) of our furry friends.  And when we do, we find that the happiness we come to know through their companionship and unconditional love far outweighs any financial cost we may incur along the way.  But what about the emotional price that we must ultimately pay for that love?  At some point in time, we will all hear the dreaded news from our veterinarian that our beloved pet has an illness that he or she is not going to survive.  And, eventually we all must say goodbye. 

And so, with heavy hearts we reluctantly pay that emotional price for their love; and we grieve.  Our tears can not wash away the pain and the emptiness we feel over the loss of a pet, but they will come anyway.  But, eventually the crying will cease, and once it does we can look peacefully and affectionately into our heart, and cling to all of the wonderful memories of their life with us that we hold so dear.  And someday, (and the appropriate time is different for everyone) we will once again bring another furry friend into our home, and we will love them just as much, though never exactly the same. 

It always saddens me after someone loses a pet to hear them say that they are not going to adopt another one because it hurts too much when they have to say goodbye, because these are exactly the kinds of people who make the best pet owners!  Each time I step into the shelter and see the sad and lonely eyes of an animal pleading for someone to come and take them home it is my hope that someone like this will reconsider and come to their rescue.  Whenever my heart has been breaking over the loss of a beloved pet, somehow I still know that I have to look beyond my grief to see the others longing for rescue, and open my heart to another in need.  One my biggest fears is getting to a point in life where, either for reasons of health or age, I will no longer be in the position of having pets of my own.  Just the thought of the emptiness that would bring to my life concerns me more than loss of life itself.  Because of my pets, my life is richer, fuller and more blessed than I could ever have imagined.  Yes, my heart breaks every time I must say goodbye, but I wouldn’t trade the joy of their life with me for anything, even if it could erase the pain of their passing.  Right now there are many who await me at that beautiful Rainbow Bridge, and someday, when the time is right, I will see them all again, and then we will all cross over that bridge, happily together, once again….. forever. 

***If you are grieving over the loss of a pet and are unable to cope with the loss, please seek out a grief counselor or a pet grief support group in your area. 

Written by Karen Brown
In Memory of Tabasco
1992 – August 16, 2010

Dec 13 2010




It’s the most wonderful time of the year.  So say all the pets snug in their beds on the living room floor of their families, warmed by the fire and eyes sparkling from the lights on the tree.  But not so much for the animals still waiting for homes at Wayside Waifs. 

Don’t get me wrong, if you have to be an animal in a shelter, I believe Wayside Waifs is the best possible place to be.  With our amazingly talented staff, our passionate volunteers, and the beautiful clean facility…it’s top of the charts for a stop over.  But we all know the best place in the world for a companion animal is in a forever home, with one, two or more humans (and other pets) to snuggle with, to listen to, to entertain and to love. 

This year, there will be over 6,500 such animals who have come to Wayside.  Sometimes they come to us well fed, groomed, and in good health from a family whom,  for many various reasons, can no longer care for them.  But more often, they have come from other high kill shelters, or they have been rescued from horrendous hoarding and puppy mill situations, been found wandering the streets cold, hungry, sick and alone.  Caring for the healthy ones costs money, but caring for the unhealthy ones require so much more of our limited resources.

Such as Daniela, a 4 year old St. Bernard who was brought to us this summer, skinny, filthy and lame.  Daniela was dumped in a field and who knows how long she had been there, if it weren’t for a kindly stranger who found her and brought her to Wayside Waifs.  She was half the weight she should be, and I cannot go into detail about the state of her skin, but suffice it to say, it was in bad shape.  Our admissions team sprung in to action and vaccinated her upon arrival.  Our veterinarians and vet techs then took over to clean and treat her wounds, and assess her dire situation.  Daniela had hip dyplasia so severe it was difficult to walk.  Treatment began, and Daniela was placed in a foster home.  At her bi weekly vet appointments, more issues were found and treated; heart worm, severe degenerative joint disease.  But exam after exam, Daniela continues to improve.  She has gained over 20 pounds, and is slowing learning to trust again.

You knew it was coming, here’s the ask.  We simply could not have treated Daniela without the financial support of good people like you.  Wayside Waifs receives no government funding.  While we do all can to provide the most we can for the most animals possible at the least cost, it comes to this: without you, Daniela wouldn’t have made it.  Daniela is just one of 6,500 stories that we see each and every year.  Please, we need you.  No gift is too small (or too large!).

From the bottom of our hearts, two legged and four legged alike, we thank you.

Written by Marla Svoboda
Vice President Marketing & Development at Wayside Waifs

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