May 7 2010

Patti Melt Is Looking For Her Forever Loving Home!

Patty Melt Is Looking For Her Forever Loving Home!

Patty Melt is my name! I was given this name because I was found wandering around at Burger King and some nice folks brought me here to Wayside. I was soooooo scared when I got here, I didn’t trust anyone. All the volunteers and staff were so nice to me I soon, slowly…, started to let my guard down and trust a little bit!! I am really smart so they were able to teach me a few tricks for treats. “I believe” my name suggests that my heart needs to melt and allow myself to be truly loved. A couple of months ago I was taken into foster, by my friend and FM, Ashley. She is teaching me that life can feel fun and safe.
So here I am living in a temporary home and what I really need to meet my full potential is a permanent sense of security. A knowing that I am finally HOME.

Ashley needs to work throughout the day, so I stay in my crate, which I do not mind if I get a good treat, like a Kong filled with peanut butter. My crate does give me my space to reflect on letting go of my fear of strangers. So if my FM has friends over I go in my crate until I relax a little to come out and meet them. My foster family consists of Ashley and her cat, who is very…dog savvy. I was tempted to chase her, being the herding dog that I am, so she kept me on a leash until she was sure I would not chase the cat. Now we just coexist and the cat likes to chase me… I find this a bit confusing and do not know if I should be scared or just play with the cat. The cat will not let me sleep in the bedroom so I sleep in my own bed in the living room. Cats?? Strange creatures!!

My Fm says I am a quick learner but I need mental stimulation. I know how to sit, down, roll over, speak, spin and target to a tennis ball. Wow!! I am impressed with myself!! I am also learning to wait and to do my tricks without treats, just for the love of it.

I am extremely playful, attentive and full of energy and I am relaxed when I am at home with my FM and like to play with her on the floor with my favorite toy, my blue plush dog. I guess my biggest issue is my fear of strangers. I really want to like people but they just scare me, until I get to know them. Once I do, you can pet me, touch my paws and even give me a bath. I am good on a leash (unless I see a squirrel) but hey life should be fun! We walk a couple of times a day and I love it!! I would love to jog with my new owner, the more energy I expend the better. I love car rides too now, ‘cause we usually go somewhere fun, like the park. I am completely housetrained, I do not chew on things I am not supposed to and I do not counter surf. What a great thing!

I also love other dogs (not small ones so much) but then dogs come with owners…!! and there is that fear of strangers. Strangers just move too fast!!! With more experience and patience from my new family I know I will learn to handle strangers more comfortably, but I will probably always be a bit leery. Not to change the subject! But then, there are my great brown feet that look like boots.

I would love my new family to be a very active person with lot’s of patience and a very strong understanding of positive reinforcement training. I would probably do better with a single or a couple with no children.

My FM says I am a great dog with the potential to do great things. If it’s true that only the truly good are truly great, then she is right because I am a really good dog just wanting to be loved in a forever Home. Love, Patty Melt

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