Sep 12 2009

Inspiring Story from Adoptathon

Brenda Lee

Brenda Lee

Adopter Ed brought tears to our eyes today at Adoptathon.  He boarded a city bus at six a.m. this morning, and then walked two miles from the bus stop to finally get to Wayside Waifs.  Ed wanted to find a new companion for his 15-year-old dog, Skippy.   Skippy’s lifelong “girlfriend” passed away a little more than a week ago, and he’s lost without her.  Ed said he didn’t want Skippy to spend his final years alone. 

Ed heard about our Adoptathon on TV yesterday, and hoped he could find another “couch potato” at Wayside Waifs.  When Ed met Brenda Lee, it was love at first sight.  He thinks the full-figured six-year-old Miniature Pinscher will be the perfect match for Skippy.  Brenda was a staff favorite here at Wayside Waifs, and was smiling as she waddled out the door. 

One of our fantastic volunteers, Katie, gave Ed and Brenda and lift back to the bus stop.  She said she sobbed the entire way back to Wayside Waifs, because she was so touched by Ed’s story.  

Thank you Ed, for making the journey to Wayside Waifs.  We wish you, Skippy and Brenda Lee all the best!  We can’t to hear what Skippy thinks of his new lady!

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