Mar 17 2010

Pet Memorial Services at Wayside Waifs

I am always so honored in my position as Director of Development for Wayside Waifs when I speak to donors, they are often comfortable enough to share their personal stories with me.  Stories of how their pet, the one who “chose them”, made all the difference in their lives.  Often these stories are particularly poignant because I hear them after their beloved pet has passed.

I will never forget the voice of the woman who called to make a donation for a technician who worked in her veterinarians office.  The vet tech took such loving care of her precious Daschund, Mabel.  Mabel had passed just last month, and the technician, a month later.  She wanted to make a gift in both their honor.  She described to me how she was still so engulfed in her grief; how it just didn’t seem to have any end.  She feared that life would never be the same for her.  She even had the need to go on medication to ease the pain.  The extent of her sadness was palpable over the phone.

Another moving story was from a woman, Irene, who lived in a nursing home.  She was calling about wording in her will for a planned gift for Wayside Waifs.  When I asked her about her decision to chose Wayside, she admitted that it was her husband who had taught her about the powerful love animals give.  She described to me the last pet she had prior to moving into assisted living, a beautiful orange tabby cat named Precious.  Irene said her husband, John, had a habit of playing a game of solitaire before retiring for the night.  Precious would sit on his lap to “help”.  Precious had the unusual ability to place his paw on the aces, only the aces, and steal them off the table.  When Precious passed, John never played another hand of solitaire.  When Irene prodded him to continue with his evening ritual, John replied, “I can’t.  I lost my partner.”

There are not enough words to be written about the love the animals provide us.  The risk of loving someone is losing them, and it is often inevitable that we will outlive our pets.  Many do find some comfort in knowing that you don’t have to go through it alone.  Wayside Waifs Pet Memorial Services provides caring compassionate end of life services for animals.  And you can feel especially good about knowing that all income received through this program goes directly  back in supporting care for the 6,500 homeless, abandoned and abused animals Wayside Waifs has the priviledge of caring for every year.  It’s truly a wonderful way to honor the memory of your pet.

Written by Marla Svoboda
Director of Development at Wayside Waifs

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