Jun 18 2010

Feline Frenzy at Wayside Waifs

Jelly is looking for her forever loving home!

Jelly is looking for her forever loving home!

Wayside Waifs has an abundance of adorable cats and kittens in need of good homes.  To help these sweeties find their forever families Wayside Waifs is fine tuning our Feline Fridays cat adoption promotion into a Feline Frenzy

Now through August, adopt a cat over 5-months-old and Wayside will waive the adoption fee.    Adopt a kitten for just $60 (half-price) and we’ll waive the adoption fee on the second kitten.  Another Feline Frenzy bonus-all cat adopters will receive a 15% discount on all kitty supplies and merchandise!  MEOWZA!  What an incredible deal! 

Wayside currently has more than 150 cats and kittens available for adoption and more than 200 waiting to come into the shelter. 

If you are thinking about adopting a kitty, we encourage you to bring your entire family to Wayside Waifs to meet all potential feline family members.  We know those cute adorable little kittens are tough to resist, but often adult cats are best for families with small children.  Experienced Wayside adoption counselors and our wonderful volunteers will be on hand to guide you through the entire adoption process, and help you find the purr-fect kitty for your family. 

Remember, being in the shelter can be pretty stressful on these sweet kitties.  Their true personalities will really start to emerge after you take the home.  It may take a few weeks for them to really get adjusted to their lives in their forever homes, so they will need your love and patience!

More than 4 million homeless cats end up in shelters every year in the United States.  By adopting a feline friend from Wayside Waifs, you will be saving a life.  How cool is that?

Need more reasons to adopt a kitty?  Consider these benefits of opening your home to a kitty:

-Cats are great for people who live in apartments and smaller homes… they don’t need a lot of space. 

-They are very clean creatures and even bathe themselves! 

-They also don’t need to be housebroken, using the litter box is second nature to them! 

-They are low-maintenance and independent too!  They don’t require daily walks, just about 15 minutes of daily playtime with you!  

-Cats will also help keep you healthy!  They can actually reduce your blood pressure and prevent hearth disease! 

To learn more about all of the friendly felines currently available for adoption at Wayside Waifs, please visit www.waysidewaifs.org

Posted by Trish Stinger
Web Marketing Manager at Wayside Waifs

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