Jan 6 2009

Abandoned dog gives us hope

Hope the Golden Retriever was looking for a good place to have her puppies.  She was cold and hungry when she showed up to a gas station in Freeman, MO.  Workers there had seen animals dumped on their property before.  Two days later, she began to deliver her pups.


When she delivered eight of her puppies, they knew she needed a veterinarian.  They brought her to Wayside Waifs where she delivered another two puppies.


Hope and her ninth puppy – the first one born at Wayside Waifs.


The first five puppies did not survive due to exposure to the cold weather and low body temperature.  Wayside vets immediately went to work to increase the body temperature of the remaining puppies. Less than an hour later, she delivered the remaining two puppies.


Hope and four of her puppies – one is still on the way.


Her five remaining puppies made it through the first night.  They are still not out of the woods just yet.  We will continue to monitor her and her puppies.  Soon, Hope and her puppies will go to a foster home that can care for them.  If you are interested in helping dogs like Hope through our foster program, click here to find out more about it.


All five pups!  The youngest is the black and tan one on the left.


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