Jul 24 2009

MEOWZA! Its Feline Friday

Bobby Flay enjoys a good stretch

Bobby Flay enjoys a good stretch

Today I learned that we have added more kittens to the cat adoption area.  Not only are they fluffy and cute, but very active!  Its great fun to watch them roll around and play with their toys, and anything else they can find.  Take Bobby Flay, yes this is his real name, he is quite the lover and loves to play.  Who could resist such a sweet face!
For those of you not familiar with Feline Friday, today only, you can adopt any kitten for only $60 and an adult cat for only $15.  If you find two adult cats, because cats really do best in pairs, you can adopt the second adult at no charge.  All of our cats and kittens are spayed or neutered, have all of their vaccinations and go home with a five pound bag of food. 
We’re open until 8:00 pm and hope to see you!

Jul 17 2009

Feline Friday!

It is going to be a gorgeous day!  In fact, a perfect day to come to Wayside Waifs and adopt a cat or two! 

Feline Friday is a promotion we run during June and July.  Cats breed when its hot and that is when our shelter becomes packed with cats and kittens.  We have over 300 cats and kittens in our care right now, looking for that purr-fect home.  Wayside Waifs opens today at 2:00, so come out and check out all of the beautiful cats and kittens in our cat house. 

You can adopt a kitten for only $60 and a adult cat, any cat over 5months of age, for only $15!  If you want to adopt a second adult cat, there is no charge.  HOLY MEOW!  I know it seems we are crazy about cats.  We’re not crazy, but our adult cats are competing for your attention with all of the kittens running around. 

Each cat and kitten has been spayed or neutered, has all their shots and comes with a five pound bag of food.  We also have a great selection of pet supplies (collars,  litter boxes, toys) for sale, at a better deal than what you would find at most stores.  More importantly, each adoption helps us to continue our work of saving more animals.

We hope to see you today at Wayside Waifs!

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