Aug 3 2010

Foster Feature: Meet Hot Pocket

Meet Hot Pocket

Meet Hot Pocket

“There’s a dog in the vet clinic that needs to be put in your area” she said. I work in a sectioned off area of the shelter where animals that have medical issues, behavior problems or are too young to be adopted usually reside. I headed down the hall to the vet clinic trying to think of what this dogs problem might be; a broken leg, a bad upper respiratory infection, maybe just a bad attitude. When I saw her I couldn’t believe my eyes. She was covered in scabs, pustules, pimples and had reddened dry splotchy skin. One look in her eyes and I knew I had to help her. I immediately put on the baby blue gown, sported some white surgical gloves and picked her up. She looked so sad,

“What’s her name?”
“Hot Pocket”

Someone had dropped her off in the Wayside parking lot; dismissing her and the medical attention she so desperately needed. The way she leaned in to me and looked in to my eyes told me that she knew I was helping her.

Since no one knew whether she was contagious or not, I couldn’t take her home right away. So, I spoiled her in every other way I knew how. She got plush dog beds, plenty of toys and a lot of love. I could never touch her with my bare hands, in case she was contagious- so every day for about an hour I would get in to my fashionable garb of medical scrubs and sit with her. She didn’t want to play much since she wasn’t in the best of health; most of the time was spent with her sleeping in my lap while I would try my best not to hurt her as I pet her scabby head, and held her dry irritated body. 

Once she was medically cleared as not being contagious I got all of the items she would need together and took her home. As we got into the car I put her in her crate and hoped for the best. She cried and potty’d almost immediately. “Oh no, what am I getting myself in to?” I work with puppies on a daily basis but I’ve never wanted to take one home because I know how much work they are. Plus, how were my room mate’s two dogs going to react to her? I found out once I got home; Cooper, the Springer Spaniel mix immediately warmed up to her. If she sneezed, he licked her face. If she coughed, he cuddled with her. She nipped, pawed, barked and walked all over him and he loved every minute of it. 

With a new boyfriend in tow, Hot Pocket made herself at home. She never potty’d in the house (or her crate), she always let me get a full 8 hours of sleep, and she started learning new commands instantly! As far as puppies go, Hot Pocket was as close to perfect as they come! She loves every dog she comes in to contact with and every person she meets falls in love with her gentle, playful puppy nature. 

Hot Pocket is now making a full recovery and is a beautiful, gorgeous eyed little girl. Had it not been for the fostering program offered at Wayside I would never have been able to get her back to full health and show her what it’s like to be loved. Fostering gives me a feeling of need and a sense of accomplishment. Since I work at Wayside I get to see first hand how much fostering makes a difference; it’s phenomenal. And Hot Pocket is one of the best examples I have to show that.

Written by Alyssa Willet
Puppy Nursery Caretaker at Wayside Waifs

Feb 25 2010

Meet Zen!



Shy, but very friendly once I get to know you, energetic, housebroken, loving and playful, with one of the most expressive faces on earth-hi, I’m Zen, a 1-year-old make Chinese Shar-Pei mix searching for my new home.  Doesn’t that uniquely furrowed brow just take your breath away?

I want you to know that Wayside has been my savior not once- but twice in my short life.  I arrived the first time just last spring on the Rescue Waggin’, when I was only a pup.  I found a new home right away-but as the months went by, things didn’t go so well for my family and I came back to Wayside in December.

I needed huge doses of confidence building and socialization, so in an effort to give me a second chance, my Wayside pals found me a foster dad who has a willingness to help me overcome my insecurities.  Wow, from the first day there until now, I have had the very best time! My foster dad has two boy dogs, so we have formed our own fraternity!  The house has a doggie door to the backyard and we have the run of the house and outside during the day while he is off working hard to keep us in doggie biscuits.

I spend  the days wrestling with my buddies, chasing the ball, playing with all toys offered, and in the evening, I curl up on the couch with my foster dad and put my head in his lap for snuggle time.  At night, I sleep soundly on my very own doggie bed.  My foster dad has been introducing me to new life experiences- especially new people and young kids whenever he can.  I’ve found that little kids scare me a bit.  I’m a little like Cowardly Lion still, but I am working on getting more courage and being a very brave dog.  It’s hard, but I’m trying.

I hear my foster dad saying all the time what a good boy I am in so many ways.  I’m quiet, I don’t chew on things I shouldn’t (well, not much anyway), I respect his yard, I’m a lover and I do really well walking on a leash now.  Yes, I must admit I haven’t been perfect, but I’m trying and learning every day how to be the best dog I can be.

My foster dad actually says such nice things about me, and I think he knows me well enough to know that all I want from life is for someone to love me.  I am a dog that is very eager to please, and I want to find a family that wants to include me and make me an important part of their lives-and wants to encourage me to become the dog that I was always meant to be.

I’d live to get the chance to meet you.  You need to know that I may be a little shy or uncertain of you at first.  If you will just be patient with me, I’ll become your best friend-the most loyal and true blue of friends- for a lifetime to come.

Love from,
Zen the Dog

Jan 27 2010

Meet Brewster!



Hi, I’m Brewster, and I’m a 1 1/2 year-old male, lab mix of a dog without a home of my very own yet.  Why you ask?  Because my perfect, forever family is out there somewhere, but they just don’t know about me yet.  So, I’m going to tell you all that you need to know, and maybe you will finally find me.  My foster mom is extremely proud of the dog I have become at her house.  Who wouldn’t be – once you get to know me better?

Handsome doesn’t even begin to describe my looks.  Brains are there too!  Exuberance personified.  Did I hear you ask if I’m crate trained?  Yup, I am!  Housebroken? True dat.  Loving and giving to a fault, and I am not ashamed to admit that I have a real soft, sensitive side that is just beginning to emerge.  I can dish out plenty of doggie kisses, I can lie by your feet while you read, I am quite the couch potato, and I’m willing to be a foot warmer in bed at night, if you decide you want one.

I’m a lover of just about everything life has to offer- introducing myself to people of all ages, a good game of tug of war, playing with dogs and puppies of all shapes and sizes, belly rubs, any type of treats you have, fluffy blankets and soft doggy beds, swimming, and peanut butter kongs.

I will need at least a 6 foot fence and a big back yard to play in since I’m an energetic and athletic guy.  I’d love if you had another dog for me to play with, but if you don’t, we can still make our relationship work.  I’ll just need an extra walk, a run or some extended play time at the park. 

I am very smart and I learn quickly.  If you don’t want me to do something, just tell me – I understand about rules and regulations.  I’d love it if you would adopt me, and we could do some Wayside training classes together.  The skill I would most like to learn about is how to walk perfectly on a leash.

Now I just have to ask- could you be my forever loving family?  I hope I get a chance to meet you.  Please call Wayside to schedule an appointment, or email

Written by Brewster the Dog

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