Aug 14 2009

Still in the Heat of Flea and Tick Season

Although summer is coming closer to an end, we are still in the heat of flea and tick season.  My own waif was scratching this morning and I realized it was time to re-treat her.  Here are some tips for successful flea control:
1. Start treating before the weather heats up.  Many people treat all year long.  Fleas and ticks can live year round, especially indoors.  

2.  Each pet in your home needs their own individual dose of treatment.  Wayside Waifs recommends Frontline.  The individual dose will kill existing fleas and break the cycle of flea reproduction.  It can take 3 months to get a flea infestation under control.  

3.  If you walk your pet outside, you can pick up fleas from an area where other untreated pets have been.  These fleas can hitch a ride on your pet and get into your home.  Consistent treatment is always recommended.

4.  To keep fleas under control; vacuum daily and discard the vacuum bag immediately, wash all pet bedding each day, brush cats with a flea comb, wash all human bedding where pets may have napped and keep a watchful eye. 

5. Look for a treatment that is waterproof so you can bathe your pet and allow your pet to enjoy a dip in the pool. 

You can purchase Frontline Flea and Tick treatment at Wayside Waifs!  Come by during business hours to pick up yours.

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