May 1 2009

How One Cat Became a Twitter Sensation

Romeo the Cat (photo from

Romeo the Cat (photo from

Celebrity is a delicate thing. Some people go the way of Paris Hilton; others show the grace of Tom Hanks. Romeo the cat is already getting a swelled head: “Pugsley and I got our 9 p.m. treats at 11:14:23 p.m. tonight. Staff slacking. Heads gonna roll,” he wrote recently on the popular networking site, Twitter.

Then again, maybe fame hasn’t ruined him. Maybe he’s always been this way.

Romeo is a Persian rescue cat who’s now rescuing others. Owner Caroline Golon of Charlotte, NC, has been tweeting on Romeo’s behalf since February in the hopes of raising money for rescue groups and animal shelters. With a following of over four thousand “tweeters,” Romeo is getting the word out in a big way. On Valentine’s Day, he debuted his own blog, where he dispenses advice, reports on his activities, and above all, drums up cash. Each month, the blog chooses a pet-related charity to sponsor. The site targeted Kitten Rescue in Los Angeles in April and has raised more than $1500.

Luckily, Romeo still has time to be a cat. He recently tweeted:

“Breaking News: Heroic ginger and white cat saves staff from eating too much by stealing sandwich off plate.”

 Clearly, celebrity hasn’t gone to his head.

 posted by Claire M. Caterer

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