Jun 10 2010

Who’s Your Daddy?

Do you REALLY know who Rover is? 

Ever wondered where your dog’s adorable markings came from? How about that high drive to chase a tennis ball, or that unique “voice” that only a proud pet parent could love? Your dog may not be able to tell you about mom, dad, grandma or grandpa, but Wayside Waifs can! Have your best friend DNA tested and learn more about what makes Rover tick – or should I say woof!   

We will perform a very simple blood test to collect our sample. The sample will be sent in for analysis which normally takes around three weeks. During your visit, we will provide you with a unique login so you can monitor your pet’s sample throughout the process. Once analysis is complete, you will receive a detailed ancestry report via email and a hard copy in the mail.   

Learning as much as you can about the breed make-up of your beloved canine companion, can help you to have an even more rewarding relationship with him. Better understanding your dog’s breed make-up can reveal very helpful information relating to training, behavior, predisposed medical issues, and as a proud pet owner you can use this new information to help provide the best future care for Rover.  

Your pet’s breed report will identify the significant, intermediate and minor breeds detected:*

  • Significant: at least 50% of your dog’s DNA matches this breed. You are likely to see physical and behavioral traits in your pet of the breeds detected.
  • Intermediate: at least 25% of your dog’s DNA matches this breed. You may see some physical and behavioral traits in your pet of the breeds detected.
  • Minor: at least 12.5% of your dog’s DNA matches this breed. However, it is unlikely that this breeds physical traits are visually represented unless some genes are dominant.

* Wisdom Panel Insights Dog DNA Test

In addition, your breed report will include a detailed description of the individual breeds identified in your pet’s DNA. With this information you can easily see the average height and weight of the breed, in addition to the shape of the ears, muzzle and tail. Also included are common behavioral traits – the report is very inclusive!   

Wonder no longer – get the answer to questions like “where did those ears come from,” “why is Rover so energetic,” and “who is your daddy!” Take advantage of this great service offered at Wayside Waifs, and know that in doing so you are also supporting Wayside’s mission to care for thousands of homeless pets in the Kansas City area every year.

Call Wayside Waifs vet clinic at 816-986-4453 to schedule an appointment today! The cost of the DNA test is $125.

Written by Courtney Thomas
Director of Operations at Wayside Waifs

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