Jan 4 2017

Meet our Waifs of the Week!!




Sniff. Look. Listen. That’s how I take in the world. And what a world it is! There are squirrels to be chased! Yards to be sprinted across! People to snuggle! You’re my ticket to that wonderful world! Don’t get me wrong, the kennel I live in here is safe, warm, dry, and clean, but I long to investigate this big fantastic world with someone like you!

I’m a young, tall, lanky Catahoula leopard dog mix with a caramel version of those cool spots that is typical of my breed. Because I’m pretty enthusiastic and take my food quite seriously, I need to go to a home with kids older than five. I walk nicely on a leash and relish discovering all of those interesting things that the world has to offer. I haven’t spent much time in social situations, so I’m hoping you can help me understand this amazing world. I’m super smart and already know sit, shake and down, so show me the rest! I’ll pick it up in no time!

I’m athletic and live life with vitality and gusto, so bring your dog family members out to meet me. They can help us decide if we’re a happy mix.

I’ve got my whole life ahead of me and I’d love to spend it with you! Won’t you come out to meet me? We can be partners exploring this spectacular world!



Meet Ivory on our website:






I’m young bunny looking for my forever home. I’m super friendly and will hop up to you to say hello! I love to have my super soft fur stroked, and LOVE to eat carrots out of your hand! I like to sit in your lap and have you pet me, but sometimes us bunnies get scared if you pick us up. We will even sometimes kick our legs as a defense. After all, in the wild the only reason we leave the ground is if a predator picks us up.

If you are looking for a fuzzy rabbit as a pet, why not adopt me rather than buying a bunny from a store? I’m looking for a good home too, you know! Did you know that rabbits make excellent house pets? We are actually a lot cleaner than most people think. I am litter box trained and can be let out and about in the house to play. We can also be clicker trained. Try searching for clicker trained rabbits on youtube. It’s pretty fascinating!

Us rabbits love to play with toys and will play with a lot of toys you can easily make yourself. We love to play with cardboard tubing from used up paper towels and toilet paper. Rabbits feel very strongly about recycling, so we do what we can to use up those pesky tubes! We love to burrow in and scratch on cardboard boxes and paper bags. We also love to climb on stuff, so make sure you have some climbing structures for us to play on. Come meet me today. I’ll greet you with a proper sniffing as soon as you approach my enclosure. I can’t wait!!!

Meet Ginger on our website:






Thanks for reading about me! My name is Barney, and I’m a gorgeous gray-and-white boy with beautiful green eyes and and adorable smudge of gray on my nose and a tip of white on my gray tail. I came to Wayside as a stray. I’m a friendly guy who loves people very much. I enjoy attention, and I will let you know how much with my great headbutts and wonderful purr. When I had my Felineality test here at Wayside, they told me I’m a Secret Admirer. That means that I tend to be a little timid in new situations, but I love people very much. Once I get to know and trust you, I will be your best friend forever! I can’t wait to meet you! Love, Barney


Meet Barney on our website:



Don’t furr-get! You can meet Barney, Ginger, Ivory or any of our adoptable pets on our website!


Jan 13 2014

Meet Miss Monroe

MonroeIf you are looking for the purrrfect cat companion, you must meet one of our star pets. Sometimes the sweetest of animals are overlooked, which is exactly what has happened to this adorable, little cat. Wayside Waifs is home to a number of adoring, adoptable pets, one of which is Miss Monroe. Although this black-haired feline doesn’t have the blonde tresses of Marilyn Monroe herself, she certainly packs a celebrity-caliber personality. If you want to learn more about our latest starlet who is available for adoption, you don’t have to make a trek to Hollywood.  Our very own animal shelter is proud to house Miss Monroe.

A Behind-the-scenes Look 

So, what do you need to know about Miss Monroe? Well, for starters she has A-list looks that kill. Monroe sports a full, black coat that is as soft and fluffy as it looks in pictures. However, what makes Monroe a true star are her twinkling eyes. Elizabeth Taylor may have had violet eyes, but Monroe has ones that are equally glamorous. Her golden stare is a reflection of her heart of gold. Monroe can be a bit standoffish and nippy with strangers, but it is only because –in true celebrity nature—she has strong ideas about who her forever owner should be. You see, she is looking for a true Hollywood ending…preferably one with a warm, loving home, a bowl of cat food, and some snuggles – at her discretion, of course.

Other things you need to know about Monroe? Well, given her posh personality, it should be no surprise to learn she is house trained. Monroe is also two years old, so she is the perfect companion for someone with more mature needs. Because Monroe has been with us for so long, her adoption fees have been waived.

If you would like to meet Miss Monroe, please contact Wayside Waifs – we provide red-carpet access for all interested parties.

To interact with Monroe, be sure to visit our animal shelter; Monroe looks forward to making your acquaintance.


Shelter Hours

Wednesday-Friday Noon-8pm

Saturday 10am-6pm

Sunday 1pm-6pm 

Dec 18 2013

Paw-Lick’n Holiday Pet Treats

If you are looking for some paw-lickin’ holiday treats for your family pet, there is no need to head to the pet store. It only takes a few ingredients to make some of your own tail-waggin’ holiday treats. When it comes to pets, the little things can make a difference – holiday pet treats are no exception. So, next time you and your family pet are in the kitchen, be sure to try out one of these pet-friendly holiday treats. 

DIY Holiday Pet Treats:

For the Canine…

Dog Bark

If you have ever slipped your four-legged friend a morsel of cheese or let him or her lick your peanut butter-clad hands clean, you know how much pups love their people food.  This all-in-one treat is the real deal. With cheese, peanut butter, and bacon, what’s not to love? In less than forty minutes, your pooch could be enjoying some of their very own holiday Dog Bark.

Dog Nog

Add Dog Nog to the mix for some extra holiday cheer. Good news about this seasonal recipe? Your pooch doesn’t have to be 21 in dog years to enjoy it. Dog Nog is sure to keep your pup safely hydrated and happy. This holiday treat earned brownie points for its simplicity – something every pet owner can appreciate. By the time your pooch can say ”Dog Nog,” this delicious dog elixir will be ready to drink. All you need is baby food, low-fat, organic yogurt, eggs, water, and –for good measure—a banana slice.

For the Feline…

Tuna Crackers

If your kitten has behaved well all year, reward Santa’s little helper with something savory and nutritious. When you are leaving a special delight by the tree for the big man on the sleigh this year, prepare some goodies for your kitty, too. These tuna crackers are comprised of canned tuna, cornmeal, flour, and water. This holiday treat is cat-friendly and easy-to-make. In fact, these holiday treats are so simple to prepare that these kitty crackers can be enjoyed year round.

Cat Cakes

holiday gifts

Cats have always had a flair for the dramatic, which makes cat cakes the purr-fect treat for your kitten. This holiday season spoil your cat by preparing a truly fancy feast. The flour and tuna-filled cat cakes are delicious holiday gifts that your family feline can enjoy for days to come. For details about this one-of-a-kind holiday treat, reference the complete recipe.

At Wayside Waifs, we remain dedicated to helping you provide your family pets with quality care.  Want to shower your pup or cat with even more holiday love?

For more holiday treats, be sure to visit Whiskers & Wags, our pet boutique that helps support the rescue animals in our care.  

Feb 7 2011

Adoptable Monochrome Kitties at Wayside Waifs

There are an unusually large number of one-color cats at Wayside Waifs right now. Black cats are the hardest to get adopted, and we have A LOT of them…seriously. A LOT. But we also have other monochrome shades from white to gray to black…and they do tend to be harder to find homes for than their multi-colored friends. Oddly enough, while they are really hard to find homes for, the one-colors we have now are probably the friendliest cats in the building.  Here are a few…and when I say “few” I mean we have A LOT more…of the monochrome cats we have at the shelter right now. 


Probably my current favorite cat. He is big and muscular, but he is SUCH a baby. He LOVES to sit in your lap, and if there are a row of people sitting on the bench in the cat adoptions area, he will sit in each lap for a few minutes, working his way down the line. He is quiet and calm, and loves to just be held and petted. He gets along great with other cats, but he is scared of dogs.




This tall, thin boy is very friendly and tolerant. Kids come into the shelter and poke and prod at him and he loves it…he will follow you all over the cat adoption area and rub on your legs and ask to be petted. He gets along with other cats and he really likes kids…a good all-around cat.




This solid white girl is a real charmer. She has beautiful green eyes and loves to sit next to you or in your lap and be petted and cuddled. She doesn’t interact a lot with other cats, but she does not seem to mind them being around most of the time. She would do well in a home where she’d get a lot of lap and couch time with her owner.




One of the more interesting cats in the shelter right now. This giant of a cat was brought in by animal control with a litter of kittens he was caring for. Yes…he. A few people at the shelter were a little scared of Chartreus when he arrived because he is SUCH a big, muscular cat. But they soon found out that he is a very gentle, kind-hearted cat. We call him the “gentle giant.” Besides caring for the kittens he was found with, he has since shown a strong paternal instinc toward cats who are scared or uncomfortable. He seems to go out of his way to comfort them. Obviously, he gets along well with other cats, but he does not like dogs.




Not only doess Precious have the disadvantage of being a black cat, but also has another strike against her: she’s missing one of her front legs. This doesn’t slow her down, though, and she has no trouble jumping up into a chair, and back down again. She’s a bit of a couch potato, but she’s very friendly and loves to be held and petted. I carried her around with me for a while yesterday afternoon and she just purred away the entire time.




If you want a cuddly, snuggly lap cat…look no further. Rizzie LOVES people and she loves to be held, petted and have her head scratched. She does not like other cats very much, especially when they get too close to someone she is getting attention from. She’d do best as an only cat, preferably with someone who doesn’t mind being snuggled by a cat for long periods.




This boy came in to the shelter with his sister Mini. They have been at Wayside Waifs since July…our longest current residents. Velvet’s sister is a tortie, and they need to be adopted together, as they have been with each other since birth. This makes it even more difficult to get Velvet adopted…in addition to being a black cat, he has a sibling that needs to stay with him.



Share Bear (left) and Nightshade

Share Bear came in to Wayside Waifs last summer as part of a large group of cats rescued from a hoarding situation. He and his sister (Love-a-Lot Bear…also a black cat) are the only two left. Yep…all the non-black ones were adopted. Share Bear is very playful, but he also love to be petted and likes to sit on your lap. His sister Love-a-Lot Bear is also very playful but is more independent. She’ll come to you when she wants some attention, but she’s not as outgoing as her brother.

Nightshade is a handsome black cat who loves to run and play. He is also extremely friendly and will give you head butts when you hold him. He really likes to play with other cats, but he doesn’t seem to understand when a cat does not want to play with him. He seems to just assume that everyone wants to play with him as much as he does with them…depending on the other cat, this can be an irritant. Nightshade doesn’t mean to cause trouble…hes just overzealous in his attempts to engage other cats in play. He would probably do best as an only cat, unless the other cat likes to play with him just as much.



Written By Chris Dauten
Volunteer at Wayside Waifs

Jun 18 2010

Feline Frenzy at Wayside Waifs

Jelly is looking for her forever loving home!

Jelly is looking for her forever loving home!

Wayside Waifs has an abundance of adorable cats and kittens in need of good homes.  To help these sweeties find their forever families Wayside Waifs is fine tuning our Feline Fridays cat adoption promotion into a Feline Frenzy

Now through August, adopt a cat over 5-months-old and Wayside will waive the adoption fee.    Adopt a kitten for just $60 (half-price) and we’ll waive the adoption fee on the second kitten.  Another Feline Frenzy bonus-all cat adopters will receive a 15% discount on all kitty supplies and merchandise!  MEOWZA!  What an incredible deal! 

Wayside currently has more than 150 cats and kittens available for adoption and more than 200 waiting to come into the shelter. 

If you are thinking about adopting a kitty, we encourage you to bring your entire family to Wayside Waifs to meet all potential feline family members.  We know those cute adorable little kittens are tough to resist, but often adult cats are best for families with small children.  Experienced Wayside adoption counselors and our wonderful volunteers will be on hand to guide you through the entire adoption process, and help you find the purr-fect kitty for your family. 

Remember, being in the shelter can be pretty stressful on these sweet kitties.  Their true personalities will really start to emerge after you take the home.  It may take a few weeks for them to really get adjusted to their lives in their forever homes, so they will need your love and patience!

More than 4 million homeless cats end up in shelters every year in the United States.  By adopting a feline friend from Wayside Waifs, you will be saving a life.  How cool is that?

Need more reasons to adopt a kitty?  Consider these benefits of opening your home to a kitty:

-Cats are great for people who live in apartments and smaller homes… they don’t need a lot of space. 

-They are very clean creatures and even bathe themselves! 

-They also don’t need to be housebroken, using the litter box is second nature to them! 

-They are low-maintenance and independent too!  They don’t require daily walks, just about 15 minutes of daily playtime with you!  

-Cats will also help keep you healthy!  They can actually reduce your blood pressure and prevent hearth disease! 

To learn more about all of the friendly felines currently available for adoption at Wayside Waifs, please visit www.waysidewaifs.org

Posted by Trish Stinger
Web Marketing Manager at Wayside Waifs

Apr 7 2010

Tails Are Waggin’ For The 3rd Annual Spring Adoptathon!

Riley is one of the hundreds of animals looking for a forever loving home!

Riley is one of the hundreds of animals looking for a forever loving home!

106.5 The Wolf and Wayside Waifs are proud to present the 3rd Annual Spring Adoptathon!  On April 9, 10 & 11, all adoptions will be half price!  This is the 3rd year for the Adoptathon and its always a tail waggin’ good time.  Last Fall, we sent home over 200 animals to new fur-ever loving homes and we are hoping to do it again!  

Wayside Waifs has hundreds of dogs, puppies, cats, kittens and small mammals in our shelter and 106.5 The Wolf will be broadcasting live all weekend to help our furry friends find their new families. 
We will be closed on Thursday, April 8th to get all of our waifs ready for adoption but will re-open Friday, April 9th at 6 am.  We will also be giving away passes to the upcoming movie “The Back-Up Plan”, starring Jennifer Lopez. 

“There is an incredible selection of animals in our shelter, people will see unique breeds they may have never seen before,” said Ashlee Parker, Communications Manager at Wayside Waifs.  “If you are looking to adopt, now is a great time to come to Wayside Waifs.”

Here are our special Adoptathon hours:
Friday, April 9th   6 a.m. – 8 p.m.
Saturday, April 10th   8 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Sunday, April 11th   Noon – 6 p.m.

Written by Trish Stinger
Web Marketing Manager at Wayside Waifs

Dec 16 2009

Feline Respiratory Disease

Watch Kenya & Dr. Moon's video on YouTube!

Watch Kenya & Dr. Moon's video on YouTube!

Cats are special creatures who like to make simple issues complicated ones- I suppose they find it amusing.  But for those of us who are caring for them, it can be very frustrating.  Here are the most common questions I am asked about feline respiratory disease.  Hopefully this will clear some questions you may have as well.

What causes URI’s in cats?
     Just like dogs, URI’s (Upper Respiratory Infections) in cats can be viral or bacterial.  However, in cats, viral infections are usually the primary cause with bacterial infections being secondary.  The major viruses in cats that cause the URI’s are the herpes and calici virus.  Cats can also be infected with bordetella (part of “kennel cough” in dogs) but this is not as common with the exception of shelter or large kennel situations.  Generally, one does not know which virus is causing the illness-routine URI’s are treated the same regardless of the cause (supportive care and antibiotics to name a few).  Testing is available but can be expensive so it is generally reserved for more special cases.

What are the clinical signs of a URI in cats?
     Clinical signs can vary, depending on the severity of the infection and also the cause.  “Routine” signs can include: nasal discharge (varying from clear to greenish, sometimes blood), sneezing, sometimes coughing, lethargy, decreased appetite, and fever.  Eye infections are also common as a secondary problem, unlike URI in dogs.  Redness, ocular discharge (clear to yellowish), puffy eyes, and even corneal ulcers can be present.  Herpes infections are generally the cause for corneal ulcers, they can also result in ulceration to the front of the nose and even the skin surround the eyes in severe cases.  In addition, just like in people, once a cat is infected with the herpes virus, they are infected for life.  For animals severely affected at a young age, this can cause chronic problems, but in most cases it is not noticed unless the animal becomes stressed, as stress can cause mild flare-ups such as sneezing or runny eyes.  Calici virus infections can cause ulcers in the mouth and lameness.

How does one diagnose a URI in cats?
Diagnosis is generally made based on clinical signs.  Testing is available to differentiate between viruses but in most cases is not necessary.

What is the treatment for URI’s in cats?
Treatment varies depending on the severity of the infection and the individual.  In mild cases, supportive care may be all that is necessary.  Supportive care would include making sure the animal keeps hydrated, ensuring low stress levels and keeping them comfortable.  In more severe cases oral antibiotics may also be required to treat any secondary bacterial infections.  Medication can be given to help reduce any temperature or to help with lameness.  Topical antibiotics may be prescribed for an eye infection.  Generally, most cats recover quickly with proper care and most infections are somewhat self limiting.  Individuals in lower stress environments are more likely to recover quickly and with less medication than ones in high stress situations, like a shelter with a lot of other animals.
Severe eye infections and corneal ulcers generally require more intensive treatment, with medication lasting several weeks.  In some cases, corneal ulcers may worsen to the point of removal of the eye is necessary.  Oral ulcers may also complicate treatment, especially if they are severe enough to cause anorexia.

Is a URI in cats contagious?
Yes.  Other cats are susceptible.  While cats are vaccinated against these viruses routinely (FVRCP, FVR and C are for herepes and calici), the vaccine does not 100% protect against the infection but it does help to decrease severity of the illness should the animal become ill.  Severity of the illness depends on the overall health of the animal and their situation.  Otherwise healthy individuals in low stress situations generally have mild illnesses, while highly stressed animals are usually the ones who get the sickest.  It is recommended that sick animals be kept separate from healthy ones until they have recovered.

As always, if your pet is displaying any signs of illness, consult with your veterinarian for a plan of proper treatment.

Written by Dr. Cynthia Moon
Veterinarian at Wayside Waifs

Oct 5 2009

Shaving Isn’t Just for Dogs Anymore!

Shaving cats seems like a foreign idea to most, but in reality it is becoming more and more common.  Living with all the hair a cat can shed throughout his/her life can be a big turn off to many.  Seeing the cat hair roll across the floor like tumble weeds, the constant hacking up of fur balls, or the hair on your clothes can become a deal breaker.  Some people are allergic to cat hair.  To live peacefully with our feline friends, one option I can suggest is shaving.  For some breeds, this can even be a necessity.

Most cats do not like the loud noise caused by a shaver or the vibrating of it next to their skin.  Precautions must be taken so you and your cat don’t get hurt.  Cats have thinner skin than most dogs and are easily cut by blades.  In order to prevent a painful wound, the right blade and proper technique must be used.  Plus, if you accidentally cut a cat, chances are the cat will never want another blade on them in the future.  I suggest having a professional groomer show you how to properly groom a cat and have them groom your cat the first few times.  This will hopefully allow your cat to become comfortable with the grooming process. 

A groomer might use a cat muzzle, which may appear to be inhumane or mean, but cats respond heavily to the visual stimuli.  A cat muzzle can prevent them from seeing a shaver and reacting due to fear.  You also need to protect yourself from cat bites.  Cat’s teeth are extremely sharp and a cat bite can cause serious pain and a nasty infection.  If you are unsure how your cat will react to grooming, a cat muzzle is a must tool.

Some cat breeds must be groomed regularly.  Persians, Himalayans and other long haired breeds cannot fully take care of themselves by licking.  Some have softer, cotton-like coats, which are easily tangled.  Grooming is an easy remedy to these minor issues.  Plus, there are a variety of really cute cuts.  The most common is the lion trim.  It leaves the head, legs and tail long.  This is an adorable cut that leaves most people in awe.  Let’s not forget about the short haired cats.  It is acceptable to shave them and can make them more comfortable as well.  If you are thinking of adopting a cat but you do not want to deal with the hair, or if you already have a cat who is constantly shedding, consider shaving them.  Shaving isn’t just for dogs anymore!

Written by Kristin Sampson
Foster Care Coordinator at Wayside Waifs

Sep 2 2009

Pheromonotherapy & Your Feline Friends

We all know stress and anxiety can make us feel crazy, but did you know that our feline friends also experience stress and anxiety?  Have you ever wondered why your cat suddenly scratched up the carpet?  Did you ever want to know why he decided to pee on the couch?  Have you ever stopped to think about why she started to over-groom and cause a bald spot?  Did you ever consider the reasons she hides for days when you redecorate?  All of these “problems” may be caused by stress and anxiety.

There are a lot of tips and tricks you can try to solve any of the above problems, but pheromonotherapy is a possible solution that many people have never heard of.  When cats are relax and comfortable, they often will rub their face on people and objects.  This bunting deposits pheromones which convey safety and comfort.  Feliway has developed a synthetic version of this pheromone that also conveys a feeling of safety and comfort.

Feliway has been used to treat a variety of problems caused by stress and anxiety.  Certain instances of house soiling, scratching, aggression between family cats, fear of new people and over grooming all have improved with its use.  Feliway comes in a diffuser (similar to a plug-in air freshener) and in a spray.  I had great luck using a combination of the diffuser and spray when my cat Basil started to urinate in the house.  By plugging in the diffuser and spraying the places where he was urinating, he started using his litter box again. 

No solution will work 100% of the time on 100% of the animals, so pheromonotherapy may not work for your cat, but I think it is definitely worth trying.  Always remember, it is necessary to first consult your veterinarian to rule out any medical conditions behind the stress, anxiety or house soiling.  There isn’t a trick or pheromone in the world that can solve a medical issue.

Written by Joe Hinkle
Manager of Behavior & Admissions at Wayside Waifs

Jul 31 2009

Love Will Keep Us Together

Captain and Tenille here- two kitties who are looking for a forever loving.  We thought we would just write a little blog entry while we watching people come and go in the cat adoption area.  You see, its Feline Friday and that means special adtoptions prices.  Tenille and I are brother and sister and nine years old.   If you adopt us today, the adoption fee would only be $15, its part of the Feline Friday promotion.  There are quite a few people walking around, and we hope to catch someone’s eye today so we can be in our new home by the weekend.   Well we need to sign off and bathe so we look our best!  Hope to see you! 

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