Jun 8 2017

Waifs of the Week!


 Meet our Waifs of the Week: Tiger, Ms. Patty, and Cullen.


Tiger is a handsome five-year old American Pit Bull Terrier mix. He got his name because of the beautiful golden/black striped coat he has, which has earned him many compliments! He’s practically housebroken, and has been buddies with kids in his previous home. He’s not a huge fan of cats, but he does love his exercise! He’s an excellent running partner, but that energy requires him to have a fenced-in yard that is six feet tall. Come down to Wayside and see Tiger, he’ll be the dog standing on top of his crate!

Learn more about Tiger here.



Ms. Patty is a gorgeous four-year old Tortoiseshell cat. Her markings are just one indicator of how unique she is! She is a litter box-trained girl who was transferred from another shelter in search of a furever home. Her Feline-ality is Executive, which means she likes to stay busy! She wants to look out the window, get into drawers or closets, and make time for some naps. But don’t worry; she’ll make time for you! She’s not a super big player, but she’ll let you know how happy I am with purrs and head-butts! See for yourself and maybe you will be a match made in heaven!

Learn more about Ms. Patty here. Ms. Patty has a video, check that out here!



This is Cullen, a dashing one-year old rat. He is looking for a place to call his own, and your home may be that place! His favorite treats are cheese and romaine lettuce, and his favorite pastime is to exercise in his wheel. During his downtime, he likes to burrow in his blanket and settle in for a nap. He is really friendly and loves to be around everybody! He is ready to meet you whenever you are!


Learn more about Cullen here.


Come out and meet our Waifs featured here and others during our Adoption Hours:

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  • Friday Noon-8pm
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Written by: Teryn J.

Jan 13 2014

Meet Miss Monroe

MonroeIf you are looking for the purrrfect cat companion, you must meet one of our star pets. Sometimes the sweetest of animals are overlooked, which is exactly what has happened to this adorable, little cat. Wayside Waifs is home to a number of adoring, adoptable pets, one of which is Miss Monroe. Although this black-haired feline doesn’t have the blonde tresses of Marilyn Monroe herself, she certainly packs a celebrity-caliber personality. If you want to learn more about our latest starlet who is available for adoption, you don’t have to make a trek to Hollywood.  Our very own animal shelter is proud to house Miss Monroe.

A Behind-the-scenes Look 

So, what do you need to know about Miss Monroe? Well, for starters she has A-list looks that kill. Monroe sports a full, black coat that is as soft and fluffy as it looks in pictures. However, what makes Monroe a true star are her twinkling eyes. Elizabeth Taylor may have had violet eyes, but Monroe has ones that are equally glamorous. Her golden stare is a reflection of her heart of gold. Monroe can be a bit standoffish and nippy with strangers, but it is only because –in true celebrity nature—she has strong ideas about who her forever owner should be. You see, she is looking for a true Hollywood ending…preferably one with a warm, loving home, a bowl of cat food, and some snuggles – at her discretion, of course.

Other things you need to know about Monroe? Well, given her posh personality, it should be no surprise to learn she is house trained. Monroe is also two years old, so she is the perfect companion for someone with more mature needs. Because Monroe has been with us for so long, her adoption fees have been waived.

If you would like to meet Miss Monroe, please contact Wayside Waifs – we provide red-carpet access for all interested parties.

To interact with Monroe, be sure to visit our animal shelter; Monroe looks forward to making your acquaintance.


Shelter Hours

Wednesday-Friday Noon-8pm

Saturday 10am-6pm

Sunday 1pm-6pm 

Jun 29 2012

Is There A “Cat Person” Purring Inside You?

“I’m just not a cat person.”  Yeah, yeah, I’ve heard it all before.  Someone will say they don’t like cats because cats are too independent, or can’t be taken for a run like their canine companion, or can’t play fetch.  Oh, but wait – they can play fetch!  Maybe not exactly like a dog, but yes, cats can be trained to fetch small objects, or to do any number of other tricks.  Don’t like having a litter box in your home?  Many cats can even be trained to use the toilet.  Ah, but, will they flush?  Yes, some will actually do that too! And, yes, I will agree, cats are different than dogs.  But, why would we want them to be the same anyway?  Wouldn’t it be better to celebrate their differences and enjoy each species for what they are, and the varying kinds of companionship that they offer?  What I would really wish for is to be able to break through people’s preconceived opinions regarding cats, especially those who say they don’t like cats but have never actually taken the time to get to know any of these marvelous creatures.  

No, I’m not the crazy cat lady.  I am an equal opportunity pet adopter, and I currently have both cats and dogs in my home.  I didn’t grow up owning cats, although I would have liked to.  So, now that the choice is solely mine, I live in a multiple-cat household; currently owning 3 cats, and previously owning as many as 5 at one time.  Making up for lost time, ya know?  And, just like dogs, each is unique in his or her own way, and each one breaks down all of the myths and negative comments regarding cats that I have ever heard. 

Some say they are opposed to owning cats because they believe cats are cold and aloof, or unaffectionate.  Well, I’m here to tell ya, although I can’t speak to the personality of every single cat out there, my experience with my kitty companions has been just the opposite.  One of my cats, who, fortunately for me, lived to be 19 years old, would come bounding onto my lap whenever and wherever I would sit down.  He would happily share his real estate with any of the other cats if they so desired, but inevitably some would just have to settle for a close proximity whenever adequate lap space was not available.  Still, one cat (now 13) has never once ventured onto my lap nor has he ever wanted to be picked up and held.  But, he will lie beside me on the couch and relish in being pet for as long as I will pet him.  And that’s OK, because in his own way he still enjoys “sharin’ the love”.   

Like dogs, cats do require time and maintenance.  Cats are certainly willing to entertain themselves with a toy, but they much prefer their play involve human interaction too.  All, especially those with long hair, need to be brushed regularly to avoid matting.  And, even if items for scratching are provided, their nails will need to be trimmed.  It is also vitally important to clean their litter box every single day.  Oftentimes, the reason that a cat will begin to eliminate outside of its litter box is because the box is not being kept clean.   Essentially, cats are very clean animals, and just so as long as you provide them with a clean and easily accessible litter box it is unlikely that they will eliminate in inappropriate locations, unless there is something medically wrong.  So, if you have a cat that is eliminating outside the litter box it is important that you take him or her to the vet immediately to rule out anything medical. 

Cats aren’t perfect, but neither are dogs, and as responsible pet owners we must learn to make adjustments in our lives, and work to train them to be appropriate housemates.  So, you think a cat won’t obey you?  Won’t come when called?  Does your dog always come when called?  Yes?  Well, good for you!  I wish mine always did!  But, that’s another story.  With repetition, all of my cats have learned their names, and yes, yours can too!  Just like training a dog, if you call your cat’s name and immediately praise him/her with a treat when he/she comes, it probably won’t be long until your cat comes running over to you whenever it is called.  Well, maybe not every time.  Will this work for all cats?  Probably not, but my experience does show that with some cats it is possible.  As with any behavior, almost anything can be modified with consistency and reward.  I also taught one of my cats to sit on command just to prove that it could be done.  He’s quite a chow hound, or rather chow kitty, so it wasn’t exactly a daunting challenge to entice him to sit for a treat.    

Although I can try to impress upon you all of the wonderful things I have learned about cats from sharing my life with them over the years, at the end of the day, people do have their preferences, and we should recognize that a cat is not going to be the right companion pet for everyone, just as a dog is not going to be right for everyone either.  I can respect that, although I would encourage anyone who has never owned a cat to take some time and just get to know a few of these amazing animals.  Whether it’s visiting a friend’s home who has a cat(s) or visiting Wayside’s Cat Adoption area, I would invite you to open your mind to the possibilities, and you just might discover that you are a “cat person” after all.


Written by Karen Brown
Lead Development Associate at Wayside Waifs

Nov 28 2011

Find Grrr-eat Gifts at Whiskers & Wags!

Looking for the purr-fect gift for your kitty?  Does your dog crrr-ave toys that keep him busy?  Whiskers & Wags, Wayside’s Pet Boutique has grrr-eat gifts for your furry family members!  We just received several new holiday toy items in the store, as well as new leashes and collars!   Proceeds from all purchases benefit the animals at Wayside Waifs!

Check ’em out!

A fun assortment of dog rope toys that will keep your pooch busy for hours! Price: $10 ea.

Naughty or Nice?  You decide!  Each ball has nice on one side and naughty on the other. So fun!  Price: $1 ea.

Colorful plush dog toys are tail waggin’ fun! Price: $5 ea.

For our feline friends these zany cat bouncers feature a fun mouse attached to a “springy” tree. They are guaranteed to be the cats meow!  Price: $5 ea.

These are sure to be a hit!  Handpainted ornaments feature different breeds of cats and dogs! Quantities are limited and new ones are coming in each week!  Price: $10

Shop Whiskers & Wags, located in the Harold & Marilyn Melcher Pet Adoption Center at Wayside Waifs!

Store Hours:
Wednesday – Friday: 2 p.m. to 8 p.m.
Saturday -Sunday: Noon to 6 p.m.

Jul 8 2011

Feline-Ality: Finding Your Purr-fect Match!

Who’s excited about Wayside Waifs new feline adoption process? This girl! Feline-ality is the newest adoption survey program at Wayside Waifs. Feline-ality helps to match adopters with their ideal feline companion. Sound a little like a Match.com advertisement? Well, it kind of works like that too. You are asked to fill out a short survey before you go to the Cat Adoption area when you visit Wayside. This survey asks you questions such as “I would consider my household to be like, a) A library b) Middle of the road c) A carnival” or “I want my cat to love being with children in my home, a) It’s not important b) Some of the time c) Most of the time”. It’s as simple as that. Once you’ve finished your survey you are given a color and a personality. Based on your answers from the survey, the color and personality you are given is going to guide you to a cat on the adoption floor that would be the best matched cat for you. Pretty easy, huh? But what are the steps behind Feline-ality? 

Feline-ality is a process. It’s not as simple as “I believe this cat should be the color ‘orange’, and his personality should be a ‘sidekick'”. A lot of time and effort is put in to each cat that goes through the Feline-ality assessment. When cats enter the building at Wayside Waifs they are given a thorough exam and medical attention, and are then placed in their kennel. For the next 2-3 days they are not interacted with, but they are watched. Our feline staff record notes about the condition of the cats kennel, if they are eating, how they react if anyone approaches the kennel, and if they are adjusting. On the third day, the cat is taken from his kennel into a small room for his behavior evaluation. The assessor looks at different things during this test; how the cat reacts to toys, if they are social, if they like being held, if they are sensitive, etc. The behavior evaluation takes 12-15 minutes per cat. 

Based on the results of both the assessment and the behavior evaluation, a color and personality is chosen for each cat. Purple cats tend to seek attention and be pretty affectionate; orange cats enjoy being their human’s shadow; green cats are very adventurous and tend to be more independent. 

Feline-ality is not meant to be a quick answer or a guarantee on an animal’s behavior. It is meant for the adopter to use so they can better understand how their feline will be when they get home. Will their new companion run for the hills and not be seen for a few days? Or will they simply walk out of the carrier and in to their new owners lap? The results of the assessment and evaluation give the shelter inside information to how the cat will behave. Before feline-ality, we could only tell adopters what we had seen from the cat on a personal level. Now, we have a better guesstimate as to how a cat is going to behave in their new environment; which in turn, makes for a happier adopter and feline! 

Still want some more information? Go to the ASPCA’s website and search “Feline-ality”. You can take a test yourself, and also find out more information about each individual color and personality. If you are sold on feline-ality, come out to Wayside Waifs! We have plenty of felines with colors and personalities displayed proudly on the front of their kennel just waiting for their perfect match to come along and take them home!

Written by Alyssa Willet
Adoptions Supervisor at Wayside Waifs

Mar 25 2011

The Price of Love



The best things in life are free!  We’ve all heard it before, right?  And, certainly, as we all know, there is definitely some truth in that.  The beauty of a sunset, a smile given and a smile received, the light tickle on your skin as a butterfly lands gently on your arm.  All are free and likely enjoyed by most.  And, love, it seems, is something that should also be free.  But, when it comes to our pets, what is the price we must pay for that love? 

We can talk dollars, of course.  Many sources estimate that the average cost of owning a cat or dog can be up to $3,000.00 a year.  That’s probably a bit high, but whatever the financial cost, animal lovers everywhere are willing to pay that price, in order to give a loving home to one (or more) of our furry friends.  And when we do, we find that the happiness we come to know through their companionship and unconditional love far outweighs any financial cost we may incur along the way.  But what about the emotional price that we must ultimately pay for that love?  At some point in time, we will all hear the dreaded news from our veterinarian that our beloved pet has an illness that he or she is not going to survive.  And, eventually we all must say goodbye. 

And so, with heavy hearts we reluctantly pay that emotional price for their love; and we grieve.  Our tears can not wash away the pain and the emptiness we feel over the loss of a pet, but they will come anyway.  But, eventually the crying will cease, and once it does we can look peacefully and affectionately into our heart, and cling to all of the wonderful memories of their life with us that we hold so dear.  And someday, (and the appropriate time is different for everyone) we will once again bring another furry friend into our home, and we will love them just as much, though never exactly the same. 

It always saddens me after someone loses a pet to hear them say that they are not going to adopt another one because it hurts too much when they have to say goodbye, because these are exactly the kinds of people who make the best pet owners!  Each time I step into the shelter and see the sad and lonely eyes of an animal pleading for someone to come and take them home it is my hope that someone like this will reconsider and come to their rescue.  Whenever my heart has been breaking over the loss of a beloved pet, somehow I still know that I have to look beyond my grief to see the others longing for rescue, and open my heart to another in need.  One my biggest fears is getting to a point in life where, either for reasons of health or age, I will no longer be in the position of having pets of my own.  Just the thought of the emptiness that would bring to my life concerns me more than loss of life itself.  Because of my pets, my life is richer, fuller and more blessed than I could ever have imagined.  Yes, my heart breaks every time I must say goodbye, but I wouldn’t trade the joy of their life with me for anything, even if it could erase the pain of their passing.  Right now there are many who await me at that beautiful Rainbow Bridge, and someday, when the time is right, I will see them all again, and then we will all cross over that bridge, happily together, once again….. forever. 

***If you are grieving over the loss of a pet and are unable to cope with the loss, please seek out a grief counselor or a pet grief support group in your area. 

Written by Karen Brown
In Memory of Tabasco
1992 – August 16, 2010

Oct 15 2010

Heart to Heart with Squeakers

If you Squeakers ask what he wants in life, he would say, “I just want to be a kitten.” Squeakers came to Wayside as a stray in September all by himself and was instantly a favorite.  With his sweet demeanor and funny personality the employees and volunteers here at Wayside knew he would get adopted quickly.

Finally, the day came when someone was interested in adopting him so; we thought he would have the home he deserved. But, something got in the way of this. It was a heart defect that gave him a life expectancy of six months to two years to live. This was not only heart breaking to the potential adopters but, also to all that fell in love with him at Wayside. 

This sad diagnosis was a lot to ask of someone who would surely fall in love him, since he would eventually pass away at young age. Plus, the medical bills, not just monitor his heart but, to diagnose the severity was beyond most peoples capabilities. The potential adopters realized that they couldn’t take the heart ache therefore the adoption fell through. 

So, there was a decision to make. What could be done for this little guy? Therefore, the Wayside staff decided a foster home would be a good start. He was sent into Wayside Waifs Foster Program with the thought that either we could find someone to give him a loving home or he can live out a normal life during the time he had left.

In his new foster home, he plays with the other cats in the household and loves to cuddle with the dogs. He gets to sleep on his foster mom’s pillow at night, purring her to sleep. Squeakers can now live a normal life and be loved as he truly deserves. So, knowing his wonderful personality, we now would like to give him a step up in the world. 

Adopting him out we all know is going to be difficult so, the doctors would like to send him to a specialist to find out how severe the heart issues is so that we can give a new adopter as much information as possible to care for him. This procedure is called an echo cardiogram. It would be the best way to find out what regimen he needs to be on to prolong his life as much as possible.  

To do this we need to find a way to pay for this procedure. So, the employees and volunteers teamed up and are having a bake sale to raise the funds. This will be at Wayside on October 23rd. Please help Squeakers get the life he deserves by coming up a purchasing some yummy goodies for your family. All proceeds will go to helping him through this process and finding him a loving forever home.  

Written by Kristin Sampson
Foster Care Coordinator at Wayside Waifs

Aug 12 2010

Our Beautiful Sunset

Beautiful Sunset

Beautiful Sunset

Meet Sunset! This adorable little calico girl is four-years-old. Sunset has had a tough time, up to now.  You see, she is one of the cats that was rescued by the Humane Society of the United States from some horrible living conditions in Montana, and was brought to Wayside Waifs.  Despite everything she’s been through, Sunset has not lost her loving nature, and she is very enthusiastic about demonstrating that!  When someone comes to visit her, she literally LEAPS into their arms and purrs up a storm.  And once you’ve got her, she doesn’t want you to let her go.  This sweet girl just want to be loved, and to love someone back. Now that she is at Wayside Waifs, Sunset’s life is much better, but she really needs a forever home.  Because she is so special, she also needs a special home.

Although Sunset has tested negative for FeLV (Feline Leukemia Virus), we know that she has been exposed to it. For this reason, Sunset will need to live in a home with no other cats, at least for the time being.  She needs to be retested in three months, and the Wayside Waifs will do that at no charge for the special family that gives this wonderful cat, who has already experienced so much hardship, a loving home.

Feline leukemia virus is a contagious, viral disease of cats. In addition to causing leukemia, it has been associated with various other types of cancer, anemia, and immune suppression leading to increased susceptibility to various infectious diseases.

Although cats may clear initial infection, there is no cure for persistent infection and FeLV is ultimately fatal.  Cats pass the virus between themselves through saliva and close contact, by biting another cat, through a litter box or food dish used by an infected cat.

Although cats like Sunset, who have been exposed to FeLV, tend to be difficult to place for adoption, Wayside Waifs is committed to saving as many lives as possible.  If you are interested in opening your heart and home to Sunset, please visit her at Wayside Waifs.  As part of our Feline Frenzy summer cat adoption special, Sunset’s $75 adoption fee is waived.  

Written by: Chris Dauten
Wayside Waifs Volunteer

Jul 24 2010

Charmaine is Looking for Her Forever Home!

Meet charming Charmaine! This gorgeous tortie was found hanging around a local thrift store. We think she was hoping somebody would think she was worthy of a new home, just like the treasures they had found that somebody else had previously discarded. Sadly, nobody opened their home to Charmaine, and she came here. Of course, we are happy to have her and happy to help her find a loving family of her own.

Charmaine has gorgeous tortie markings, and she is just about one of the friendliest cats you’ll ever meet. She seems to like everybody she comes into contact with, and she is content and happy to receive a scratch under the chin or behind the ears from you. Charmaine loves old movies, and she would be happy to snuggle on your lap while you watch one together. If that sounds ideal, come down to Wayside to meet Charmaine today!  

During Wayside Waifs Feline Frenzy promotion, Charmaine’s adoption fee is waived.  

Posted by Trish Stinger
Web Marketing Manager at Wayside Waifs

Jul 22 2010

Meet Josie!

Meet Josie! Josie was rescued by a family in St. Joseph, MO at none other than a chicken restaurant. Go figure, her favorite treats are chicken flavored. Though the family’s existing cat did not welcome her with open arms. They were sad to give her up, but now she is on her search for a loving, forever home.

Most days you can find Josie relaxing in the large cat window at Wayside Waifs, just enjoying a little sunbathing or taking a nap.  She loves to look out the window and watch the birds.  She will invite herself into your lap if you sit next to her and tell her how gorgous she looks.  If they gave out gold medals for purring she would definitely be the winner! 

Josie is completely litter box trained and previously got along well with older children. Of course, we would encourage Josie to meet all family members before going home. She tends to keep to herself when other cats are around and is only aggressive with them if they get in her face or invade her personal space, so another cat that wants to play with her a lot probably wouldn’t be a good match.  This is because she was bullied by other cats before coming to Wayside.  

If you want to open your heart and home to Josie, come down to Wayside to meet her today!  During Feline Frenzy, her adoption fee is waived. 

Posted by Trish Stinger
Web Marketing Manager at Wayside Waifs

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