Jun 22 2010

Bronco Loves Tail Waggin’ Fun!

HI!  I'm Bronco!

HI! I'm Bronco!

One year old, fun loving, energetic, housebroken, super sweet, super friendly, did I say full of energy (oh I did!) goofball of a guy – who loves everybody and everything – that’s me, Bronco.  I was brought to Wayside originally because a Good Samaritan found me wandering around all alone in her neighborhood, and she took me in. According to her, I was playful, loving and affectionate.  I love a lap to sit in, too – do you have one just for me?  She said I played well in her house with her other dogs, and she said that I only had a couple of accidents while there.  She said besides being so loving and so friendly, she wanted to call attention to how good looking I am! 

My perfect home would include a family that loves some activity and has time to spend with me. I have a perfect sit, look and down, and I am currently working on stay and come.  I’ve also been learning the ZEN game – ask a volunteer or an adoption counselor to show you.  At the off leash park, I love the baby pool, and my volunteer friends let me bob for hot dogs.  I am so eager to please; I’ll learn anything you take the time to teach me.  Honestly, I am still a big ole pup that needs exercise, some training, and a whole lotta love. I’d be willing to jog or run with you, or go to the off leash park, and take a longer walk or two because I have energy that I need to expend.  Hey, a daily game of fetch would be absolutely awesome, too – I’m good at it! 

Once I do get my exercise though, I am such a relaxed boy.  I love people (cuddling is a favorite pastime of mine) and other dogs (I play really nicely with other doggies at the off leash park!), and well, lying close to you with you petting and talking to me, it is like a little slice of heaven for me.  I spent a couple of hours outside recently with a volunteer, and I was just as cool as a cucumber, my belly in the grass, just watchin’ the world roll by.  My volunteer friends say they love my goofy looks, my sweetness, my enthusiasm for life, my frog legs when I’m lying in the grass, and the big ole smile I have on my face all the time! 

Please, if you are thinking about getting a dog, think about taking me home with you.  This shelter is just no place for a guy like me.  I’ve got a super abundance of love and devotion to give to you, and I can’t do that while I’m here, can I?  If you adopt me, I’ll be there always to make you laugh, and I’ll be your shoulder to lean on when you are sad.  That’s what best friends are for, right?  

I don’t have many visitors to the shelter ask to meet me.   I hear people ooh and ahh over some of the other dogs and how gorgeous they are.  I am too, darn it – many of the volunteers say I am dashingly handsome!  Plus, you won’t meet a sweeter guy at the shelter.  Please, come out, meet me and take me home with you, ok?   I will wait as patiently as possible for you to come for me.   You can check out my video online

Love from your soon to be…
New Best Friend,

Apr 30 2010

Meet Clint!

Clint is looking for his forever loving home!

Clint is looking for his forever loving home!

Do you know what it’s like to have a bad day?  I don’t, because I’ve never had one.  Do you ever get angry or mad at something that life throws your way?  No way, that’s not me.  Hi, I’m Clint, a super handsome, energetic, playful, crate trained, housebroken, and somewhat eccentric guy who wants very much to find his forever home. 

Yes, you must have noticed right off the bat that I’m a big, black dog, and some would consider that a strike against me.  Statistics show that big black dogs like me are usually the last to be adopted out from shelters.  In my case, I’ve been waiting in a shelter for my forever home for over a year now.  Yes, I said over a year now.  Sigh.  I’m not even two years old yet, so that means I’ve spent over half my life in a shelter.  Yep, I watch all my friends, one by one, go to happy, loving homes, families smiling as they leave the shelter and drive off with a new doggie friend to a new life.  I am left behind – waiting and watching for my forever family to come for me.  A normal dog would be stressed or even depressed by all the time that has passed – but not me, no way.  Patient, resilient – a survivor – yep, that’s a good way to describe me.

I do have one very special friend who takes good care of me at Wayside.  He spends time with me nearly every day teaching me proper dog etiquette – something that sadly no one else in my entire life has ever done for me.  I’m really a smart guy, I just need some positive reinforcement, training, encouragement and structure in my life, and someone to understand me and let me know the right way to do things.  I don’t instantly bond with people, and I’m sure that can be a big reason why I’m still at Wayside.  I certainly know that some adopters really want that immediate connection, love at first sight, well, that fireworks display when they meet their new dog in a play yard at the shelter.  Meet and greets usually last only a few minutes, and I’m probably not likely to instantly bond with you during one.  I take awhile to warm up and get to know you.  Would that make you not want me?  Would you give up on me at that moment?  I hope not.  Developing a special relationship is something that we can work on together – forging a friendship that will last a lifetime.  It can take a little time, that’s all.

My special friend has taught me to walk perfectly on a leash (check out my video to see me).  I used to be pretty barky too, but my friend has helped me figure out that barking can annoy you humans, so he just tells me to knock it off.  I also do great inside a home – my foster families have said that inside the house I’m so, so good….quiet, friendly, housebroken, and well, just perfect.  My friend has helped me to understand just how wonderful the touch of a human’s hand can be – rubbing my belly, stroking my head, scratching my ears.  I just didn’t have enough of that before I came to Wayside, and it is nice to learn all about love.

What do I need to be a forever dog for the right family?  I need a 6 foot fence, and I would be happiest if I had a doggie play buddy – someone young and exuberant about life like me.  Wrestling and playing is great exercise.  I would love some toys to play with, and if you like to go to the lake or you have a baby pool in your backyard, I’m a black lab for pete’s sake – we love water!  If I could have some belly rubs or ear scratches before bed, that would make my day.  My special friend thinks that I should ask for a home with just a single guy with another dog – but my human gal pals at Wayside think I’d love to have a woman in the picture too! 

Ok, I’m not a dog that just anybody would want to have in his or her life.  I’m very special – different and unique – and I need someone special to understand that and give me a chance at a life outside of a shelter environment.  My good friend knows all my quirks and my eccentricities, and he can tell you all about me – if you would just call him or email him.

I have been so patient here at Wayside, every day waiting and watching for my forever family to come.  I am so quiet in my kennel, and rarely does anyone stop to take a second look at me – or to share a hello.  For you humans, you would say it makes you feel invisible or insignificant in this world.  I’m just a big black dog from Clinton that has had to spend way too much time in a shelter.  What is so special about me you ask?  Why pick me to be your dog?  Because I don’t want to be invisible anymore – I don’t want to be passed over – I want to be like all the other dogs that have left Wayside and have never had to come back.  I just want a home of my own.   That’s all any of us want.

Can’t you see me here, patiently lying on the shelter floor, looking up at you?  Would you look into my eyes and think about whether or not your home could be my forever home?  I will be here at Wayside – hoping you will come for me soon.

Love from Clint

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