Jul 29 2010

Meet Darcy!

Gorgeous, sensitive, shy, loving sweetheart of a girl – hi, my name is Darcy, and I’m a 6 year old German Shepherd/Australian Cattle dog searching for my forever home.   I came from a one owner family, and when I was surrendered, my Wayside pals recognized that I am not a dog who handled shelter life well at all.  So, lucky me,  Foster Mom (FM) to my rescue!  I’ve lived at FM’s for 6 weeks now, and she says I’m just the greatest girl in the world.  

I want to make a great first impression with you, so I will mention that I’m completely housebroken.  I haven’t had a single accident at FM’s house, and she says that sometimes she leaves me for up to 8 hours at a time – and she doesn’t even crate me – how perfect is that!  I don’t chew on her things, I don’t have accidents – let’s just all acknowledge right now that I’m the perfect indoor dog.  Speaking of that, FM says that I’m not that big of a fan of her back yard.  She has a 4 foot fence, and I’ve never jumped it – things are far too good here to ever want to go anywhere else.  FM says that I just prefer to be around her, so when she is inside, that is where I want to be too.  I like to keep an eye on her, ya know what I mean?  

We go on walks daily, and I enjoy my time out in the neighborhood.  FM says that I don’t need a huge amount of exercise, but I am always willing to do whatever she suggests – I’m up for anything.   FM has taught me how to run alongside her when she is biking.   How talented is that!   I get such a thrill from it (my new favorite thing to do in life), so I’m thinking that maybe I would be a good running partner for you? 

FM says that I can be quite frisky when I realize it is play time.  I can get so happy when I know we are about to do something really fun.  FM says that I’m so cute because I’ll turn my head and look toward my tail, then I turn my head the other way and look toward my tail, and pretty soon I’m just rockin’ back and forth, doing my own little dance of joy, and FM says she just stands there and laughs at me.   I love to hear the sound of my FM laughing at me – I know I’m making her happy! 

I love car rides, too.  FM says I like to stick my head out the window and feel the wind beneath my ears.  I’m smart too – FM says that I know sit and stay, and I enjoy getting all kinds of treats when they are offered up for a job well done.  FM says that I am a good watch dog – I hear everything, and if there is a knock at the door, I alert FM with a little bark that someone is there.  I’m quiet and respectful when she asks me to be, and if she trusts the visitors, I will do the same – because I respect my FM.

After a good night’s sleep, FM says that every morning I will jump up on the bed with her, and I know to be very, very quiet while she is still asleep.  I will just lie there and stare at her beautiful face until she decides to rise and shine.  As soon as FM’s eyes open, well I’m there for some major snuggles!  I will roll to one side, over on my back, tongue hanging out like a goofball, with a smile a mile wide, waiting for belly rubs and all the loving FM has to give me.  Sometimes I even crawl up onto her chest wanting some ear scratches and shoulder rubs.  Ahhh, it feels so good to be loved! 

FM thinks that the perfect home for me would be one with either a single person or a couple, and the lifestyle would be an easygoing one.  I do best taking things slowly at first when meeting new people, so you would have to have some patience with me.  I’m extra shy and unsure around men, but I can warm up to them nicely if given the opportunity.  I just don’t like to rush relationships – don’t you have a friend or two like that?  Once I do get to know you, I am an incredibly loving, loyal companion that only has eyes for you.  I am what you call a people dog.  I would probably do best in a home that doesn’t have young kids or other animals – only because I’ve never lived with any myself. 

So, my plea would be that all easygoing, friendly, loving people out there who want the perfect dog – please apply for me!  I really am quite the sweetheart, and I will make the right person the most wonderful of companions.  I will miss my FM, but I really need my own forever home – not just a temporary one.  Please think about me and whether I would be the right fit for you.  I plan to make the person who adopts me the best dog in the universe!  Truly, life is all about love and companionship, isn’t it?  I promise you all the love and devotion one dog can give. 

Love from Darcy

May 26 2010

Meet Zyrus!

You really can’t imagine how uncomfortable it is for me to write this bio for my web page.  You see, at this point in my life, I prefer to go unnoticed and hide within the safety of my kennel.  With the help of my wonderful Foster Mom (FM) though, I am slowly but surely coming out of my shell and learning how great life can be.  So I will reluctantly tell you a little about myself, but please keep my frame of reference in mind as you read my story. 

I’m a shy but playful, especially with other dogs, smart, soft and gentle 7 month old Border Collie/Shepherd mix named Zyrus, and I’m in the market for a forever home of my very own.  I’m still just a pup, but I’ve never been socialized or taught what it means to simply be a dog.  That’s what I want.  That’s what I dream about.  Life can be scary for me.  But every once in awhile, when I get focused on a fun game with my doggie friends, I show moments where I’m not afraid and I know life is good.  That’s when FM talks about what a fabulous dog she knows I can become.  I know I’ll get there too, but having someone else believe in me is an amazing feeling. 

I originally came to Wayside as a stray with my 5 brothers and sisters.  Just a family of puppies who longed to be loved, that’s all we were.  They all got adopted and are living large with their very own families.  Sure I miss them, but I know it’s time to focus on me, so that’s why I agreed to go beyond my comfort zone and tell you about my life.  Right away, my Wayside buddies realized that I was special, but super shy and sensitive, so they found me the world’s best FM to show me the way.  

She’s teaching me so many new things and letting me experience life for the first time.  It’s a first for me to get brushed and bathed.  And I’m not comfortable just hanging out and cuddling with someone yet, but I want to get there so badly! Luckily, FM has another dog, Louie, and he’s the best teacher I could ask for.  His goal is to help teach me all about what it means to be a dog.  Sometimes our whole family goes out for walks.  I love to explore the neighborhood and it’s fun when we meet new dogs along the way.  I don’t care too much for the people that the dogs are usually with, so I just ignore them. 

I’m partially housebroken and fully crate trained.  I still have a few accidents now and then, especially when I’m nervous.  I feel so safe in my crate, sometimes I actually run to get in it.  I stay in my crate at night and when FM is at work and that is fine with me.  Like I mentioned, life gets scary for dogs like me…quick movements, unfamiliar people, new activities…I’m trying so hard, but it’s a slow process.  So I’m looking for a family with lots of patience to help guide me.  I promise to not cause much trouble.  I never get on furniture at FM’s house.  I don’t bark much, unless I’m trying to alert FM to things she needs to be aware of.  I stay in my yard and have not been destructive at all, which is pretty awesome, considering my age.  

Having someone care about me and for me for the first time in my life is sometimes overwhelming to me.  But I’m learning to enjoy life now.  FM says I am super focused and the way I learn is by watching, processing in my mind, and then imitating.  That’s why my dog brother, Louie, has been so great for me.  It’s crazy, but sometimes I just sit and watch him.  FM insists that once I learn to relax, I am so smart that you will be able to teach me almost anything!  How’s that for a vote of confidence?  I’m entertaining to her when I start to have fun and play, and it makes her happy to know she’s helping me grow more self assured every day.  I just need time, that’s all.  

As you can probably guess, there’s a certain type of home that I’m hoping for and dreaming of.  Well, my number one desire is patience, love, and someone who understands me for who I am.  Having another dog around to teach me and play with me would be awesome too.  Since I’m still young, sometimes my play gets a little rough, but I’m working on that!  And I would love to have someone around a lot, because life is so much sweeter when you’re not alone.  A daily walk is also on my wish list, since it is one of my most favorite things to do and it helps me experience life in a positive way.  I tend to like women more than men, but I promise to do my best to get along with and trust all family members.  FM does think that a home with no kids or kids over 12 or so would be best for me.  

Although I will probably always be somewhat shy, there is a fun-loving, happy, and friendly guy here inside of me just waiting to get out and enjoy life.  I promise to work every day at overcoming my fears and insecurities.  With your guidance, love, and understanding, I know I can get there!  So if you think you might be interested in helping a sweet, shy soul come out of his shell and start living life to the fullest, please give Wayside a call and schedule a time to meet me! Thanks for your time! 

Love, Zyrus

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