Jan 4 2017

Meet our Waifs of the Week!!




Sniff. Look. Listen. That’s how I take in the world. And what a world it is! There are squirrels to be chased! Yards to be sprinted across! People to snuggle! You’re my ticket to that wonderful world! Don’t get me wrong, the kennel I live in here is safe, warm, dry, and clean, but I long to investigate this big fantastic world with someone like you!

I’m a young, tall, lanky Catahoula leopard dog mix with a caramel version of those cool spots that is typical of my breed. Because I’m pretty enthusiastic and take my food quite seriously, I need to go to a home with kids older than five. I walk nicely on a leash and relish discovering all of those interesting things that the world has to offer. I haven’t spent much time in social situations, so I’m hoping you can help me understand this amazing world. I’m super smart and already know sit, shake and down, so show me the rest! I’ll pick it up in no time!

I’m athletic and live life with vitality and gusto, so bring your dog family members out to meet me. They can help us decide if we’re a happy mix.

I’ve got my whole life ahead of me and I’d love to spend it with you! Won’t you come out to meet me? We can be partners exploring this spectacular world!



Meet Ivory on our website:






I’m young bunny looking for my forever home. I’m super friendly and will hop up to you to say hello! I love to have my super soft fur stroked, and LOVE to eat carrots out of your hand! I like to sit in your lap and have you pet me, but sometimes us bunnies get scared if you pick us up. We will even sometimes kick our legs as a defense. After all, in the wild the only reason we leave the ground is if a predator picks us up.

If you are looking for a fuzzy rabbit as a pet, why not adopt me rather than buying a bunny from a store? I’m looking for a good home too, you know! Did you know that rabbits make excellent house pets? We are actually a lot cleaner than most people think. I am litter box trained and can be let out and about in the house to play. We can also be clicker trained. Try searching for clicker trained rabbits on youtube. It’s pretty fascinating!

Us rabbits love to play with toys and will play with a lot of toys you can easily make yourself. We love to play with cardboard tubing from used up paper towels and toilet paper. Rabbits feel very strongly about recycling, so we do what we can to use up those pesky tubes! We love to burrow in and scratch on cardboard boxes and paper bags. We also love to climb on stuff, so make sure you have some climbing structures for us to play on. Come meet me today. I’ll greet you with a proper sniffing as soon as you approach my enclosure. I can’t wait!!!

Meet Ginger on our website:






Thanks for reading about me! My name is Barney, and I’m a gorgeous gray-and-white boy with beautiful green eyes and and adorable smudge of gray on my nose and a tip of white on my gray tail. I came to Wayside as a stray. I’m a friendly guy who loves people very much. I enjoy attention, and I will let you know how much with my great headbutts and wonderful purr. When I had my Felineality test here at Wayside, they told me I’m a Secret Admirer. That means that I tend to be a little timid in new situations, but I love people very much. Once I get to know and trust you, I will be your best friend forever! I can’t wait to meet you! Love, Barney


Meet Barney on our website:



Don’t furr-get! You can meet Barney, Ginger, Ivory or any of our adoptable pets on our website!


Jan 8 2014

Help Our Foster Dogs in Need

 Although the holiday season has come and gone, the season of giving does not have to end. At Wayside Waifs, we have foster dogs that are in need of finding a “forever home.” If you have room in your heart and home this New Year, our adoptable foster dogs would love nothing more than to become a permanent resident in a stable, loving home. Think this sounds like a good fit? Meet a couple of our sweetest Waifs that are currently in foster care.



Meet Harley, our three-year-old, Shepard mix, currently in foster care. Sometimes pictures really do say it all. And, in this instance, that could not ring more true. Harley’s gentle eyes, genuine smile, and shiny fur coat are only a few of his many redeeming qualities. They always say, “dog is man’s best friend,” and in Harley’s case, the feeling is mutual.

Harley loves his people, car rides, and playing outside. Simply put: He is a lover. Because of his sunny disposition, he would love nothing more than to find a family he could forever call his own.  However, before adopting this sweet-natured pooch, it is important you know one thing about Harley. Left alone, Harley sometimes cries for human interaction, something that results from his separation anxiety condition. Because of this, Harley needs an adoption family who is loving and patient.


If you would like to learn more about Harley, please call (816) 986-4426.


Our adoption dog Harriet has a personality that matches her adorable name. This nine-month-old American Bulldog is 100 percent sweet. Her angelic eyes really do say it all. Harriet loves to cuddle, play, and sometimes do a little unwanted chewing. Not to worry, though. Because of Harriet’s young age and desire to please her people, she is highly trainable. The secret to success in a permanent home? Patience.

Want to meet Harriet? For more information, call (816) 986-4426.

Adopt Now

These two Waifs are some of the sweetest pups you will ever meet. In fact, if either of them seem like a good match, they would love for nothing more than to make your home their “forever home.”

To learn more about our adoptable foster puppies, call (816) 986-4426.

Jun 29 2012

Is There A “Cat Person” Purring Inside You?

“I’m just not a cat person.”  Yeah, yeah, I’ve heard it all before.  Someone will say they don’t like cats because cats are too independent, or can’t be taken for a run like their canine companion, or can’t play fetch.  Oh, but wait – they can play fetch!  Maybe not exactly like a dog, but yes, cats can be trained to fetch small objects, or to do any number of other tricks.  Don’t like having a litter box in your home?  Many cats can even be trained to use the toilet.  Ah, but, will they flush?  Yes, some will actually do that too! And, yes, I will agree, cats are different than dogs.  But, why would we want them to be the same anyway?  Wouldn’t it be better to celebrate their differences and enjoy each species for what they are, and the varying kinds of companionship that they offer?  What I would really wish for is to be able to break through people’s preconceived opinions regarding cats, especially those who say they don’t like cats but have never actually taken the time to get to know any of these marvelous creatures.  

No, I’m not the crazy cat lady.  I am an equal opportunity pet adopter, and I currently have both cats and dogs in my home.  I didn’t grow up owning cats, although I would have liked to.  So, now that the choice is solely mine, I live in a multiple-cat household; currently owning 3 cats, and previously owning as many as 5 at one time.  Making up for lost time, ya know?  And, just like dogs, each is unique in his or her own way, and each one breaks down all of the myths and negative comments regarding cats that I have ever heard. 

Some say they are opposed to owning cats because they believe cats are cold and aloof, or unaffectionate.  Well, I’m here to tell ya, although I can’t speak to the personality of every single cat out there, my experience with my kitty companions has been just the opposite.  One of my cats, who, fortunately for me, lived to be 19 years old, would come bounding onto my lap whenever and wherever I would sit down.  He would happily share his real estate with any of the other cats if they so desired, but inevitably some would just have to settle for a close proximity whenever adequate lap space was not available.  Still, one cat (now 13) has never once ventured onto my lap nor has he ever wanted to be picked up and held.  But, he will lie beside me on the couch and relish in being pet for as long as I will pet him.  And that’s OK, because in his own way he still enjoys “sharin’ the love”.   

Like dogs, cats do require time and maintenance.  Cats are certainly willing to entertain themselves with a toy, but they much prefer their play involve human interaction too.  All, especially those with long hair, need to be brushed regularly to avoid matting.  And, even if items for scratching are provided, their nails will need to be trimmed.  It is also vitally important to clean their litter box every single day.  Oftentimes, the reason that a cat will begin to eliminate outside of its litter box is because the box is not being kept clean.   Essentially, cats are very clean animals, and just so as long as you provide them with a clean and easily accessible litter box it is unlikely that they will eliminate in inappropriate locations, unless there is something medically wrong.  So, if you have a cat that is eliminating outside the litter box it is important that you take him or her to the vet immediately to rule out anything medical. 

Cats aren’t perfect, but neither are dogs, and as responsible pet owners we must learn to make adjustments in our lives, and work to train them to be appropriate housemates.  So, you think a cat won’t obey you?  Won’t come when called?  Does your dog always come when called?  Yes?  Well, good for you!  I wish mine always did!  But, that’s another story.  With repetition, all of my cats have learned their names, and yes, yours can too!  Just like training a dog, if you call your cat’s name and immediately praise him/her with a treat when he/she comes, it probably won’t be long until your cat comes running over to you whenever it is called.  Well, maybe not every time.  Will this work for all cats?  Probably not, but my experience does show that with some cats it is possible.  As with any behavior, almost anything can be modified with consistency and reward.  I also taught one of my cats to sit on command just to prove that it could be done.  He’s quite a chow hound, or rather chow kitty, so it wasn’t exactly a daunting challenge to entice him to sit for a treat.    

Although I can try to impress upon you all of the wonderful things I have learned about cats from sharing my life with them over the years, at the end of the day, people do have their preferences, and we should recognize that a cat is not going to be the right companion pet for everyone, just as a dog is not going to be right for everyone either.  I can respect that, although I would encourage anyone who has never owned a cat to take some time and just get to know a few of these amazing animals.  Whether it’s visiting a friend’s home who has a cat(s) or visiting Wayside’s Cat Adoption area, I would invite you to open your mind to the possibilities, and you just might discover that you are a “cat person” after all.


Written by Karen Brown
Lead Development Associate at Wayside Waifs

Jun 1 2011

After the disaster: Notes from Joplin

Wayside Volunteer Scott and his dog Denly

Wayside Volunteer Scott and his dog Denly

It’s hard to know where to start when you’ve seen something that defies emotion or words.

Joplin is that kind of place. 

After spending time at the makeshift animal shelter, a place where hundreds of animals have ended up in the wake of that terrible tragedy, you understand much more deeply the transformational power of our pets. 

People stood at the ready, taking in strays by the dozens, many found in parts of the city left in shambles by the storm. Other animals were brought in by desperate owners who had nothing left. They needed a place they could trust to care for their pets while they try to get back on their feet. 

With each new arrival, volunteers and staff from many organizations, including Wayside Waifs,  jumped into action. Dogs and cats were checked in, paperwork was filled out, computer records started and medical care administered. Sometimes, grieving family members were comforted with a hug or a pat on the back. 

Reunions were tearful and joyous for everyone. People with nothing came to the shelter looking for their pets — their friends — and many were lucky enough to find them. 

One lady found her lab mix puppy minutes after a good Samaritan brought him to the shelter. Like many of the animals who came in, he was frightened and in a state of shock. When the two saw each other it was if everything that had happened just melted away. His tail jumped into action for the first time, and her tears of joy overwhelmed everyone nearby. 

When one woman was helped to her SUV after finding her cat, you couldn’t help but stare at how badly damaged her vehicle was. Most of the glass was missing and the back was covered in a big orange X — a sign that the SUV had been checked for victims by rescue workers shortly after the tornado. 

As she hugged her cat, she apologized and asked if there was any food she could have for him. “I lost everything,” she whispered. “I don’t even have any money.” 

Luckily, there was plenty of pet food and other supplies available. Manufacturers of all kinds sent truckloads of products and many sent volunteers and staff to help with the effort. 

The human tragedy of Joplin is immeasurable. But the animal tragedy is difficult to fathom too. The good news is that people who have lost everything are comforted to know they have a place to leave pets while they figure out their next steps. Owners reunited with dogs and cats have someone to provide them with unconditional love during such a trying time. 

As one lady said after finding her little Shih Tzu in the rubble of her home six days after the storm tore through Joplin, “I’m just happy to have her back.” 

Today I will hug my dogs a dozen times more than I usually do. I will be thankful that we have each other and that our lives have not been turned upside down by a natural disaster. I will also be thankful for organizations like Wayside Waifs for wasting no time getting to the work of rescuing pets and giving them homes and medical care when they need it most. And I will be thankful for the small miracles I witnessed while in Joplin…the smiles and tears of joy when friends are reunited after such a indescribable time.

Written by Scott Cotter
Wayside Waifs Volunteer

Mar 4 2011

Meet Harlan!

Looking for an adorable dog?  Looking for a dog that not only can act like a puppy at the age of 3, but also has grown up doggie manners, too?  Hi, I’m Harlen, and I’m a 43 pound, young, handsome and very energetic black lab mix searching for my forever home.  I was a lottery winner awhile back, when Wayside decided to find someone that was willing to foster me.  I have a great foster dad who loves having me in his life, but he also so wants me to find my forever home.

Let’s get a few things out on the table right now.  I’m housebroken, I’m very friendly and playful, I’m a cuddly teddy bear, and I’m never crated in the house – I stay alone (well, with my foster brother) all day while my dad is at work.  We’ve got a doggie door to let ourselves out to the back yard whenever we need to during the day.  The back yard is fenced in (3-4 foot chain link), and I haven’t even attempted to jump.  Life is too sweet where I am!  My foster brother is a 60 pound 5 year old border collie mix.  I just love to play, and I like to spend my time trying to get him to play with me.   I’ll bounce around in front of him, play bowing, waggin’ my tail, hoping against hope that he will want to spend time wrestling around with me.    I would do the same thing with your dog probably, so it would be great if you had a doggie pal that loves to play, too.

I get to the off leash park for exercise when the weather is nice.  I love to race around and burn off that extra lab energy that I have stored up inside.  At night,  I love to follow my foster dad around and spend as much time with him as possible.  Once we get to cuddle time, well, it is like a little slice of heaven.   I also give lots of doggie kisses, and I’m not the least bit bashful about bestowing my licks on you.  When it is time for bed, I like to sleep on the floor next to his bed each night knowing that he is close by, and if he needs me, I’ll be there for him.

The perfect home for me would be one that has older kids and/or adults who are active and want to make their dog into a valued member of the family.   I would love to have daily walks or time at the off leash park.  Since I’m still young, getting exercise is important to me.  I would like to have plenty of rawhides and indestructible toys to chew on since as you probably know, labs love to chew!  I want a family that likes to cuddle, too, because I’m all about givin’ and receivin’ the love.  I’m a boy that just enjoys life, and I make everything fun.

Do I sound like the boy for you?  If so, please contact Wayside Waifs to ask about setting up a time to meet me.  Believe me, I think I’m worth the time.  I want my own family so much – I hope you will want me?

Love from Harlen

Mar 2 2011

A blog for the dogs…and kitty cats too

There are always plenty of dogs and cats who need help…and a home. 

In fact, lately we’ve had a growing number of dogs and cats in need of rescue. The thing is, providing good care and getting them placed in a loving home takes time and, well, it’s not cheap.

If you’ve been to the shelter you know that we do our best for every animal who comes through our doors. Watching them in action, it’s clear that our staff and volunteers are the best and it shows in the dogs and cats we rescue. They get medical care, vaccines, fun toys, comfortable beds, plenty of good food and play time. We do our best so they’re healthier, happier and ready to go when a loving family wants to take them home. 

To make sure we always have everything needed for their stay, we’ve started the Best Friends Monthly Giving program. When you join the Best Friends family, your monthly contributions will  provide ongoing support to the thousands of animals we save every year. You’ll help us perform spay and neuter surgeries, take care of those nasty fleas and ticks, buy squeaky toys and comfy beds, and keep all the  food bowls full. 

As our way of saying thanks for being a part of the Best Friends family, we’ll send you our monthly eNewsletter, The Fire Hydrant, filled with great stuff, including a discount code you can use at our retail store, Whiskers and Wags. There will be other howlin’ good offers throughout the year, too, just to remind you how much we appreciate your ongoing support. 

We hope you will consider joining the Best Friends family right now so we can keep doing great work for the dogs and cats who need us. It doesn’t take much each month to make a big difference. Sign up now to get started.  

Thanks for being a part of our important work and making dreams come true.

Written by Marla Svoboda
Vice President,
Marketing and Development at Wayside Waifs

Feb 18 2011

Learning To Save Lives

Vet Students Get Practical Experience at Wayside Waifs

Vet Students Get Practical Experience at Wayside Waifs

The Wayside Waifs Veterinary Clinic is the epicenter of activity at the shelter, and where some of our most important work takes place.  Veterinarians Dr. Cynthia Moon and Dr. Luke Pickett have their hands full overseeing the medical care of more than 300 animals at any given time.  Because each animal has different needs, the Wayside medical team sees just about every type of medical issue you can imagine.  

This unique environment makes Wayside Waifs a perfect place for veterinary students to put what they’ve learned in the classroom in practice.  Wayside Waifs is one of only a handful of animal shelters in the Midwest Region participating in a Veterinary Preceptorship Program with the veterinary colleges at the University of Missouri, Kansas State University and Iowa State University.  

Every two weeks two new veterinary students rotate through the program, living and learning at Wayside.  They receive hands-on experience working with the animals under the tutelage of Dr. Moon and Dr. Pickett.  “It’s a nice opportunity for the students to get spay and neuter surgical experience along with seeing disease control methods in practice,” said Dr. Pickett. 

To welcome the students to Wayside Waifs, their school banners are proudly displayed by the vet clinic.  Wayside also provides them with subsidized accommodations in a cozy housing unit on its 44-acre campus. 

Iowa State students Christine Fanelli and Jordan Nickerson gave their experience at Wayside Waifs rave reviews.  “In just a few days at Wayside, I’ve become faster and more efficient in surgery,” said Fanelli.  “My confidence also got a big boost.”  Nickerson said at school he has an opportunity to perform only two spay/neuter surgeries every two weeks, while at Wayside Waifs he’s able to perform two to three surgeries a day.  During his preceptorship he also treated a dog for heartworms and performed a hernia repair for the first time.  “It is just a great, fun, relaxed environment to learn in,” Nickerson said.  “It’s been a wonderful opportunity to hone my skills.”  Having students in the vet clinic is also a bonus for Wayside Waifs.  “These vet students provide additional manpower to the vet clinic, and they’re bright, focused, energetic and well-trained,” said Dr. Pickett.  “The program is a win for Wayside and a win for the animals in our care because these students enable us to do more for more animals every day.”

Both Fanelli and Nickerson say their experience at Wayside Waifs provided them with valuable insight into shelter veterinary practices and also steered them in a new career direction.  “I would love to work in a shelter, but if I end up in private practice I will make it a priority to give back through pro bono work with a shelter,” said Fanelli. 

At the end of their two week preceptorship, Dr. Pickett evaluates each student on their medical and patient skills.  The students leave Wayside Waifs armed with additional knowledge, a fresh perspective and valuable hands-on experience that will help propel them towards rewarding careers in veterinary medicine… enabling them to better care for all creatures, great and small.

Written by Ashlee Parker
Communications Relations Manager at Wayside Waifs

Feb 11 2011

Special Gifts for Your Special Valentine!

Are you wondering what to give that special human or fur-baby this Valentine’s Day?  Whisker & Wags has a lot of great gifts!  Check out these ideas:

For the Human Valentine:

1. Red to-go  coffee mug with Wayside Waifs logo heat shield, 12.99.  We also have a special Rescue Me blend of Roasterie Coffee!

2. Keep hydrated with this double insulated tumbler with straw. This tumbler doesn’t sweat and features the Wayside Waifs logo, 12.99

3. Red Wayside Waifs journal.  Durable and stylish it includes a pen and has an elastic closure, 10.99

4. Keep dry with the red and white Wayside Waifs umbrella by Totes, $27.99

5. Stylish red ball cap!  This great hat features the Wayside Waifs logo and is perfect when your strutting your stuff with your Waif around the neighborhood.  $10.00

For Your Fur-baby:

1. NEW low fat dog treats from Trail Hound, $7.99

2. Pet Greens Treats- YUMMY! Only $6.50

3. Wipe Your Paws!  The PawWash keeps those doggy paws clean, $20.00

4. With all of this snow, and Spring on the way, you need the PawWash Mitt, $3.95

5. For hours of fun, check out the Bob-A-Lot, $14.99

6. Another item for busy paws- the Kong Wobbler, $17.99

7. For your kitty!  NEW cat treats from VitaKitty & Shape Up, $4.99

8. Save the couch!  Red Nail Caps, $20.95

9. For hours of feline fun, check out the Leopard Den, $14.00

10. You can never go wrong with a new collar and matching leash!  Various colors, themes and styles! 

Check out these great items and more at our Boutique, Whisker & Wags, located inside the Harold & Marilyn Melcher Adoption Center at Wayside Waifs!

Written by Trish Stinger
Web Marketing Manager at Wayside Waifs

Feb 7 2011

Adoptable Monochrome Kitties at Wayside Waifs

There are an unusually large number of one-color cats at Wayside Waifs right now. Black cats are the hardest to get adopted, and we have A LOT of them…seriously. A LOT. But we also have other monochrome shades from white to gray to black…and they do tend to be harder to find homes for than their multi-colored friends. Oddly enough, while they are really hard to find homes for, the one-colors we have now are probably the friendliest cats in the building.  Here are a few…and when I say “few” I mean we have A LOT more…of the monochrome cats we have at the shelter right now. 


Probably my current favorite cat. He is big and muscular, but he is SUCH a baby. He LOVES to sit in your lap, and if there are a row of people sitting on the bench in the cat adoptions area, he will sit in each lap for a few minutes, working his way down the line. He is quiet and calm, and loves to just be held and petted. He gets along great with other cats, but he is scared of dogs.




This tall, thin boy is very friendly and tolerant. Kids come into the shelter and poke and prod at him and he loves it…he will follow you all over the cat adoption area and rub on your legs and ask to be petted. He gets along with other cats and he really likes kids…a good all-around cat.




This solid white girl is a real charmer. She has beautiful green eyes and loves to sit next to you or in your lap and be petted and cuddled. She doesn’t interact a lot with other cats, but she does not seem to mind them being around most of the time. She would do well in a home where she’d get a lot of lap and couch time with her owner.




One of the more interesting cats in the shelter right now. This giant of a cat was brought in by animal control with a litter of kittens he was caring for. Yes…he. A few people at the shelter were a little scared of Chartreus when he arrived because he is SUCH a big, muscular cat. But they soon found out that he is a very gentle, kind-hearted cat. We call him the “gentle giant.” Besides caring for the kittens he was found with, he has since shown a strong paternal instinc toward cats who are scared or uncomfortable. He seems to go out of his way to comfort them. Obviously, he gets along well with other cats, but he does not like dogs.




Not only doess Precious have the disadvantage of being a black cat, but also has another strike against her: she’s missing one of her front legs. This doesn’t slow her down, though, and she has no trouble jumping up into a chair, and back down again. She’s a bit of a couch potato, but she’s very friendly and loves to be held and petted. I carried her around with me for a while yesterday afternoon and she just purred away the entire time.




If you want a cuddly, snuggly lap cat…look no further. Rizzie LOVES people and she loves to be held, petted and have her head scratched. She does not like other cats very much, especially when they get too close to someone she is getting attention from. She’d do best as an only cat, preferably with someone who doesn’t mind being snuggled by a cat for long periods.




This boy came in to the shelter with his sister Mini. They have been at Wayside Waifs since July…our longest current residents. Velvet’s sister is a tortie, and they need to be adopted together, as they have been with each other since birth. This makes it even more difficult to get Velvet adopted…in addition to being a black cat, he has a sibling that needs to stay with him.



Share Bear (left) and Nightshade

Share Bear came in to Wayside Waifs last summer as part of a large group of cats rescued from a hoarding situation. He and his sister (Love-a-Lot Bear…also a black cat) are the only two left. Yep…all the non-black ones were adopted. Share Bear is very playful, but he also love to be petted and likes to sit on your lap. His sister Love-a-Lot Bear is also very playful but is more independent. She’ll come to you when she wants some attention, but she’s not as outgoing as her brother.

Nightshade is a handsome black cat who loves to run and play. He is also extremely friendly and will give you head butts when you hold him. He really likes to play with other cats, but he doesn’t seem to understand when a cat does not want to play with him. He seems to just assume that everyone wants to play with him as much as he does with them…depending on the other cat, this can be an irritant. Nightshade doesn’t mean to cause trouble…hes just overzealous in his attempts to engage other cats in play. He would probably do best as an only cat, unless the other cat likes to play with him just as much.



Written By Chris Dauten
Volunteer at Wayside Waifs

Jan 25 2011

Meet Jones!

Hi, I’m Jones, and I’m a 3 year old, housebroken, crate trained, smart as a whip black lab mix who is seeking his forever life with a loving family.  I currently am living in a foster home, and my foster mom recently updated Wayside with some of my antics.   I thought this would be a good time to share with the world all of my greatest attributes – and well, I guess I ought to share some of my weaker points as well.  It’s good to be honest.

First of all, I can’t thank Wayside enough for saving my life.  I was at another shelter, and my time was up there, but Wayside scooped me up at the last minute and whisked me to safety.  They found that I had an embedded collar in my neck which they had to surgically remove.  Then, the vets discovered that I had heartworms.  Well, all of this was pretty rough on me, because in all honesty, I’m a very energetic boy, and having to cut down on exercise while the heartworm treatment did its job, well, it was next to impossible for me.  I was so stressed out from being contained in that kennel, day after day, week after week.  It was just an awful experience.  When I did get out, about all I could do was jump up on people – I felt like I was having a nervous breakdown.  I couldn’t settle down, and that meant that no one could really connect with me at all.  Well, foster family to the rescue is all I can say!  I am having a spectacular time with my temporary family.
Most of my days consist of a pretty regular routine.  That is good news for a dog like me.   Some structure and consistency, daily mental stimulation, and daily physical exercise make for a very good Jones boy!  

I am lucky enough to live with two other dogs – an 8 year old pointer/lab mix named Sophie, and a 3 year old pointer terrier mix named Millie.  I LOVE these two ladies to death!  I can play chase and tug with Millie in a rough and tumble kind of way and for hours on end, but then I totally understand that Sophie doesn’t really want to play that way, so I’m much more gentle and soft when I play with her.  I’ve also met a bunch of other dogs in my travels, and I like all of them and play nicely.   I also go on two 30 minute walks each day, and I have lots of quality time to run around in a large, 4 foot high fenced in back yard.  

Since I’m lucky enough to be fostered by some DOG TRAINERS, I am learning so much!  I currently know sit, down, stay, come, off, give, take, no, let’s go, steady, and settle.  Whoa!  I’ve learned all this in just the past few weeks.  I am rather challenged by the game of fetch, though.  I just don’t always want to bring the toy back, and yes, that is the whole point of the game, I know.  Awww, cut me some slack, ok?  Some of the fun of the game is to have you begging me over and over again to give you the toy, and I can keep running around in circles throwing it up in the air and ignoring you!  Hey, it is all in the name of fun!

I like to sleep in my crate at night, and I’m just fine if I’m left in my crate for a few hours each day.  Hey, pay close attention to what I’m tellin’ you about me right now.  I’m fine in it for awhile during the day; however, I would not  be a happy dog if you left me there all day long.  So, if you have a job that keeps you away all day, I would not be the dog pal for you.  I would really appreciate it too if you had another dog at home.  I get so jazzed having a pal around, and hey, you might be thinking of another dog right now because you have a dog that needs a friend.  Well, you’ve got a friend in me.  Yes indeed.

I do love to chew on things, so if you don’t have any indestructible chew toys or rawhides or something good like that, you might lose some of your more interesting items if you leave me to my own devices.  Hey, you people really need to understand us dogs.  A lot of us, especially younger dogs, well, we need something to do each day.  Don’t you do things all day long?  If you were expected to just sit around not doing anything and not touching anything day after day after day, maybe you would start chewing on a chair leg, too!  Seriously, I am an active boy, so I need a lot of activity so that I am a good boy, too!  Some of my favorite toys include kongs stuffed with just about anything, rope toys are great fun, and sometimes I like to have my food fed to me from a ‘wobbler’.  That really keeps my busy and active while I eat my food – and I share with my buddies as the food bits come flying out.   

Probably the one biggest thing I’ve learned in my foster home is the joy of snuggling with a human.  At Wayside, I was always so stressed and hyper living in that environment, it was really hard to get my body and my mind to settle down and enjoy what I now consider to be one of the finer things in life.  But in my foster home, I get a chance each and every night to sit in the ‘snuggle chair’ with my Foster Mom.  I usually pick up a toy on the way, I hop up, and I will lie in her lap iand chew while she strokes and pets me all over. My Foster Mom talks softly to me about things that happened during the day, and I love to look into her eyes and listen to every word.  I don’t pretend to understand her, but I know what a super great feeling I can get from someone being close to me, cuddling and loving me.  I never had this kind of experience in my life previously, so it is actually something that a dog like me needs to get used to.  Believe me, I now know what it is like to be loved.

I think if I could be lucky enough to find the perfect home for me, it would a home with an active family.  I’d love to take regular walks or go running each day, and even hiking might be a good thing to try.  I really would love to have another active dog that likes to play a lot.  I’ve decided that dogs and people are tied as my favorite things in life (ok, toys are in there, too!), so I’d really rather not spend a lot of time by myself.  I really wouldn’t be happy, and I don’t think you would be, either.  I am still at the stage in my life where I am mastering the fine art of doggie etiquette.  Sometimes my joie de vivre and youthful exuberance can get me into trouble.  I still get a little jumpy sometimes, so I could knock down children very easily – not on purpose, mind you, just because I get easily excited around new people.

I so want to find my forever family – are you out there looking for me?  I keep dreaming that someone will come.   I have mastered so much of life and love these past few weeks with my foster familly, and I now know how much I want to share my love with my human friends.  Do I sound like the dog for you?  If so, please contact Wayside to set up a time to meet me, ok?  

Love from Jones

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