Oct 15 2010

Heart to Heart with Squeakers

If you Squeakers ask what he wants in life, he would say, “I just want to be a kitten.” Squeakers came to Wayside as a stray in September all by himself and was instantly a favorite.  With his sweet demeanor and funny personality the employees and volunteers here at Wayside knew he would get adopted quickly.

Finally, the day came when someone was interested in adopting him so; we thought he would have the home he deserved. But, something got in the way of this. It was a heart defect that gave him a life expectancy of six months to two years to live. This was not only heart breaking to the potential adopters but, also to all that fell in love with him at Wayside. 

This sad diagnosis was a lot to ask of someone who would surely fall in love him, since he would eventually pass away at young age. Plus, the medical bills, not just monitor his heart but, to diagnose the severity was beyond most peoples capabilities. The potential adopters realized that they couldn’t take the heart ache therefore the adoption fell through. 

So, there was a decision to make. What could be done for this little guy? Therefore, the Wayside staff decided a foster home would be a good start. He was sent into Wayside Waifs Foster Program with the thought that either we could find someone to give him a loving home or he can live out a normal life during the time he had left.

In his new foster home, he plays with the other cats in the household and loves to cuddle with the dogs. He gets to sleep on his foster mom’s pillow at night, purring her to sleep. Squeakers can now live a normal life and be loved as he truly deserves. So, knowing his wonderful personality, we now would like to give him a step up in the world. 

Adopting him out we all know is going to be difficult so, the doctors would like to send him to a specialist to find out how severe the heart issues is so that we can give a new adopter as much information as possible to care for him. This procedure is called an echo cardiogram. It would be the best way to find out what regimen he needs to be on to prolong his life as much as possible.  

To do this we need to find a way to pay for this procedure. So, the employees and volunteers teamed up and are having a bake sale to raise the funds. This will be at Wayside on October 23rd. Please help Squeakers get the life he deserves by coming up a purchasing some yummy goodies for your family. All proceeds will go to helping him through this process and finding him a loving forever home.  

Written by Kristin Sampson
Foster Care Coordinator at Wayside Waifs

Apr 22 2010

Brownie & Sue Find Their Forever Family

An Adoptathon Tail...

An Adoptathon Tail...

How long does it take to fall in love?  On a day between one and one hundred sixteen, Wayside fell hard for two wonderful dogs. During the four months these two were with us, Wayside volunteers and staff would walk, snuggle, brush, feed, talk to and on different days for each of us, fall in love with, Brownie and Sue.   They came to Wayside Waifs just before Christmas, two senior sisters, each about 10 years old.  They are lovely, smaller, mix-breed dogs with gentle, soft personalities.  Brownie and Sue spent many afternoons in the Wayside Adoptions Center patiently waiting for their own family to come along while 1052 other dogs found their forever homes.  They had a tail wag for everyone but despite the love their friends at Wayside gave them, more than anything, they wanted a home of their own.  

The magic that happens for all adoptable animals who come to Wayside Waifs started when Brownie and Sue made their appearance on channel 5 one Saturday morning.  Their new mom (she didn’t know she was to be their mom at the time) saw them and her heart opened.  It had been awhile since they’d had a dog, the loss of their last dog was still painful, were these two dogs meant to be part of the family?  

Her second encounter with Brownie and Sue happened on the family’s drive to the Royals game Saturday afternoon.  106.5 The Wolf was doing a live remote from Wayside Waifs for the semi-annual Adoptathon.   Wes (one of the Wolf’s Jocks) spoke about the generous volunteer who was sponsoring the adoption of Brownie and Sue and for Susie (their new mom) it was truly a sign.  She and her husband spent most of the game talking about adopting these two dogs; what would it mean to bring home two senior dogs, how long would it take for Brownie and Sue to become members of their new family?  

The answer is instantly!  It was love at first sight and life for both the two and four legged members of this family has been great.  Susie says that people do question their reasoning behind adopting two senior dogs but she tells them that it’s not Brownie and Sue who are the lucky ones.  For Susie and her husband, the unconditional love given by these two sweet souls is proof enough that nobody is ever too old for new love. 

Written by Barbara Poe
Adoption Program Manager at Wayside Waifs

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