Jan 4 2017

Meet our Waifs of the Week!!




Sniff. Look. Listen. That’s how I take in the world. And what a world it is! There are squirrels to be chased! Yards to be sprinted across! People to snuggle! You’re my ticket to that wonderful world! Don’t get me wrong, the kennel I live in here is safe, warm, dry, and clean, but I long to investigate this big fantastic world with someone like you!

I’m a young, tall, lanky Catahoula leopard dog mix with a caramel version of those cool spots that is typical of my breed. Because I’m pretty enthusiastic and take my food quite seriously, I need to go to a home with kids older than five. I walk nicely on a leash and relish discovering all of those interesting things that the world has to offer. I haven’t spent much time in social situations, so I’m hoping you can help me understand this amazing world. I’m super smart and already know sit, shake and down, so show me the rest! I’ll pick it up in no time!

I’m athletic and live life with vitality and gusto, so bring your dog family members out to meet me. They can help us decide if we’re a happy mix.

I’ve got my whole life ahead of me and I’d love to spend it with you! Won’t you come out to meet me? We can be partners exploring this spectacular world!



Meet Ivory on our website:






I’m young bunny looking for my forever home. I’m super friendly and will hop up to you to say hello! I love to have my super soft fur stroked, and LOVE to eat carrots out of your hand! I like to sit in your lap and have you pet me, but sometimes us bunnies get scared if you pick us up. We will even sometimes kick our legs as a defense. After all, in the wild the only reason we leave the ground is if a predator picks us up.

If you are looking for a fuzzy rabbit as a pet, why not adopt me rather than buying a bunny from a store? I’m looking for a good home too, you know! Did you know that rabbits make excellent house pets? We are actually a lot cleaner than most people think. I am litter box trained and can be let out and about in the house to play. We can also be clicker trained. Try searching for clicker trained rabbits on youtube. It’s pretty fascinating!

Us rabbits love to play with toys and will play with a lot of toys you can easily make yourself. We love to play with cardboard tubing from used up paper towels and toilet paper. Rabbits feel very strongly about recycling, so we do what we can to use up those pesky tubes! We love to burrow in and scratch on cardboard boxes and paper bags. We also love to climb on stuff, so make sure you have some climbing structures for us to play on. Come meet me today. I’ll greet you with a proper sniffing as soon as you approach my enclosure. I can’t wait!!!

Meet Ginger on our website:






Thanks for reading about me! My name is Barney, and I’m a gorgeous gray-and-white boy with beautiful green eyes and and adorable smudge of gray on my nose and a tip of white on my gray tail. I came to Wayside as a stray. I’m a friendly guy who loves people very much. I enjoy attention, and I will let you know how much with my great headbutts and wonderful purr. When I had my Felineality test here at Wayside, they told me I’m a Secret Admirer. That means that I tend to be a little timid in new situations, but I love people very much. Once I get to know and trust you, I will be your best friend forever! I can’t wait to meet you! Love, Barney


Meet Barney on our website:



Don’t furr-get! You can meet Barney, Ginger, Ivory or any of our adoptable pets on our website!


Aug 13 2015

Meet Frida!

Hello, I’m Frida! Have you ever seen a face as precious as mine? I know, I know…I’m hard to resist, with my adorable looks and sweet personality. But I’m so much more than a pretty face. I’m a wonderful dog, looking for a dedicated and committed owner who won’t give up on me. I want to be your dog forever. I will entertain you and make you smile every single day for the rest of my life…that’s a promise! I am playful and social and affectionate and lots of fun!

I am a gorgeous, 47 pounds of pure sweetness, purebred Pit Bull Terrier. I’m already partially housetrained and crate trained. Please be patient with me though when we get home, since another change in my life is sure to take me time to adjust to. My whole life so far has been about change. As a wee pup, I was rescued by the ASPCA and brought here to Wayside. I was adopted for a few days, but things didn’t work out for me there, so I came back and spent time in a loving foster home, learning all about life as a beloved family dog. It worked, too, because I found another family and have been with them for the last year and a half. Unfortunately, they’re moving and can’t take me along with them. So now I’m back at Wayside, hoping against hope that this time we finally find each other and become family. I need you and I hope you need me too!

I’m smart, well behaved in a home, and a fun dog to have around. When I lived in a foster home, I stayed in my crate when my family wasn’t home and I was calm and quiet in there, especially when I had a toy to keep me company. In my last home, I stayed in a special room when I was alone. Sometimes I had problems with submissive peeing. A little pee would sneak out when I was nervous. My buddies at Wayside can give you suggestions on ways to help me control that, so be sure to ask! The more comfortable and relaxed I get with you, the less likely that this will be a problem. I’m an affectionate dog who likes to snuggle and I’m easy to care for. Sometimes my play gets rough, so just keep an eye on me, help me stay calm, and I’ll get along just fine. I’d love to enroll in obedience classes with you! I’m one smart cookie, so I think I’d be the star student, and it would help us bond too.

I love to play! My favorite thing is the water and I can keep entertained for hours with a hose, faucet, or sprinkler. I love baths and time in a kiddie pool, too. If you like to spend time at the lake and are looking for a water dog, I might be your gal! I’ll need daily exercise in my new home, so whatever it is that you like to do to stay active, count me in! Even if you’re not into the water, I’ll be happy going for a daily walk or run or hike with you. I just want to be by your side, so I hope you want that too! I’ve lived with other dogs in both my foster home and my latest home, but I’d still like to meet any other dogs you have before we go home together, to be sure we get along great. My playstyle is very rough and tumble, so not all dogs appreciate having me around. But if I can meet the right match for me, I might be a really great dog buddy. I’m also looking for a home without cats or small, furry animals, because I like to chase them.

I’ve lived with kids before and I do just fine with them. In my last home, sometimes I was extra protective of my dad and my 5 year old sister, when strangers came around. This is something that you can train me not to do though. It will be important to redirect me and let me know it’s time to focus on you when I start feeling protective. Your adoption counselor can give you effective ways to help me with this. Please bring the whole family out to Wayside to meet me and we’ll see how we all do together.

I wish my life so far could have been more stable. I wish I could have just been a carefree, sweet, simple puppy, adopted by the perfect family that I ended up living with for my entire life. I wish I didn’t have to spend time at a homeless shelter. But sometimes life doesn’t go as we plan, and I understand that. Despite all I’ve been through, I am a happy and fun little gal, just trying to find my way in this world. I hope you find me soon. I’m so ready for my new life with you to begin!
Love, Frida

P.S. Guess what? I decided to join the Wayside Runners Group, to keep me in shape while I’m here at the shelter. My running friends call me a natural! I run with a loose leash, keeping your pace and staying focused all the way. I notice people admiring my cuteness when I run. Afterwards, a dip in the kiddie pool suits me just fine! If you’re looking for a running partner, I might just be your gal!

May 2 2014

Costume Ins-purr-ration for the 2014 Fur Ball Gala

fur ball galaAs you may know, this year’s Wayside Waifs-sponsored Fur Ball Gala is centered around a fun baseball theme. Because our organization has some serious spunk, we like to celebrate and fundraise in true style. To get you warmed up and ready for the big night, we have comprised a short list of ideas from our very own Look Book.

Baseball Costumes That Will Make the Crowd Bark

Base 1 – Ease into this year’s A League of Their Own-inspired theme with a classic baseball T-hat combination. Keeping things casual with a timeless three-quarter-length baseball T is a sure way to blend in with the crowd. A comfy T paired with a baseball hat of your choosing – we’re partial to the Royals – is sure to earn you a round of applause.

Base 2 – Want to step up your costume game, while showing your favorite team in the league some love? Be royal at this year’s gala by sporting your favorite dark blue Royals jersey and fan swag. And if you’re root, root, rooting for another team, that’s okay, too. We welcome friendly rivalries.

Base 3 – For a non-traditional approach to this year’s theme, pay tribute to the hardworking men and women who distribute tasty beverages and savory finger foods throughout ball games.  Hotdogs. Cotton candy.  Lemonade. The options are limitless, and think how much fun – and treats — you can have as you get your costume together.

Base 4 – Cross home plate with a splash and go all out with a full-fledged baseball ensemble. Tube socks, cropped pants, a jersey, and a glove will have you looking like you’re on the roster. And, if you want to take your outfit to the next level, throw on an umpire’s mask and chest protector for good measure.

Tune In

On May 10th you can see the costumes firsthand at our annual Fur ball Gala, which will be held at the Overland Park Convention Center. And, if you cannot make it out for this year’s festivities, be sure to follow our social media feeds for live updates.

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Oct 22 2013

Meet Helen

Helen is looking for her forever home!

Helen is looking for her forever home!

Hi there, I’m Helen! I’m a happy and friendly dog, and I’m so ready to finally settle down with my new family in my new home. My past year has been an overwhelming whirlwind of change and instability, so I’m excited to get into a routine and just start living a safe and normal life. That’s out there for me, right? I think I deserve it, so I sure hope Wayside is the place where I’ll finally find my new family and new life.

I am a 3 year old, 46 pound Pit Bull Terrier mix. I seem to be at least partially housetrained, because I know to go the bathroom as soon as I get outside, but please be patient with me when we first get home, as I learn my new routine with you. I promise I’ll do my best! I’m sure you’ve already noticed how beautiful I am! Well, I don’t mean to brag, but I assure you, you’ve never seen a coat of fur like mine. I have gorgeous light brown eyes and unique markings that make me a one of a kind type of dog. I had puppies at some point. I don’t really remember that time of my life much, but I hope they’re all happy and healthy and living wonderful lives now! I actually moved here to Kansas City from the Dallas, TX area, where I was in a high kill shelter. I was rescued by a group of people from Petsmart Charities, who move dogs to different shelters, in order to help them find new homes more easily. So I ended up here at Wayside. So far, so good. Now I just need you and then I’ll be set.

I’m curious, friendly, and energetic. I love to explore and follow my hound nose during walks. I do pretty well on my leash too. And I am the best cuddle partner ever! I’m a 46 pound lap dog, if you give me the chance! I like to put my front paws and face right in your lap and listen to you talk to me sweetly and tell me what a good girl I am. I was adopted to a nice woman for awhile, but things didn’t work out for me there. Oh, she loved me very much and had lots of great stuff to say about me. But she had a 1 year old nephew who spent lots of time with us and he didn’t know how to give me my space, so I snapped at him, to tell him to back off. He didn’t understand, of course, since he was still a baby, but it was the only way I knew how to communicate with him, so things just didn’t work out. I’d love a home without kids under the age of 12 please. And if I do live with older kids, I hope they can be respectful of me. Please bring the whole family to meet me before we all go home together, to make sure we’re a good fit for one another.

I’d also like a home as your only animal, please. I like to chase cats and other small, furry animals. And I’m rude and pushy with other dogs, never really sure when to back down, so I just don’t want to deal with them. I’ll be happiest as an only animal, but I promise to give you so much doggie love that you won’t miss not having another animal in your home. I hope you don’t mind…I’m just looking for a specific home, so that I don’t end up back at the shelter, that’s all.
Please come for me soon! I need a safe and stable place to finally call home. Having pups and moving across the country and being homeless is stressful and upsetting to a dog like me. I just want people around who I can be close to and show affection to every single day.

I’d love a daily walk and a soft spot to rest my head. The love of my very own family is an incredible dream that I’ve had for so long and I feel it’s about to come true now. I hope so!

Love, Helen


PS watch my video on Wayside’s website.

Aug 7 2013

Long-term Waifs – Dogs waiting 30+ days for their furever home


Apr 27 2011

Book Review: “Michael Vick’s Dogs and Their Tale of Rescue and Redemption”

Regardless of how you feel about Pit bulls, I think an understanding can be made that they are the most abused and neglected dog breed. Also, regardless of how you feel about Michael Vick, Pit bull lovers owe a lot of credit to him. Wait a minute; hear me out. First, I don’t agree with anything he did to any of the animals on his property. Secondly, I dislike him with a passion for what he did and I have a hard time believing I will ever forgive him. However, if it were not for him being caught up in this ‘animal scandal’ I don’t believe the mistreatment of pit bulls (or fighting dogs in general), or the stigmas surrounding them, would ever be as spotlighted as it is now. Think about it. Whenever you hear the words “Dog fighting” or “Pit bulls,” you can’t tell me Michael Vick doesn’t cross your mind at least once. His fighting ring was national news! 

Fifty-one dogs were rescued from Michael Vicks’ facility. Out of the 51, only 3 were decided to be unadoptable or unable to be rehabilitated. The others were sent to different shelters and sanctuaries to work on their socializing and obedience skills. They all were also required to pass the Canine Good Citizen Test before they were made available for adoption, which is a test of good manners and obedience. Some of these dogs are now trained therapy dogs, working with children or the elderly on a daily basis. 

‘The Lost Dogs – Michael Vick’s Dogs and their tale of rescue and redemption” by Jim Gorant is a well written, non-biased book about what happened when the Vick Dogs were found. You not only hear the gruesome, and sometimes horrifying details of how his operation was run but you get the back story of how Vick grew up and how he was drawn to the dog fighting ring. 

I will admit I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to finish the book. The first few chapters were unbearable, and I often had to put the book down after every chapter to reset myself and continue on. But I had to read it. I owed it to every single one of the Vick dogs, and every other abused animal, to know and educate myself about their story and how I could make the difference in changing society’s outlook on this misunderstood breed. 

Gorant is a magazine editor for Sports Illustrated and he originally wrote an article that was the feature story of the issue about the Vick Dogs in 2008. He was amazed at the responses he received. Although most of the comments were positive, there were a handful that asked ‘There are homeless, starving people in the world; why should we care about dogs?” or “Why does it matter? They’re just dogs.” Simply, Gorant replies “As for why our bond with them matters, there are reasons for that, too….a famous Gandhi quote: ‘The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.’ The idea being that in order to lift the whole of society, you must first prop up the lowest among its many parts. If you show goodwill and kindness toward those who cannot stand up for themselves, you set a tone of compassion and goodwill that permeates all.”

In Gorant’s book you get to meet, and learn about, three particular dogs and their struggles and triumphs. You learn about a dog who would constantly go into ‘pancake mode’ (when a dog is so frightened or shy that they lie completely flat on the ground) and how she ends up trusting and loving her foster mom. You find out about a young male who was so wound up, his foster dad (who eventually turned into his forever dad) didn’t think he would ever pass his Canine Good Citizen Test, but is now a part of a children’s therapy program that encourages children to read. I would love to say that every ending is a happy one but unfortunately, that is not the case.

If Gorant’s book shows you anything, it’s that you can not judge a dog based on their breed or what you hear about them. These pit bulls were taken from a dog fighting bust, and they love, seek out, and desire affection and attention. Pit bulls make up about 80% of all dogs in city shelters. Many cities ban the breed just because of what they’ve heard, not because of the facts. Yes, pit bulls can be dangerous – but I personally know more Chihuahua’s who have caused physical damage than any other dog. And on another note, there is no such thing as “lock jaw.” It is a myth. 

Gorant successfully demonstrates how truly wonderful the Pit bull breed is (I know, pit bull isn’t really a breed, but it’s easier than saying all of the actual breed names). They are loving, loyal, and a lot of fun. Just like any other dog they have certain instincts that you have to be aware of. They can get wound up very quickly and it’s hard to calm them down, so they need plenty of exercise. They tend to have a high prey drive, so having a small animal and a pit bull can be a challenge; but it’s not impossible. I personally know of two adopters who have pit bulls AND cats and they can coexist (and even sleep together) peacefully. 

I live with four dogs — two lab mixes and two pit bulls (one is about 1 ½ years old and the other is about 3 months old). I also live with three cats and a ferret. They all coexist and even get along. There hasn’t been one fight, and the oldest pit bull is probably the most easygoing dog of the group. She was rescued from a chain after starving for a few months but you would never know it. She is one of the best dogs I have ever met. If you feel the same way about pit bulls as I do, purchase or borrow The Lost Dogs. It is a great read for pit bull advocates, and an even better read for those who don’t know anything about the breed, or are frightened by the rumors they have heard. Those who are uneducated about the breed tend to be the ones who cause the most harm to it.

Written by Alyssa Willet
Adoptions Supervisor at Wayside Waifs

Mar 4 2011

Meet Harlan!

Looking for an adorable dog?  Looking for a dog that not only can act like a puppy at the age of 3, but also has grown up doggie manners, too?  Hi, I’m Harlen, and I’m a 43 pound, young, handsome and very energetic black lab mix searching for my forever home.  I was a lottery winner awhile back, when Wayside decided to find someone that was willing to foster me.  I have a great foster dad who loves having me in his life, but he also so wants me to find my forever home.

Let’s get a few things out on the table right now.  I’m housebroken, I’m very friendly and playful, I’m a cuddly teddy bear, and I’m never crated in the house – I stay alone (well, with my foster brother) all day while my dad is at work.  We’ve got a doggie door to let ourselves out to the back yard whenever we need to during the day.  The back yard is fenced in (3-4 foot chain link), and I haven’t even attempted to jump.  Life is too sweet where I am!  My foster brother is a 60 pound 5 year old border collie mix.  I just love to play, and I like to spend my time trying to get him to play with me.   I’ll bounce around in front of him, play bowing, waggin’ my tail, hoping against hope that he will want to spend time wrestling around with me.    I would do the same thing with your dog probably, so it would be great if you had a doggie pal that loves to play, too.

I get to the off leash park for exercise when the weather is nice.  I love to race around and burn off that extra lab energy that I have stored up inside.  At night,  I love to follow my foster dad around and spend as much time with him as possible.  Once we get to cuddle time, well, it is like a little slice of heaven.   I also give lots of doggie kisses, and I’m not the least bit bashful about bestowing my licks on you.  When it is time for bed, I like to sleep on the floor next to his bed each night knowing that he is close by, and if he needs me, I’ll be there for him.

The perfect home for me would be one that has older kids and/or adults who are active and want to make their dog into a valued member of the family.   I would love to have daily walks or time at the off leash park.  Since I’m still young, getting exercise is important to me.  I would like to have plenty of rawhides and indestructible toys to chew on since as you probably know, labs love to chew!  I want a family that likes to cuddle, too, because I’m all about givin’ and receivin’ the love.  I’m a boy that just enjoys life, and I make everything fun.

Do I sound like the boy for you?  If so, please contact Wayside Waifs to ask about setting up a time to meet me.  Believe me, I think I’m worth the time.  I want my own family so much – I hope you will want me?

Love from Harlen

Feb 11 2011

Special Gifts for Your Special Valentine!

Are you wondering what to give that special human or fur-baby this Valentine’s Day?  Whisker & Wags has a lot of great gifts!  Check out these ideas:

For the Human Valentine:

1. Red to-go  coffee mug with Wayside Waifs logo heat shield, 12.99.  We also have a special Rescue Me blend of Roasterie Coffee!

2. Keep hydrated with this double insulated tumbler with straw. This tumbler doesn’t sweat and features the Wayside Waifs logo, 12.99

3. Red Wayside Waifs journal.  Durable and stylish it includes a pen and has an elastic closure, 10.99

4. Keep dry with the red and white Wayside Waifs umbrella by Totes, $27.99

5. Stylish red ball cap!  This great hat features the Wayside Waifs logo and is perfect when your strutting your stuff with your Waif around the neighborhood.  $10.00

For Your Fur-baby:

1. NEW low fat dog treats from Trail Hound, $7.99

2. Pet Greens Treats- YUMMY! Only $6.50

3. Wipe Your Paws!  The PawWash keeps those doggy paws clean, $20.00

4. With all of this snow, and Spring on the way, you need the PawWash Mitt, $3.95

5. For hours of fun, check out the Bob-A-Lot, $14.99

6. Another item for busy paws- the Kong Wobbler, $17.99

7. For your kitty!  NEW cat treats from VitaKitty & Shape Up, $4.99

8. Save the couch!  Red Nail Caps, $20.95

9. For hours of feline fun, check out the Leopard Den, $14.00

10. You can never go wrong with a new collar and matching leash!  Various colors, themes and styles! 

Check out these great items and more at our Boutique, Whisker & Wags, located inside the Harold & Marilyn Melcher Adoption Center at Wayside Waifs!

Written by Trish Stinger
Web Marketing Manager at Wayside Waifs

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