Aug 14 2013

Long-term Waifs – Cats waiting 30+ days for their purr-fect match


Nov 11 2010

Wayside Kittens Visit “Cats The Musical”

Some kittens at Wayside Waifs got to do the coolest thing on Saturday. They got to take a field trip to Music Hall Kansas City and hang out with CATS. Not like the cats they are normally around in the Cat Adoption area, it was CATS the musical! There were six kittens that made their appearance in the lobby of the Music Hall prior to that day’s matinee show. All of the kittens that went were available for adoption and ready to find their forever homes.  

In addition to meeting and petting the Wayside kittens, kids (and adults!) could get their faces painted like cats. Pretty soon it looked like there were cats everywhere! The kittens were the stars of the meet-and-greet until some of the cast appeared in the lobby. Can you imagine being a tiny little kitten and seeing a human sized cat looking into your kennel? Rumor has it that after meeting the cast, one of the kittens said he wanted to grow up to be in CATS one day. I don’t blame him; it looks like a pretty cool job!  



The Cats cast members interacted with the crowd in the lobby; they took pictures with their fans and even got some ear scratches! The big CATS held a couple of the kittens and took pictures with them, too. Boy, those were some lucky kitties!     

Wayside Waifs does such nice things for the pets in their care. I’m glad since I had to spend some time as a shelter-cat that I got to spend it at Wayside. I wish all shelter-cats could be as lucky as me and the kittens that got to be part of the CATS field trip on Saturday. Big purrs to Wayside Waifs and CATS the musical.  You guys rock!

 Guest blogger information: Sebastian from Sebastian The Sensitive Soul,, former Waif.




































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