Jun 19 2019

Waif Wednesday

Happy Waif Wednesday! Meet our paw-mazing Waifs of the Week: Florence, Marcella, and Jaime. These three cuties can’t wait to find their people!

Hi there, I’m Florence! I’m sweet, affectionate, happy, and fun, and I’ll be a wonderful companion if you’ll just give me the chance. I’m a 2-year-old beauty with a smile that brightens up the room. I came to Wayside as a transfer from another shelter that was running short on space. I’ve settled in pretty nicely here at Wayside, and I love all the new friends I’ve made!

I walk great on my leash with minimal pulling, and getting out to enjoy the fresh air is my favorite thing. I’m also a great runner! After my exercise, I enjoy relaxing or playing with my toys—I really dig playing my toys! I’m playful and silly and I like to have a good time. I’m already super smart, and with my food motivation, I’m a great candidate for training. If you bring a tasty treat when you come to meet me, I’ll be happy to patiently sit for you!

If you have other dogs, I will need to meet them before we go home together. I’m friendly and not reactive with most dogs that I meet, but others I might not want to play with. I guess it’s the same way for humans!

Life is so much sweeter when it’s shared with someone you love, and I want to share mine with you. If I sound like the perfect pup for you, come to Wayside and ask to meet me!

Love, Florence

Thanks for reading about me! My name is Marcella. As you can see from my picture, I’m an adorable white kitty with darling black spots. When I came to Wayside, I was a young mother raising six tiny kittens! We were fortunate to live with a foster family until my babies were old enough to make their own lives in the world. Now, it’s my turn to be somebody’s baby!

I’m a friendly kitty with a great meow who loves attention. I also love to play, too. I sure hope my new people like to play! The Felineality assessors here at Wayside describe me as a Leader of the Band, scoring high in valiance in sociability. In other words, I’m a bold, confident cat who loves people. You will never be bored or lonely with me around!

I love playing, meeting new people, just hanging around (when I’m in the mood), but most of all, I love being the boss. I’ll probably designate a corner of the house as my own, but I’ll still want to spend lots of my time with you! If I sound like the perfect kitty for you, come to Wayside and ask to meet me!

Love, Marcella

Hey there! I’m Jaime, a 3-year-old social and friendly fella in search of a home of my very own. 

These are some of the words the folks here at Wayside use to describe me: sweet, friendly, social, and playful. See a pattern there? I just LOVE being around people and enjoy getting lots of attention and affection. I’m a happy boy with an exuberant smile that will brighten even your gloomiest day. I’m not the kind of guy who will be satisfied just hanging out by myself all the time. I prefer to stick right by your side and share all my love with you.

Do you have other dogs at home? My sociability extends to other canines too. I’ve got great doggie manners and coexist well with other pups. I’m also relaxed on a leash and would love to take walks with you. Maybe we can go for daily walks around the neighborhood? Or, if you’re as adventurous as me, we could go on some short hikes, or maybe even try out a dog park!

Moving from shelter to shelter can really be challenging for a social boy like me. I’m hoping my new people will be patient with me as I learn to settle down and adjust to life in my home. Won’t you give me a chance to be yours? If I sound like the perfect pup for you, come to Wayside and ask to meet me!

Love, Jaime

Come meet our adoptable waifs during adoption hours!

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  • Tuesday: Noon-8pm
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Jul 11 2013

Adoptathon – Find your purr-fect match


106.5 The Wolf and Wayside Waifs are proud to present the 2013 Summer Adoptathon on July 12-14. The event will feature live broadcasts all day Friday featuring some of Kansas City’s most listened to DJs – Roger Carson, Codie Allen, Wes Poe, and Shotgun Jaxson. This weekend only, all pet adoptions are just $25. Plus, fees will be waived on all additional pets adopted. All adoptable animals are spay/neutered, microchipped and current on vaccinations. It’s the “purr”fect time to find your furry friend.

TheWolfWayside Waifs will be open special hours for this weekend’s adoptathon:

  • Friday, July 12: 6 a.m.-8 p.m.
  • Saturday, July 13: 8 a.m.-6 p.m.
  • Sunday, July 14: 12 p.m.-6 p.m.

Check out some of the grrreat dogs, cats, puppies, kittens and bunnies looking forward to meeting you.

The Adoptathon is just one of Wayside Waifs’ anchor adoption events this summer to help the shelter compete in the 2013 ASPCA/Rachael Ray $100K Adoption Challenge. Our goal is to help 1,831 animals in our community find loving forever homes by the end of August.

 The adoption fun begins this Friday at 6am! We hope to see a lot of The Wolf Pack fans participating.

Sep 13 2011

Meet Dale

Dale is looking for his forever home

Dale is looking for his forever home

Where to begin my story – gosh, that is hard for me to figure out.  Hi, my name is Dale, and I’m a 3 year old super handsome and very housebroken lab mix who is loving, sweet natured, and definitely in need of a very special home with a very special family.  My original family adopted me almost 3 years ago, when I was still a little puppy.  As it turns out, I grew into a big, goofy, lovable dog, and definitely a guy that needs daily exercise, lots of interaction with my family, and plenty of playtime – hey, I’m a lab, doesn’t that just say it all?    I also need lots of lovin’ and affection, just like any dog wants to have.  At my old home, somehow as the time passed, I started spending more and more time in my kennel in the garage.  It wasn’t that they didn’t love me, they just didn’t have the time and inclination to work with me.  So I got stuck out there with the other family dogs, but far away from a normal life and love from you humans.   I’m so grateful that they decided to surrender me to Wayside so that I could find a new and better life for me- the kind of life that every dog dreams of having. 

I didn’t do well in the shelter environment at Wayside at all.  I was scared in my kennel, and unsure and afraid of all the people walking by and staring at me.  I was lucky enough to get into a foster home where my new family has been nurturing, loving, and ever so patient at giving me a chance to grow into my own.  I’m starting to figure out this life that I have now!  It is awesome to feel a part of something and to have some doggie friends to play with and some structure and well, lots of love.  When I first arrived, I was a little crazy, running around, jumping on everything, so enthusiastic yet unsure of how I was supposed to act.  I guess I was so excited to be out of the shelter, I just had to show how happy I was.  After I calmed down, my new family started to figure out more about my personality – and my fears.  Maybe we should call my fears phobias instead.  Foster Mom knew that I was different right away because I was scared to death of the TV.  I would do anything to get away from it.  My foster mom says that she thinks my fears are really about anything that moves or moves fast.  Loud and sudden (hair dryers, lawn mowers, door slams) noises make me so frightened that I have to run and hide.   Yes, a big boy like me, afraid of my own shadow sometimes.  However, the more I am around these sounds and noises – and that darn TV – I am getting used to them.  

A typical weekday for me includes some early morning playtime with her other dogs, then I go happily in my crate for some rest time.  My foster mom comes back at lunch, and we get out again and play and romp around for awhile.  Then it is back to relaxing until she comes home in the late afternoon.  When I say I play with other dogs, well, there are 3 –  two female and one male.  One is pretty lazy, and the others like to run around and act silly like I do.  When I joined the pack, I just so easily fit in.  I understood the natural order immediately, and I never do any boat rocking at all.  My foster mom says that I’m just a natural around other dogs.  I even spend time at Man’s Best Friend Pet Resort when my family is out of town, and they they I’m about the greatest dog in the world around other dogs.  I love everyone, and I can ‘read’ other dogs and their cues so well.  I make every dog comfortable.   I really, really want to go home with one, ok?  Another dog helps me with my confidence boosting. 

I easily stay in their back yard, and she said that she doesn’t see me jumping fences or anything like that ever again.  My greatest joy in the back yard is having my foster mom out there with me – and the other dogs, too.  When everyone is there, I’m happy as a clam.  If she goes inside, I want to follow her and be by her side.  I also really love toys – any kind of toy makes me happy.  Have you heard of the Kong Wobbler toy?  You can feed me from this toy, and it takes a long time for us dogs to find the food inside.  It is just a nice way to keep busy and get my meal!  I also love peanut butter and rawhide treats.  My foster mom says that in order to help me get used to the TV, she will give me a rawhide to chew on, and once I start chewing, I forget that I’m afraid of that doggone TV.  I can stay in the room with a show on and not get as anxious anymore.  

Besides having a great sit, I also love to play a good game of F-E-T-C-H!  You can see me playing in the park in my video.   I would be a good dog to take to the off leash park since I really do love other doggies, and I like meeting new friends.  We could play fetch in the park, too – wouldn’t you like to do that with me?

My foster mom thinks sometimes that I act more like I came from a puppy mill than from someone’s home.  My fears and phobias are typical of a puppy mill dog – afraid of sudden movement, fearful around new things and worried about the big, wide wonderful world that we live in.  I need a family who can understand that.   I look like I’m a big lion, but I’m I really act more like a little scared lamb.  I’m getting so much better, and learning so much about life.  I need a family who wants to give me the time and the chance to learn something about life and be all that I can be.  I want to be a big part of your world, and since I like to have people around me, I would love it if someone was home more often during the day.  I want to be a big and loving part of your life. 

Can you imagine how much fun it would be to show me about life and love, and allow me to blossom?   You can see the world through my eyes – it may give you a whole new perspective on life.  It may take me a little while to warm up and be the boy that I can be, but if you love me, you’ll give me that chance.  I guess you are asking yourself why you should adopt me.  I would be doing that too, if I were you.  I guess the best thing to say to you is that you would be giving a dog like me a chance at a normal and wonderful life.  You would give me a place in this world that I really haven’t had a chance to find yet.  You would rescue me – yes, truly rescue me.  It might be hard sometimes to find your way with me.  It might be hard to be as patient as you’d like to be with me all the time.  I understand all that, and I promise you that I will try my hardest to be the best dog I can be, and I promise to keep learning every single day from you – just like I’ve been doing.  I expect that you will find such a reward every day in helping me grow, I think you will feel blessed.  I am loved so strongly by my foster mom, and she protects me and feels so good that she is helping such a sweet dog find his way in the world.   I’m willing to keep trying and keep growing.  I hope that you will find that giving me a chance was the best decision you ever made in your life.  I think I’d be worth it, I really, truly do. 

Love from Dale

Dale is currently in a foster home. If you are interested in meeting him, please contact Wayside Waifs Adoptions at 816-986-4426 to arrange a time to meet.

Oct 27 2010

Woof Woof – I’m Lacy!

Back in July, a Montana shelter was raided, and over 30 dogs and cats were found living in absolutely deplorable conditions. A transport to Kansas City was quickly arranged, and all the animals were rushed to Wayside Waifs for help.  Hi, my name is Lacy, and I was one of those animals that had the good fortune to be rescued from the suffering and to be provided hope for a new and happy life.  

I was so shy and afraid when I first arrived in Kansas City.   I used to hide under my doggie bed in my kennel, and plenty of times people thought I had somehow gotten lost!  I hadn’t escaped, but I was trying to hide.  I just wanted to be invisible.  Everybody walking by and staring made me unhappy, and I kept worrying that the other shoe was going to drop, and life would turn ugly again. 

I’ll never be able to share all the details of my past life with you, and it really doesn’t matter.  I’m looking ahead to the bright future before me.  Thankfully, I’ve found a foster mom who loves me and wants only the best for me, and she and foster dad are trying to help me be the best dog I can be and get me ready for my forever home.  

I have learned to be a member of a dog pack now – my foster mom has two other dogs, a boy and a girl ages 7 and 3 ½ .  We love to play together in their fenced in back yard, and I watch them run around, I run after them, I chase them while they play fetch, we hunt for toads, and all in all, we are great pals.  We sleep together at night, and we hang together during the day while my foster parents are at work.  

While I will admit I really like my foster dad, I naturally seem to warm up to the female persuasion more quickly.  My foster dad and I are beginning to forge a strong and loving relationship.  We are playing together more, and I am learning to trust him and love him very much, too. 

I have adapted easily and well to the routine in my foster mom’s household.  She thinks that I don’t like to be confined – in essence, crates aren’t my favorite thing, so we don’t use one anymore.  She says I don’t really have any bad habits that would annoy you humans.  Oh, I tried a little digging in the back yard once, but my foster mom quickly put the kibosh on that fun.  I bark just a bit, but nothing excessive at all.  I once tried to climb her 4-foot fence, but she told me to get down, and I have sworn off that forever now, too.  I ride pretty well in a car – just a bit of whining at first, and then I relax and enjoy the time.  I like to take walks and play in the yard or just sit around and relax or cuddle.   Whatever you want is ok with me.  

My foster mom’s favorite thing about our time together is seeing me come out of my shell and blossom.  I have relaxed around her, my foster dad and the other dogs, and I have become comfortable enough to initiate play with everyone.  I am a kisser, and I mean, I really do love to give kisses to you once I know you and trust you – I love legs, arms, faces, and feet!  I am so very eager to please you, and all I want is to find a smile on your face when we are together. 

My foster mom thinks I would do best in a home with someone around a lot, someone that loves to give attention, and a family who is willing to let me warm up at my own pace – and just be gentle with me.   She thinks I would be happy with other dogs – and I agree!  They just shouldn’t be really hyper dogs.  Men just need to give me a chance too – give me some time to warm up to you and trust you. 

I’m as loving and sweet as any dog you’ll ever meet.  If you are someone who wants to help a dog who has had a hard time in her life, please think about adopting me.  It may take me a little while longer than some dogs to warm to you and to find my place in your world, but, once it has happened, you and I can both smile and know that we have found each other. 

My foster mom tells me every day that I am waiting for my perfect ‘forever after’ home.  I finally believe in myself enough to know that I deserve a good life, and my dream is that there is someone that reads my story and thinks I could be the dog for them.  I promise to do my best to keep that smile on your face every day.  I hope too that when you look at me, you will see that I am smiling back at you – with love and thanks for our bright future together.  You can read my complete profile and watch my video on the Wayside website

Love and Kisses from Lacy

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