Sep 26 2016

Meet Memphis!


Meet Memphis! This sweet, goofy guy is a 75-pound Mastiff mix who’s looking for a home. He was transferred to Wayside Waifs when his last shelter ran out of space for him. Now that he’s settled in, he’s more than ready to find his peeps and get to his new fur-ever home!

Are you looking for a laid-back companion who will enjoy relaxing around the house with you? Memphis is your guy! He would be a great friend to children and other canine companions, too. Memphis is super smart and eager to learn all the exciting things you have to teach him. With some positive encouragement and some extra treats for motivation, he’ll be able to learn the ropes in no time.

He loves to stay active by taking long walks. He’s an explorer who enjoys the exciting sights and smells that the great outdoors has to offer. He has great leash manners, too so staying healthy will be something fun you can enjoy together!

Memphis is an independent guy who won’t ask for much. He’ll let you know how much he loves you by curling up by your side to enjoy some belly rubs. As you can see in his picture, he also likes to stick out his tongue for fun! If you’re looking for a silly, fun, loving companion, come by Wayside Waifs soon to see Memphis! Tail wags!

Jul 8 2013

Your adoption help wins life-saving funding

From June 1 through August 31, Wayside Waifs is competing in the ASPCA Rachael Ray $100,000 Challenge. As Kansas City’s largest and most comprehensive no kill pet adoption campus, we set a goal to help find “fur”ever homes for 1,831 animals this summer. But we can’t do it alone!

What is the ASPCA Rachael Ray Challenge?
The goal of the challenge is simple – to increase pet adoptions across the country. Wayside was one of 50 shelters nationally and the only one in the Kansas City metro area chosen for this competition. More than $600,000 in prize grants are available with funds ranging from $5,000 to $100,000. In this contest – every animal wins!

How to HelpHow can Wayside win a grant?
When you adopt a pet from Wayside Waifs, it puts us closer to winning one of several major grants from the ASPCA. These grants will continue to fund life-saving medical care, rescue missions, animal behavior rehabilitation and ultimately help more animals find their forever homes this year.

Throughout the summer, visit our website to learn more about pet adoption specials.

Share the mission
Another way you can help Wayside win grant funding is by getting social with us. Just follow us on your favorite social media site(s) – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, or Pinterest. Please be sure to engage with us by sharing, liking, or retweeting our content. Your participation helps spread our mission to other perspective adopters.

Community Engagement
Tell your friends why you love Wayside by using #WaysideWaifs in your social media posts. When you generate social media posts about the Challenge, please use #100KChallenge.  When you share your adoption success stories, please use #100KSaved in your post.  This will allow these posts to appear on the ASPCA/Rachael Ray $100K Challenge Facebook and Twitter feeds and will also help us in the competition.

Together we can make a difference in the lives of abandoned, abused and homeless pets!

Sep 9 2009

Announcing the Fall Adoptathon!

See you at the Adoptathon!

See you at the Adoptathon!

Thanks to our friends and media partner 106.5 The Wolf, Wayside Waifs is proud to present the Fall Adoptathon!  On September 11,12 & 13, all adoptions will be half price!  This is our 3rd year for the Adoptathon and its always a tail waggin’ good time.  Last Spring, we sent home over 260 animals to new fur-ever loving homes and we are hoping to do it again!  

Wayside Waifs has over 300 animals in our shelter and 106.5 The Wolf will be broadcasting live all weekend to help our furry friends find their new families.  We will be closed on Thursday, September 10th to get all of our animals ready for adoption, but we will open bright and early on Friday morning at 6 a.m. to start this wonderful event. 

“There is an incredible selection of animals in our shelter, people will see unique breeds they may have never seen before,” said Ashlee Parker, Communications Manager at Wayside Waifs.  “If you are looking to adopt, now is a great time to come to Wayside Waifs.”

Here are our special Adoptathon hours:
Friday, September 11   6 a.m. – 8 p.m.
Saturday, September 12   8 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Sunday, September 13   Noon – 6 p.m.

Jul 17 2009

Feline Friday!

It is going to be a gorgeous day!  In fact, a perfect day to come to Wayside Waifs and adopt a cat or two! 

Feline Friday is a promotion we run during June and July.  Cats breed when its hot and that is when our shelter becomes packed with cats and kittens.  We have over 300 cats and kittens in our care right now, looking for that purr-fect home.  Wayside Waifs opens today at 2:00, so come out and check out all of the beautiful cats and kittens in our cat house. 

You can adopt a kitten for only $60 and a adult cat, any cat over 5months of age, for only $15!  If you want to adopt a second adult cat, there is no charge.  HOLY MEOW!  I know it seems we are crazy about cats.  We’re not crazy, but our adult cats are competing for your attention with all of the kittens running around. 

Each cat and kitten has been spayed or neutered, has all their shots and comes with a five pound bag of food.  We also have a great selection of pet supplies (collars,  litter boxes, toys) for sale, at a better deal than what you would find at most stores.  More importantly, each adoption helps us to continue our work of saving more animals.

We hope to see you today at Wayside Waifs!

Mar 2 2009

Bittersweet endings

A story in the Missouri Springfield News-Leader today reports since January, the Missouri Department of Agriculture has rescued over 1,100 animals from substandard facilities across the state.  That’s twice as many as the same time last year.  The Department of Ag can’t really explain why this is happening.  Here at Wayside Waifs, we are happy that over 1,100 dogs now have better conditions.


Here at Wayside, we regularly work with the Department of Agriculture when they raid a breeder and need a place to take the animals.  Just last week, we received over 25 small breed dogs from a breeder in northeast Missouri who had been shut down.  Those dogs are not yet available for adoption.  We are still treating their medical conditions.


This two year old Shih Tzu was rescued from a breeder in Missouri.  He will need his eye removed due to a corneal ulcer.

This two year old Shih Tzu was rescued from a breeder in Missouri. He will need his eye removed due to a corneal ulcer.



Also last week, an unlicensed breeder in southern Missouri operating the River Valley Puppies Kennel set fire to his kennel, home and barn after the dogs were let loose.  The Department of Ag seized over 200 dogs and they are working with shelters across the state to place them.


Stories like this make our blood boil.  We wonder how someone could see an animal as a puppy-machine and not the loving and intelligent creature they are.  Here at Wayside we have to see the ugly side of puppy mills.  One of those small breed dogs who came to us last week was missing a paw.  That’s right – a paw.  How does this happen?  Was it an accident?  A genetic defect?  We will never know.  Our team will work to make them healthy and comfortable while they are here.


What can we do?


Adopt from shelters!  Don’t look in the newspaper for a pet.  Taking home a “free to good home” pet only encourages the problem – the owner probably didn’t alter the mom or dad so this WILL happen again. 

If you have a pet at home who needs to be fixed, there are low cost options in Kansas City.  We have a list of them on our website.

Most of us who live in Missouri, know the laws regarding animal welfare are lax.  We need to consistently talk to our city- and state-elected officials to get more laws on the books to help protect our four-legged friends.


Consider donating to Wayside Waifs so we can care for these victims of abuse and neglect.


Let us know how you feel about this subject by leaving a comment below!

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