Nov 9 2010

Meet Lilly!

Hi!  I'm Lilly and I'm looking for my forever home!

Hi! I'm Lilly and I'm looking for my forever home!

Energetic, fun loving, sweet, affectionate, happy and playful – that’s me – Lilly, a housetrained, 2 ½ year old shepherd mix in search of a forever home.   I found myself in a very difficult situation this spring.  I had week old puppies and no home or friends to help me.   Wayside rescued us and found a wonderful foster home so that I could raise my puppies and provide them the proper love and nourishment they needed during those first few formative weeks.  My babies have homes, and I am currently lucky enough to be living with a foster mom and two doggie siblings, but I need my own home now – my forever one. 

My foster mom has been so good to me.  I have all my own things at her house – just as though it were my own home…my own bed, my own dishes, my own toys and treats, too.  I get car rides, and walks, and my foster mom even gave me a bath in the bathtub – and honestly, I loved it – I felt so pampered!  I like all kinds of treats, and Kongs with peanut butter make me so happy.  She doesn’t crate me, so I have free run of her house, and I’m a good girl.   I usually stay in the back yard with the other dogs – unless I see my foster mom out front, and sometimes I’m naughty, and I run and jump the gate just to be closer to her.  She got some help this weekend from a trainer so that I will learn not to do that any more.  

After just a short time at my foster home, my foster mom has noticed that I have really bonded to her.  I love her and all that she provides for me, and I think I’m a little afraid of losing this new life or of having to give up someone that has given me so much.  Being on my own forced me to rely on myself for everything, and I had to learn how to protect and defend myself and my little ones.   It was tough being all alone; especially for a dog that isn’t that confident to begin with and doesn’t know how to handle many of life’s challenges.  

I realize now that I have missed out on so much in my short life.   You humans provide such love and compassion to your dog friends, and I have just never had a human care about me like my foster mom does.  Sadly, I can’t get too comfortable here – she is just giving me a much needed break from the shelter, and she is providing me the one thing I have never really experienced  – and that is L-O-V-E.  I will always be grateful to her for this chance at experiencing this sweet life and letting someone take care of me for once.  

I know a dog like me would benefit from some special training – it’s called Nothing in Life is Free (NILIF) – ever heard of it?  NILIF training would help me realize that you are my leader, you know what is best for me, and all I have to do is relax, listen to you, and follow your rules.  It would so ease my stress and uncertainty.  

Ahhhh, the perfect way to live – letting you ‘take the wheel’.  NILIF isn’t hard to understand or hard to implement in your home.  It is actually a pretty easy way to help any dog acclimate to a new environment and new family.   Wayside can help you learn more about NILIF, too.  My foster mom is working with me to help me understand the NILIF concepts.  Believe me, I’m smart, and I’m food motivated, so we can learn together how to help me be all that I can be.  

Would you give me a chance at a new life?  I’m blossoming now, and I so want to find a family to put my trust in and show me how special a loving relationship with humans can be.   I hope my story can touch just one person’s heart enough so I can find my forever home.  Please think about adopting me.

Love from Lilly

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