Feb 6 2019

Waif Wednesday

Happy Waif Wednesday! Meet our fabulous Waifs of the week: Budrow, Munchkin, and Helena. These three lovebugs can’t wait to find their forever homes!


Pleased to meet you! My name is Helena and I’m a sweet one-year-old gal with beautiful, brown fur. I came to Wayside after my last shelter ran out of space. Moving around has been a little scary but Wayside let me know that it won’t be long until I find my special people!

I can be a little shy when I first meet someone, but I warm up quickly. Once I’ve had some time to sniff out a new situation, I’ll wag my tail and give you so many kisses! I like treats and I take them very gently. I don’t know a whole lot of commands yet, but if you throw some treats my way, I promise I’ll learn quickly. This girl loves her treats!

I’m great at walking on a leash, so I’d love to spend some time outside with you! We could go for a walk around the neighborhood – maybe even a run if you can handle it! – or check out a cool park. I’m up for anything as long as we’re together. I think I’d love to have a dog friend at home, but I’ll have to meet any other pups you have before I come home with you. I think it would be great if you brought them with you to meet me.

If I sound like the perfect pup for you, please come to Wayside and ask to meet me! I think we’ll make a great team!

You can watch a cool video about me here!

Love, Helena



Meow! I’m Munchkin. I’m a loving eight-year-old gal looking for my forever home. I came to Wayside after I was found as a stray right after New Year’s. You can imagine how cold and lonely I was out there on my own, but my friends here at Wayside have given me a warm temporary home!

I love attention, and I’ll always make sure you remember that. If I’m not busy, I’ll sit on your books while you’re reading, I’ll sit in your lap while you’re watching TV, and I’ll sit and watch you sweep when you’re cleaning. You’ll wonder how you ever managed without me!

I might be a senior gal, but don’t let my age fool you! I love playing and running around, especially when toys are involved. In fact, I like to carefully plan out my attacks when playing with toys. I’m a smart cookie, and I know what those toys are thinking! Wands are my favorite, but I can play with anything.

If I sound like the perfect kitty for you, come to Wayside to meet me!

Love, Munchkin


Hi there! My name is Budrow, and I’m a handsome one-and-a-half-year-old fellow who is full of youth and energy! I was transferred here from another shelter when they ran out of space, but boy am I glad to be at Wayside where I know I will find my forever home!

It may take me a little time to warm up to you, so please don’t let that overshadow my goofy personality. I just need some time to get to know you, like you will do with me. If you have any yummy treats or call me by my name, I’ll be sure to warm up to you!

I will need a lot of fun and daily exercise, so if this sounds like something you can keep up with, I’m sure we will be hooked at the hip! I prefer not to share my love for you, so I would like to be the only dog, and because I am so strong and full of excitement, I may do best in a home with no children under 5 for now.

If you are looking for a fun and goofy dog who will give you unconditional love, please come visit me at Wayside Waifs!

You can watch a cool video about me here!

Love, Budrow

Come meet our adoptable waifs during adoption hours!

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Feb 6 2019

Wintery weather and your dog’s dry skin: How to help

Winter weather in the Midwest has always been unpredictable, but most of us are usually prepared for low temperatures, dry air, and extreme winds. Last week brought a vortex of arctic temperatures straight from the North Pole to Kansas City, creating dangerous conditions for both humans and animals. These temperatures didn’t last long, but precautions advised for maintaining your dog’s health in extreme cold should be followed until Spring arrives, particularly when it comes to dry skin.

Human skin and dog skin act similarly in winter in terms of how the weather can affect the skin’s moisture. Too much exposure to dry, cold air may inhibit the skin’s ability to produce enough natural oils and bacteria to keep it moisturized, soft, and comfortable. This is true for both humans and dogs. We as humans tend to stock up on intense moisturizers, organic oils, and other remedies for combatting dry winter skin, but your dog may need some relief, too.

Dry dog skin is more difficult to spot than dry human skin, especially if your dog has a thick coat. Make sure to sift through your dog’s coat in search of dandruff-like flakes, flaky bumps, and dry spots with hair loss.

Your dog’s dry skin might look like this:

You could also be tipped off by your dog excessively licking, scratching, or picking at dry, uncomfortable areas of their skin, which, over time, could make the issue worse. If the issue seems severe, don’t hesitate to consult your veterinarian.

For more mild cases, the most immediate solution is brushing or combing your dog’s coat to relieve itchy, dry areas while getting rid of visible dry flakes. While temporary, this could prevent your dog from feeling the urge to scratch or lick too much while restoring some comfort. Soft, regular brushing also helps stimulate dry hair follicles and sebum glands, pushing the skin to create more of its own moisture.

Like human skin, dog skin sometimes needs extra topical moisture. Unlike human skin, your Bath & Body Works products might not be the best solution for your dog’s dry skin. If you’re drawn to more natural, holistic solutions for your dog’s health issues, consider applying small amounts of natural topicals to their skin, like organic coconut oil or similar products.

If you think your dog might be prone to dry skin, there are some precautions you can take to potentially avoid it.

Bathing and grooming dogs in the winter can result in or worsen existing dry skin due to common shampoos’ tendency to strip skin of the natural oils that keep it moisturized. If possible, avoid bathing or grooming your dog during the winter, particularly during especially frigid times of the season. If you must bathe your dog, use a moisturizing shampoo with ingredients like aloe vera, coconut oil, shea butter, and oatmeal followed by conditioner. If you’re into homemade solutions, consider making your own 100% organic shampoo. Just make sure you’re getting your ingredient lists from trustworthy sources.

Diet also plays a big role in the health of your dog’s skin. Ensure that your pup has plenty of water, because, as we all know, the most important source of moisture for the skin is water intake – and lots of it. You might also consider using a humidifier indoors to rid your dog’s living area of dry winter air, especially if you live in an older home.

Like always, aim for a nutritionally balanced diet for your dog. If your dog’s dry skin becomes unbearable, consider talking with your veterinarian about dietary supplements that could be added to your dog’s daily routine, including omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acid supplements. Your dog should already be receiving the recommended daily dose of these supplements through their food, but if superficial fixes for their dry skin are failing, an increased dosage could help. Increased omega-3 and omega-6 intake can also be achieved by adding new treats that contain healthy fats without junky additives to your dog’s diet. Through consulting your veterinarian you might also find that your dog has allergies or other sensitivities that might be contributing to their dry or irritable skin. If this is the case, follow any prescribed regimens.

When in doubt, your veterinarian is your most reliable source. If you suspect that your dog’s dry skin might be more than just that – an infection, allergic reaction, ringworm, or other issues – give your vet a call. But for winter-induced dry, itchy skin, a holistic approach often does the trick.

Come meet our adoptable waifs during adoption hours!

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  • Sunday: 10am-5pm

Written by Annie B.

Dec 12 2018

Letter from the intern: Why you should work at Wayside Waifs

Walking in to this internship opportunity at Wayside Waifs, you have an idea of what it is going to be like. As you walk out, you leave with more knowledge, passion and confidence that you could ever imagine earning in what turns out to be not enough time.

Within a matter of months, you will grow even more as a fond animal-lover, teammate and expert in your area of study. From the first day you set foot inside Wayside, you will be welcomed into the organization with open arms, warm smiles and large hearts from everyone in all departments. No matter where your internship is (Donor Relations, Veterinary Clinic, Humane Education or Animal Welfare), you will feel the sense of unity and passion in every ounce of the building. You will make connections with staff and volunteers that will make this experience something you will never forget. Wayside Waifs is a place where you can watch yourself grow in your career of choice, and there will always be people there to help show you the way.

Of course, one of the best perks about an internship here is cuddling and hanging out with the cutest, most well-deserving animals you will ever meet. You will get attached to their personalities, admire their stories and smile as they walk out of the door alongside their forever families. You may even take one home yourself. All of the sudden, you realize why you are doing what you are doing. And that is to help find these babies the caring and loving homes they have dreamt of every day of their entire lives.

Here are 10 things to bring with you every day as you come in to work:

  1. Passion
  2. Drive
  3. Generosity
  4. Skill
  5. Love
  6. Inspiration
  7. Confidence
  8. Honor
  9. An open mind
  10. Room for growth

Nobody is perfect, just like no animal is perfect. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes because there will always be a learning opportunity present. Please let this internship take you places you didn’t think you’d go, and remember to have fun while you are doing it. Share your love for Wayside even you’re gone.

Written by Cierra H.

Dec 12 2018

Waif Wednesday

Happy Waif Wednesday! Please meet our wonderful Waifs of the Week: Easton, Peanut and Rocky! These three boys are more than ready to finally meet their fur-ever families!


Hi, I’m Easton! I am a cute 2 year old pup that has a lot of energy! It will take some time for me to learn some obedience and understand what is expected of me. Give me a chance, we will have a lot of fun! I will need lots of daily exercise and I would really like to go to class with other pups to learn how to be a great, smart dog!

I love people and get really excited. Sometimes I jump, so older kids would be great for me to play with! I will walk on leash with minimal jumping and pulling. Throw me some treats and take me on walks and I will be your best friend!

Won’t you come visit me today?! I can’t wait to meet you and your family!

Woof, Easton


Thanks for reading about me! My name is Peanut, and I’m one of the cutest and sweetest girls at Wayside. I’m a super soft, dainty kitty with gorgeous green eyes, an adorable face and a gentle spirit. I am front-declawed, so I must have an indoor-only lifestyle.

I’m a very friendly, affectionate girl. I love to snuggle up in a warm lap, and I will show my appreciation with my lovely, soft purr.

You might have noticed that I am 9 years old. That is just barely middle age for a cat. If you take good care of me, we can plan on enjoying many happy, healthy years together.

I just know that the rest of my life will be the best of my life. Maybe we can spend it together?

Love, Peanut



Hey there! I’m Rocky! I was transferred from another shelter when they ran out of space for me. But that’s okay, ‘cause I know I’m one step closer to finding my forever family.

When I first came to Wayside, I was a little stressed and scared and was hesitant to try new things. But guess what? Now I’m feeling pretty comfortable and am showing my affectionate, playful side! I love interacting with people and am always on the lookout for some pets or ear scratches. I really like playing with other dogs too – I’m bouncy and will play bow whenever I see another pooch. Do you have a dog at home who needs a new playmate? I think that would be super! But I’m totally okay if you want me to be your one and only.

I’m a treat-motivated boy, and I’m hoping my new peeps will take some time to teach me commands. I’m such a fun-loving guy, and I can’t wait to meet my family and get the adventure started. Please come meet me soon!



You can meet all of our adoptable Waifs during our adoption hours!

  • Monday: CLOSED
  • Tuesday: Noon-8pm
  • Wednesday: Noon-8pm
  • Thursday: Noon-8pm
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  • Sunday: 10am-5pm

Dec 5 2018

Waif Wednesday

Happy Waif Wednesday! Here are three outstanding and adorable animals ready to find their forever homes! Our Waifs of the Week are Rhodey, Whiskers and Conner!


Well hi there!  My name’s Rhodey, and I’m so glad you decided to stop and read about me.  I was wandering around town all by myself when a nice stranger picked me up and brought me to Wayside.  It sure feels good to be safe and warm and properly fed every day, but I’m really hoping to find a home of my own very soon.

You should know that I enjoy snuggling with people.  One of the volunteers here calls me “an absolute sweetheart,” and you shouldn’t be surprised if I lay my head in your lap or even on your chest.  I just have so much love to give!  But there’s more to me than just cuddles.  I’m also good on a leash and as you can tell from one of my pictures, I love to run around outside too.  Even though nobody’s taken the time before to give me any training, I’m learning quickly and already know the command “sit.”  If you give me the time and attention and throw some yummy treats my way, I’ll be ready to learn all the house rules in no time.

So what do you say?  Do I sound like your kind of guy?  I hope you’ll come to Wayside soon to meet me in the flesh!  Be sure to bring any other canine kids along with you so we can make sure we all get along.

I can’t wait to meet you!



Hello there! My name is Whiskers, and I’m a stunning, classic tortie (tortoiseshell) girl with large, expressive golden eyes. I came to Wayside as a stray. (Can you believe someone let a gorgeous girl like me get away?)

I’m a sweet, friendly kitty who adores being petted. I especially love being scratched on the top of my head. Awww … that feels like heaven! I also love almost any kind of treats. (Hint, hint!)

I’m so thankful to be here at Wayside, warm and well fed. But what I’m really dreaming of this holiday season is a home and family of my very own.

Maybe you are dreaming of finding a sweet, beautiful forever friend? If so, we might be a purrfect match!

Love, Whiskers


Hi there! My name’s Conner, and I’m so happy you stopped to read about me!

I’m a friendly boy who just loves people so much. Do you like giving pets? Then, you’re in luck, ’cause I like getting them! I’m a pretty high energy guy, so I’m hoping to find a home that can give me lots of attention and exercise. I think it would be so cool to go to training together. I like treats, and I’m super eager to learn commands like “sit” and “come” and all kinds of other doggie manners. Would you like to take the time to teach me? In return, I promise I’ll love you with everything I’ve got!

Oooh I hope you come to meet me soon! And if you’ve got other pooches at home, be sure to bring them along too. I just want to make sure we all get along great.

Wags and kisses,



You can meet all of our adoptable Waifs during our adoption hours!

  • Monday: CLOSED
  • Tuesday: Noon-8pm
  • Wednesday: Noon-8pm
  • Thursday: Noon-8pm
  • Friday: Noon-8pm
  • Saturday: 10am-5pm (Stop by for our annual Holiday Open House adoption event!)
  • Sunday: 10am-5pm

Nov 29 2018

Long-Term Residents: Budrow and Noelle

A long-term resident at Wayside is an animal who has been in our care for more than 30 days and hasn’t quite met their forever family yet. Some animals have well surpassed the 30 day mark and are ready to blossom in their new home next to the people they love. We like to shine the spotlight on some animals who we know will make their families very happy someday.

Our two long-term resident dogs this month are the one… The only… Budrow and Noelle!


Budrow has been a part of our Wayside family for 204 days in counting. He is almost 2 years old with a lifetime of love ahead of hime! He is a goofy, loving, energetic boy ready to bring loads of happiness to the lives of his forever family!

When he first came to us in May, he was significantly fearful of people. He is still working on warming up to people with proper introductions, but we have seen a great change in him since he first arrived. He absolutely adores his Waif Watcher Candy and loves going on field trips with her outside of the shelter.

Budrow has a lot of energy and is very playful! He is quite the character when he is prancing around and playing with his toys. When he is playing, sometimes he gets too excited and you might have to redirect his behavior to a calmer state. He makes sure to always put a smile on our staff and volunteers’ faces everyday with his silly, funny antics!

Since he can still be leery of strangers, it is important that his adopter give him some time to warm up to them and his new house. It is because of this and his high energy level that for now, it is not ideal for him to go home with any children under 5 or other dogs. Adopters are encouraged to continue slowly socializing Budrow with humans and dogs so he can overcome his fears.

He is a great dog with a lot of potential, and we know his forever family will be coming his way soon, hopefully before the holidays! If you or anyone you think you could be a perfect match for Budrow, or his story has touched your heart in any way, please do not hesitate to come meet him! He would love that very much.

Learn more about Budrow by watching his video!

“If you are looking for a fun and goofy dog who will give you unconditional love, please come visit me at Wayside Waifs!” -Budrow



Noelle has been a part of our family for 152 days in counting. She is 10 and a half years young and capable of so much more love to give. She is full of adventure and play, loves to go on walks and is a friendly, relaxed girl.

She arrived at Wayside in late June, and she was anxious of her new surroundings. She was very friendly with people, but you could tell she has gone through a lot in her lifetime. She never let any of that get her down and always has a smile on her face!

Social. Affectionate. Frisky. Cuddly. These are all wonderful qualities her foster mom had to say about Noelle. She gets to go visit news or radio stations with our staff because she is such a happy, sweet girl. Everyone loves her!

She is still working on mastering potty training, but that is something every dog learns with time and consistency. She may get stiff here and there with her arthritis, but that doesn’t stop her from being the playful, fun girl she is at heart! She prefers to be the only dog in the house because she just won’t be able to get enough of her human!

Please help us in finding her forever home, whether that be with you or someone you know. She is more than ready to find her forever family! When you visit her at Wayside, be prepared to fall in love.

Learn more about Noelle through watching her video!

“It doesn’t take much to make me happy. All I want in life is to be your dog.” -Noelle


You can meet Budrow, Noelle and all other adoptable Waifs during our adoption hours!

  • Monday: CLOSED
  • Tuesday: Noon-8pm
  • Wednesday: Noon-8pm
  • Thursday: Noon-8pm
  • Friday: Noon-8pm
  • Saturday: 10am-5pm
  • Sunday: 10am-5pm

Written by Cierra H.

Nov 28 2018

Waif Wednesday

It is Waif Wednesday, and these three incredible animals are ready to share their stories with you to help find their forever homes! Please welcome our Waifs of the Week: Sparkles, Knox and Mama!


Hello there, my name is Sparkles!

I am a 1 year old girl here at Wayside looking for my furever home. I have lots of energy to play with you all day! I love attention and making new friends. I am very treat motivated and already know “sit” , “wait” and just learned a wonderful new Command “Out” which is like a drop it or leave it command.  I am VERY smart and willing to learn from you!

I get excited to go on leash walks but have done well learning my skills.  I am not hard to handle and re-direct and focus well on the person on the other end of the leash.

When you come and meet me, be sure to bring the whole family including children and canine friends, to ensure we are a perfect fit.

Ask a Wayside staff member to meet me today!

Love and tail wags, Sparkles


Hi there, I’m Knox!  I’m such a sweet boy!  I love to soak up all the attention you give me and I promise to make you feel relaxed and peaceful when you hear my steady purr.  I’m fun, friendly, and playful, yet quiet and unassuming and chilled.  I’m the perfect combination of everything you’re looking for in a kitty.  And I can’t wait to be all yours!

I’m a handsome, 10 year old, 11 pound, green-eyed fella with velvety soft gray fur.  My chiseled face turns heads, but my sweet personality wins hearts.  I came to Wayside last summer as a lonely stray. I was so thankful to be safe and cared for, but I had painful issues with my teeth and inflammation of my mouth.  It’s called ‘Stomatitis’ and the treatment for it is removal of the teeth.  I know that sounds scary, but I feel so much better now!  It’s remarkable how all-consuming pain can be and my whole outlook on life changed when the pain went away.  Not having teeth hasn’t bothered me one bit!  And the best part is that I’ve been able to relax and recuperate from my surgery in a loving foster home.  My foster mom was just what I needed and I have never felt better in my whole life than I do right now.

Foster Mom says having me around is a joy.  I’m a sweet, gentle guy who enjoys attention and affection. I love it when Foster Mom pets me and lets me cuddle with her.  I can be just a little shy when I first meet new people, so I hide and check them out from a distance.  But then I quickly warm up, if you speak softly to me and stay gentle and patient.  Before you know it, I’m your best buddy and constant companion.  I’m very well behaved in the house and I’m fully trained at using my litter box.  Like many cats who have spent time on the streets, I am FIV-positive. It’s no big deal; it just means that my immune system is somewhat compromised, so it’s extra important that I have an indoors-only lifestyle, good food, and regular veterinary care.  I hope you don’t mind providing that for me!  I promise to pay you back in an abundance of love.

I know I’m listed as a senior cat, but let me assure you; I have so much more life to live and love to give.  In some ways, I feel like my life is just beginning!  I’m safe, I’m getting excellent care, I’m living in the foster home of my dreams, and I know that any day you’re going to walk through that door and become my forever family.  That will be the best day of all!  Please, I need you and I’m waiting for you now.

Love, Knox


Hi there, my name is Mama!

I just traveled here from out of state when my last place needed more room.  That is good news though because the nice people here are going to help me find a wonderful family to love.

When I first got here, I was unsure about where I was and pretty shy.  It took me a few days to understand that all the staff and volunteers wanted to help me gain my confidence and started out low and slow on all their movements so I could get to know them at my own pace.  I have started to really open up and like pets and ear rubs, but please know it may take a few days for me to settle in.

I also have enjoyed meeting new dog friend here.  I like their company and we have fun together.  Another thing I have  just started doing is playing with toys!  I am pretty smart, I even go to the toy box and get my favorite toys out all by myself.

They did find out that I have those yucky things called Heartworms but they will be taking care of all that for me.  I will just need lots of couch cuddles, bed snuggles and slow walks while I am going through that process.  Then once that is done you can show me off all around town.

I sure hope you will come meet me soon, bring the whole family (dogs too).  I will be here watching for you with tail wagging, and my unique one ear up and one down.

Love, Mama


You can visit all of our adoptable Waifs during our adoptions hours:

  • Monday: CLOSED
  • Tuesday: Noon-8pm
  • Wednesday: Noon-8pm
  • Thursday: Noon-8pm
  • Friday: Noon-8pm
  • Saturday: 10am-5pm
  • Sunday: 10am-5pm

Nov 21 2018

Waif Wednesday

We hope everyone is preparing for a delicious and full-of-love Thanksgiving, but it’s not too late to add a well-deserving member to the family before the holiday begins! Here are three thankful Waifs who would love to spend the holidays (and the rest of their lives) beside their forever families. Our Waifs of the Week are: Otger, Ginger and Durango!

***Congrrrats to Durango for already finding his forever home this week!***


I know what you’re thinking… “Wow, who, WHO is this Hunk a Burnin’ Love?” Right??? Otger’s the name and smooshy-faced kisses are my game!!

If you’re looking for a couch potato, I can play that role but I’m not a 24-hour lounge fest. I need exercise! I need fun! I need to use my brain! I’m so super smart. I know sit, look, down and target and I’m eager to learn so much more.

I’m big and strong but if I get my exercise, I’m a dream. I’m fabulous on leash and love to stop and sniff with my big wide nose. Kids are cute but I often forget how big I am so I can’t go home with little ones.  I dont want to knock anyone over, you know!

I like other dogs but they don’t all love me—I’m a lot, after all! Bring them to Wayside and your pooch and I can decide if it’s a good fit.

To summarize, I need the following: Butt rubs. Toys. Walks and romps. Maybe a canine buddy? Love and understanding.

See you soon—Otger


Thanks for reading about me! My name is Ginger, and it suits me because I have lots of peppery red spots in my gorgeous calico coat. Oh, and I’m a sweet girl with just a little sass and spice!

I’m a friendly, confident kitty. When you first meet me, I will probably climb up on your lap. I might not stay there for long, though. You see, I am a curious girl, and there are just too many fascinating things to see and do! My favorite thing at Wayside is to hang out in the sunroom. There’s so much to see from the windows, like birds and squirrels. I sure hope my new home has a nice window I can watch the world from!

I absolutely adore giving and receiving attention, and I’m keeping my paws crossed for a special person or people to spend my days and nights with. I promise to bring plenty of warm, sweet spice to your life!

Love, Ginger


Hey there, my name is Durango!

I found myself on a transport vehicle and arrived here at Wayside a few days ago.  I am very happy to be here because the people are so nice and they tell me with my stunning looks I will find my hero soon!

I am 8 years old and full of life.  I weigh about 65 pounds and am a gentle soul.  I am calm, mild mannered and easy to walk on a leash…I mean that is pretty awesome right!!

I don’t know any commands but am not jumpy or anything so you can teach me some things like sit with those yummy treats and I will be forever grateful.  I am looking for my retirement villa and pampering, can you be the one to help me with that?  I sure hope so!

Please come meet and pet me soon.  Bring the whole family (dogs, too)

I will be right here waiting for you…

Love always, Durango


You can visit all of our adoptable Waifs during our adoptions hours:

  • Monday: CLOSED
  • Tuesday: Noon-8pm
  • Wednesday: Noon-8pm
  • Thursday: Noon-8pm
  • Friday: Noon-8pm
  • Saturday: 10am-5pm
  • Sunday: 10am-5pm

Nov 20 2018

Spoil the fur babies for Christmas! Learn more about Petco’s 2018 Black Friday deals

Have your fur babies been naughty or nice this year? Does it really matter? Once they give us those sweet, innocent eyes, game’s over! With Black Friday just a few days away, we thought you might like to learn about some of Petco’s amazing deals (with Pals Rewards membership) that you can’t pass up!

Overflow their stockings with fun toys. Stock up on your favorite brand of food. Oh, and we can’t forget about the delicious treats that fill their hearts and bellies with joy!

While you are out shopping, please keep in mind that there are some wonderful animals out there who won’t spend Christmas with their forever families this year. Our Waifs would love it so much if you would consider donating items off of our wish list to help light up their holiday here in the shelter!

A few examples of items our Waifs are always in need of are: blankets/towels, crates (all sizes), food (dry or canned), treats, peanut butter, toys, cat scratchers, kitty litter, puppy pads, paper towels and bedding for small animals. Visit our wish list to learn about other items that would help tremendously.

Now, for the moment you have all been waiting for… DEALS!



  • Buy one, get one 1/2 off
    • Dry- large bag
      • WholeEarth Farms
      • WholeHearted
    • Dry- small bag
      • Canidae
      • Eukanuba
      • Nitro Ultra
      • Solid Gold
      • Tiki
      • Wild Frontier
    • Canned
      • BLUE Life Protection Formula
      • WholeHearted


  • Buy one, get one FREE dog treats and chews
    • Better Belly
    • Crazy Dog Training Treats
    • Nylabone
    • Pet Botanics
    • Plato
    • Smart Bones
    • True Chews
    • WholeHearted
  • Greenies Dental Dog Treats
    • Candy canes
    • Holiday packs
    • 12 oz. bags
  • 50% off Dog Treat Bar


  • 50% off all You & Me dog beds
  • 40% off Harmony dog beds
  • 50% off You & Me crates


  • 40% off Nerf dog toys
  • 50% Holiday Tails Collection


  • 25% off thunder shirt claming vests
  • $14.99 potty pads
  • $50 reward dollars when you sign up for certain dog training classes



  •  50% off
    • Dry
      • Canidae
      • Instinct
      • Nutro
      • WholeHearted
    • Canned
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Visit Petco to view more deals for Black Friday 2018! We hope Santa brings your fur babies and our Waifs everything they wished for and more!

Written by Cierra H.

Nov 14 2018

Waif Wednesday

On Wednesdays, we like to highlight some amazing animals ready for their forever homes. This week, our special Waifs of the Week are Dozer, Rootbeer and Beau! Please take the time to get to know more about these three boys to help them find their forever families.


Thanks so much for reading about me! My name is Dozer and I’m a handsome fella with gorgeous brown eyes and brindle-patterned fur. I’m about six years old and I think that’s a perfect age. I’m no longer a pesky puppy but I’ve still got plenty of pep in my step!

I originally came to Wayside when my last shelter ran out of space. Being the new pup in town has been a little scary but everyone here is so nice. I just know it won’t take long to find my forever family!

Let’s get to the interesting stuff, shall we? My friends here describe me as a “calm and well-mannered boy”. I’m smart too! I know “Sit” and if you throw a few treats my way, I know we can learn even more things together! I’m friendly and I like to meet new people. I’ll greet with kisses and tail wags. I also do pretty well on a leash. Let’s go check out a park or a trail together! There’s so much to see and smell!

Before going home, I’d like to meet your resident canines. I just want to make sure we’re a good fit for each other.

If you’re looking for a life-long best friend, look no further! Come to Wayside and ask to meet me. I’ll be waiting!

Love, Dozer


Thanks for clicking on my mug! My name is Rootbeer. I’m not sure why, but it’s probably because I am sweet and have such pretty brownish eyes. I’m a white kitty with large black spots, sort of like a miniature Holstein cow. But I don’t moo! Oh, and I have just about the cutest, pinkest little nose you’ve ever seen.

I came to Wayside as a stray. I can’t put into human words what my life was like on the streets, but I am pretty shy. When I first got here, I hardly wanted to interact with humans at all. In fact, they were talking about making me a barn cat. But you know what? Wayside’s wonderful staff and volunteers spent a lot of time with me, and I started to realize how much I enjoy receiving attention and affection from humans. In fact, I start purring the moment you touch me. I discovered I really love being petted, especially on my head. Ahhh … that feels like heaven!

Because I am a quiet, shy kitty, it might take just a little time to get to know me. But I am so worth it! I promise you my heart, my love, my loyalty and best friendship for life. Does that sound good to you?

Love, Rootbeer


Woof! Hi there! My name is Beau, and what can I say? I’m pretty handsome right?  I’m a charming 1 year-old fella looking for my fur-ever home. Everyone here at Wayside is so nice but I know I’m ready to find my family soon!

I am a very energetic and goofy boy! I need a home that will let me warm up to them so that I can love them forever! I love playing with toys, and I love games like fetch and tug-of-war! I’m a friendly boy and I’m toy and treat motivated which is great because it will make training even easier! I already know the command “sit” and “shake” and “stay”  but I’d love to learn some more tricks and commands with you.

Think I could be your new best pal? Come into Wayside and ask to meet me today! I do request that you bring the whole family, including canine friends, to meet me. I want to make sure we’re all a good fit for each other.

I can’t wait to meet you.



You can visit all of our adoptable Waifs during our adoptions hours:

  • Monday: CLOSED
  • Tuesday: Noon-8pm
  • Wednesday: Noon-8pm
  • Thursday: Noon-8pm
  • Friday: Noon-8pm
  • Saturday: 10am-5pm
  • Sunday: 10am-5pm

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