Nov 20 2018

Spoil the fur babies for Christmas! Learn more about Petco’s 2018 Black Friday deals

Have your fur babies been naughty or nice this year? Does it really matter? Once they give us those sweet, innocent eyes, game’s over! With Black Friday just a few days away, we thought you might like to learn about some of Petco’s amazing deals (with Pals Rewards membership) that you can’t pass up!

Overflow their stockings with fun toys. Stock up on your favorite brand of food. Oh, and we can’t forget about the delicious treats that fill their hearts and bellies with joy!

While you are out shopping, please keep in mind that there are some wonderful animals out there who won’t spend Christmas with their forever families this year. Our Waifs would love it so much if you would consider donating items off of our wish list to help light up their holiday here in the shelter!

A few examples of items our Waifs are always in need of are: blankets/towels, crates (all sizes), food (dry or canned), treats, peanut butter, toys, cat scratchers, kitty litter, puppy pads, paper towels and bedding for small animals. Visit our wish list to learn about other items that would help tremendously.

Now, for the moment you have all been waiting for… DEALS!



  • Buy one, get one 1/2 off
    • Dry- large bag
      • WholeEarth Farms
      • WholeHearted
    • Dry- small bag
      • Canidae
      • Eukanuba
      • Nitro Ultra
      • Solid Gold
      • Tiki
      • Wild Frontier
    • Canned
      • BLUE Life Protection Formula
      • WholeHearted


  • Buy one, get one FREE dog treats and chews
    • Better Belly
    • Crazy Dog Training Treats
    • Nylabone
    • Pet Botanics
    • Plato
    • Smart Bones
    • True Chews
    • WholeHearted
  • Greenies Dental Dog Treats
    • Candy canes
    • Holiday packs
    • 12 oz. bags
  • 50% off Dog Treat Bar


  • 50% off all You & Me dog beds
  • 40% off Harmony dog beds
  • 50% off You & Me crates


  • 40% off Nerf dog toys
  • 50% Holiday Tails Collection


  • 25% off thunder shirt claming vests
  • $14.99 potty pads
  • $50 reward dollars when you sign up for certain dog training classes



  •  50% off
    • Dry
      • Canidae
      • Instinct
      • Nutro
      • WholeHearted
    • Canned
      • BFF
      • Nutro
      • Soulistic
      • Tiki Cat
      • WholeHearted
  • $7 off Blue Wilderness cat food


  • Buy one, get one FREE cat treats
    • Applaws
    • Pet Greens Live Cat Grass
    • PureBites
    • Temptations


  • 50% off You & Me cat poufs


  •  $6.99 So Phresh
  • $5 off Fresh Step
  • $7.99 Arm & Hammer


  • 50% off cat furniture
    • You & Me
    • Vesper V-High


  • %50 off Aqueon aquarium and reptile starter kits
  • Buy one, get one FREE CareFresh small animal bedding

Visit Petco to view more deals for Black Friday 2018! We hope Santa brings your fur babies and our Waifs everything they wished for and more!

Written by Cierra H.

Nov 14 2018

Waif Wednesday

On Wednesdays, we like to highlight some amazing animals ready for their forever homes. This week, our special Waifs of the Week are Dozer, Rootbeer and Beau! Please take the time to get to know more about these three boys to help them find their forever families.


Thanks so much for reading about me! My name is Dozer and I’m a handsome fella with gorgeous brown eyes and brindle-patterned fur. I’m about six years old and I think that’s a perfect age. I’m no longer a pesky puppy but I’ve still got plenty of pep in my step!

I originally came to Wayside when my last shelter ran out of space. Being the new pup in town has been a little scary but everyone here is so nice. I just know it won’t take long to find my forever family!

Let’s get to the interesting stuff, shall we? My friends here describe me as a “calm and well-mannered boy”. I’m smart too! I know “Sit” and if you throw a few treats my way, I know we can learn even more things together! I’m friendly and I like to meet new people. I’ll greet with kisses and tail wags. I also do pretty well on a leash. Let’s go check out a park or a trail together! There’s so much to see and smell!

Before going home, I’d like to meet your resident canines. I just want to make sure we’re a good fit for each other.

If you’re looking for a life-long best friend, look no further! Come to Wayside and ask to meet me. I’ll be waiting!

Love, Dozer


Thanks for clicking on my mug! My name is Rootbeer. I’m not sure why, but it’s probably because I am sweet and have such pretty brownish eyes. I’m a white kitty with large black spots, sort of like a miniature Holstein cow. But I don’t moo! Oh, and I have just about the cutest, pinkest little nose you’ve ever seen.

I came to Wayside as a stray. I can’t put into human words what my life was like on the streets, but I am pretty shy. When I first got here, I hardly wanted to interact with humans at all. In fact, they were talking about making me a barn cat. But you know what? Wayside’s wonderful staff and volunteers spent a lot of time with me, and I started to realize how much I enjoy receiving attention and affection from humans. In fact, I start purring the moment you touch me. I discovered I really love being petted, especially on my head. Ahhh … that feels like heaven!

Because I am a quiet, shy kitty, it might take just a little time to get to know me. But I am so worth it! I promise you my heart, my love, my loyalty and best friendship for life. Does that sound good to you?

Love, Rootbeer


Woof! Hi there! My name is Beau, and what can I say? I’m pretty handsome right?  I’m a charming 1 year-old fella looking for my fur-ever home. Everyone here at Wayside is so nice but I know I’m ready to find my family soon!

I am a very energetic and goofy boy! I need a home that will let me warm up to them so that I can love them forever! I love playing with toys, and I love games like fetch and tug-of-war! I’m a friendly boy and I’m toy and treat motivated which is great because it will make training even easier! I already know the command “sit” and “shake” and “stay”  but I’d love to learn some more tricks and commands with you.

Think I could be your new best pal? Come into Wayside and ask to meet me today! I do request that you bring the whole family, including canine friends, to meet me. I want to make sure we’re all a good fit for each other.

I can’t wait to meet you.



You can visit all of our adoptable Waifs during our adoptions hours:

  • Monday: CLOSED
  • Tuesday: Noon-8pm
  • Wednesday: Noon-8pm
  • Thursday: Noon-8pm
  • Friday: Noon-8pm
  • Saturday: 10am-5pm
  • Sunday: 10am-5pm

Nov 13 2018

Winter is arriving early: Tips for keeping your pet safe and warm

Dropping temperatures and snowflakes are already making their debut this early in November, so let’s beat the cold and take early precautions in keeping your pets safe this winter! It is easy for people to throw on big, fluffy coats and a pair of gloves to keep us warm, but animals need a little bit more protection from the winter weather. Here are some tips to help keep your pet safe and cozy during this frigid time of year:

1. Keep your pets inside. Limit your pet’s outside time for bathroom breaks when temperatures start to tumble. If it’s too cold for you, it’s definitely too cold for your pet. If your pet is normally stays outside, move them to a sheltered garage or heated dog house, away from the wind.

2. Outdoor cats have been known to find refuge underneath the hoods of cars. When the car starts, the cat could become injured or even killed by moving parts of the engine. If you have an outdoor cat, open up the hood or honk the horn before starting the car to give the cat a chance to escape.

3. Keep your dog on a leash in the winter weather. Pets can lose their scent in the snow and ice and find refuge in unfamiliar places. This is also a good opportunity to check your dog or cat’s id tag to make sure they have the most current contact information in case your pet becomes lost or stolen. We also recommend mircrochipping your pet. More pets are lost during the winter than any other time of the year.

4. When getting your pet groomed, don’t have their hair shaved down to the skin – a longer coat will provide more warmth and protects them from the brutally cold weather. If you give your dog a bath, make sure to completely dry them before taking them outside. For short-haired breeds, put them in a warm sweater with a high collar that gives the pet coverage from the base of their tail to the belly.

5. Make sure to keep a dry towel near the door when you bring in your dogs from being outside. Thoroughly dry their paws, legs and belly. They can pick up bits of salt, antifreeze and other lethal chemicals from being outside. It can also be painful for the animal to have clumps of ice tangled in their fur or lodged in between the pads of their feet, which can cause a dog’s paws to bleed. This is also a good opportunity to give them some extra love and praise them for good outdoor behavior.

6. Never leave your pet alone in a vehicle. The vehicle can act as a refrigerator, keeping the cold inside and causing your pet to freeze to death.

7. If your pet spends a lot of time playing outside, increase his food supply. Make sure to include extra protein to help keep his fur in great shape.

8. Coolant and antifreeze are lethal for cats and dogs. If you have any spills in your garage or driveway, make sure to clean them thoroughly and right away. Stay away from products that use ethylene glycol. If your pet should ingest any of these products, contact your veterinarian immediately.

9. Rock salt is also dangerous for pets. Invest in a pet-safe ice melt like Soft Paws, which is available for sale at Wayside Waifs.

10. Give your pet a warm place to sleep. Make sure beds are located away from doors and drafts. Warm blankets or a large pillow are great.

With all of these tips combined, your pet should be safe and comfortable during these next four or five months. Winter is off to an early start, and we hope everyone, two-legged and four-legged, has a safe winter and stays warm – don’t forget to snuggle with your furry friends!

 Written by Cierra H.

Nov 7 2018

Waif Wednesday

Here is another group of well-deserving, amazing Waifs ready to find their forever homes! Our Waifs of the Week are Knyla, Curry and KC! Happy Wednesday everyone!


Hi! Thank you so much for wanting to get to know more about me. I already cannot wait to meet you! Well, let’s get to the good stuff! My name is Knyla, and I am 6 years old and full of life! I have gorgeous green eyes waiting to make you fall in love with me!

I am very thankful to be at Wayside with amazing staff and volunteers, but I sure can’t wait to finally settle down with my forever family!

As you can tell, I am quite adorable and round! I am hoping to find an adopter who will help me maintain a good diet and give me plenty of exercise to help me maintain a healthy weight. If you whip out one of those feather wands, I can play for days!

I’m a sweet, friendly girl, but don’t get me wrong, everyone loves a little time to pamper themselves. My friends here at Wayside call me a sidekick. All in all, this just means I am plain, good company!

If you are in need of a steady companion to enjoy life with, look no further! You know where you can find me. I would love it sooo much if you paid me a visit because I know this will be the start of something amazing!

Love, Knyla


Hi there. My name is Curry and I am an awesome dog looking for a forever home. I am mostly tan in color, but have a white chest and white paws. I also have some beautiful golden eyes. I weigh about 40 pounds. I am a friendly fellow, but may be a little timid at first. However, I usually warm up pretty quickly and will give you kisses if you like. I’m a great leash walker who is usually chill and mellow on walks. I love my food and my treats and already know how to “sit”. I bet that I could learn some new commands as well, especially if you train me with some yummy treats.

Interested in meeting me? Come on up to Wayside and visit me. I can’t wait to meet my new family and see what my future holds!

Love and kisses, Curry


Hello there! I’m an adorable little kitten! I am a bundle of fun in a small package and I am so ready for a new family to call my own. Kittens are so much fun and boy do we love to play! I will need some work on training but we will have a lot of fun along the way. Being such a youngster I will definitely need both physical and mental stimulation to help me stay well rounded. Give me some fun and interactive toys in the mix and we will have the time of our lives! I think I should also tell you that I love to cuddle. Curl up with me and I will purr to show you just how happy I am; cuddles are my favorite! If you are looking for a new buddy to bring you smiles and cheer, come on out to Wayside Waifs and ask to meet me!


You can visit all of our adoptable Waifs during our adoption hours:

  • Monday: CLOSED
  • Tuesday: Noon-8pm
  • Wednesday: Noon-8pm
  • Thursday: Noon-8pm
  • Friday: Noon-8pm
  • Saturday: 10am-5pm
  • Sunday: 10am-5pm

Nov 6 2018

Introducing Pat: the Lap Cat

Pat was once a scared and anxious girl who hid every chance she could get. But now, she is a playful, sweet cat who makes herself at home on your lap. Our staff and volunteers at Wayside could not be more proud of her, and she continues to put a smile on our faces everyday.

Pat came to us in mid-July as a stray. After living outside on the street with probably little to no human interaction and struggling to survive, she was very unsure of how to react when she came to our shelter. She avoided all contact with humans and other cats for quite some time, hiding away in the cat fort our staff and volunteers built for her. We wanted to make this transition as smooth and comfortable for Pat as possible, so we could give her the care she needed. It was a big adjustment for her, but with love and time, she has finally learned how to be a cat.

We seen so much potential in her, and with that, we were not going to give up on her. With sweet talking, slow movements and gentle petting with a wand, Pat’s mistrust for humans slowly began to diminish. She was starting to come around on her own terms, and we did not want to force her to do something that could potentially erase all of the progress she had made. She would start to initiate head butts and rubbings against the wand – she was not quite ready to do this with humans, but she was showing signs of affection, which is something that she had never shown before. She was starting to gain curiosity but was still skittish when hearing loud noises or meeting new people.

Only staff and certain volunteers were able to interact with Pat, working on two major things: desensitization to human touch and meeting new people. Every day over the course of three months, they were in Pat’s room socializing with her, giving her breaks if she was telling them she had had enough. Baby steps were very important in helping Pat during this frightening time, but she was well worth the wait.

It was a stressful yet rewarding three months, and Pat is now ready for her forever home!

She is described as a quirky, sweet and fun cat who loves laying on your lap. She always wants to be right by your side and will now seek out people for affection. She is incredibly playful and will play until the sun comes up. Her favorite toys, the wand and ping pong balls, help her to relax and have fun. She is still not fond of being picked up, but this is something that will come with time and trust.

She will need a patient adopter who will understand that moving into a new place after she just got used to one will be scary. All of the progress she has made has been amazing, and we want Pat to be in a home with an understanding, patient and loving adopter(s) who will continue to work with her on being the best cat she can be. At Wayside, she has gotten braver and gained more confidence by the day, and everyone here is extremely proud of her. We cannot wait to see the happiness she will bring to her family’s life, and the joy they will give her in return. She has worked so hard for this moment, and she deserves every bit of it.

Please, if Pat’s story has touched your heart in any way, don’t hesitate to come meet her. She is the sweetest cat who is looking for a family to call her own. This could be that start of something truly amazing.

“I’ll be waiting for you. Here is an air hug in the meantime!” -Pat

You can visit Pat during our adoption hours:

  • Monday: CLOSED
  • Tuesday: Noon-8pm
  • Wednesday: Noon-8pm
  • Thursday: Noon-8pm
  • Friday: Noon-8pm
  • Saturday: 10am-5pm
  • Sunday: 10am-5pm

Written by Cierra H.

Oct 31 2018

Waif Wednesday

Please join us in welcoming our handsome Waifs of the Week: Gabe, William Willow and Simba! These three boys are ready to steal your hearts and hold on to them forever!


Hey, hey, hey!  Gabe here!  I’m a goofy and energetic boy who’s looking for a family who likes to have fun!  I’ve got a beautiful chocolate coat and the most gorgeous golden eyes you’ll ever see.

I am a super smart guy who loves to learn and picks up on things very quickly.  I’m so hoping to find a household that will continue my training and give me lots of mental stimulation and exercise.  Are you a runner?  Well, you’re in luck, ‘cause I’m a happy, bouncy, enthusiastic running partner!  I also love to romp and play with toys.  Just think of all the good times we could have together!

I crave attention from people and will seek out pets and scratches.  I’ve got so much love to give, that I really think I’d be best as the only dog in the home.  But if you’ve already got other canine kids, we would definitely need to meet each other first just to make sure we’re good fit.

So what are you waiting for?  Come on down to Wayside to meet me.  I can’t wait to get this party started!

Lots of love, Gabe


Hello there! My name is William Willow! You might be thinking… why does this cat have two first names?! Well, I like to think my name makes me unique. William is my purr-fessional name, and it would likely be the one I’d put on resumes and a Linked-in account. Willow is my fun kitty party name, the one I’d use on my Insta or Twitter accounts. Cats have a HUGE following online now, and I’m just trying to get my paw in the door for the fame that will inevitably follow once my new family comes in to adopt me and creates a @williamwillow Social Media Page. I bet no other cats have that name yet! Who wouldn’t want to follow me? I mean, I’m the coolest cat in town! I have the most gorgeous green blue eyes, luxurious brown tabby fur, and an adorably cute purr-sonality.

I came to Wayside in a transfer from another shelter. I’ll be honest, I was pretty scared. Being put into a carrier, then moved into a van, and then driven hours and hours to get to another shelter… I didn’t know what to think. When I went into my new kennel in the shelter, I hid behind blankets and closed my eyes to the world. The staff and volunteers were so kind, but I just couldn’t break away from my fear. That’s when my foster mom came in to meet me. I’ll never forget that day. She picked me up, held me close, and told me that everything was going to be okay. I decided to trust her, and every day has been an adventure since! Her family tells me every day that I’m handsome, worthwhile, and loveable, and that makes me feel so good inside. I’m still a little nervous about new people and things, but I’m bravely exploring and learning more about myself every day!

My foster mom love that I’m such a clean and well-behaved kitty! I feel it’s the least I could do in exchange for all the love she gives me. I always make sure to potty neatly in my box, and I groom myself until my fur is soft and pet-worthy. I’ve recently started sleeping in bed with her, and I love that. I lay at the foot of the bed, out of the way, but close to her. I’ve found that I enjoy playing, especially with a red dot! I haven’t caught it yet… but I know one day, I will! Once I’m played out, I’m happy just snoozing and laying close to the family. My favorite is when my mom sits on the couch, then I can rub my head into her neck and give her a hug. She loves my hugs, and I love giving them.

I love my foster family, and I’m so lucky they took me in. They’ve taught me so much about myself. I will always hold a place in my heart for them and I’ll miss them dearly when I’m adopted, but I’m ready to find my family. It almost seems too good to be true… a person of my very own. I promise to be your very best friend for the rest of my life. I just know if meet me, you’ll fall in love with me… 2 names and all. Please call to meet me soon, I’m anxiously waiting to hear from you!

Whisker kisses and chin hugs – William Willow


Hey there!  Simba’s my name, and finding my new peeps is my game!  I came to Wayside as a stray, so it feels so good to be safe and warm here at the shelter.  But what I’m really longing for is a home of my very own.

I’m a handsome, friendly fella who enjoys being with people and will seek out physical contact.  One of the volunteers here calls me “the sweetest angel” because I am very patient and tolerant when they practice their harnessing skills on me during training.  (Not a very masculine nickname, but at least I know they like me!)  Speaking of training, I hope you’ll keep on teaching me new things.  I’m a smart boy who likes treats, so it won’t take me long to learn exactly what you expect of me.

I’m also a super fun dude who just loves to play.  Do you have toys at your house? Oooh that would be so great if we could play some fetch or tug together!  I’ve got a pretty rough and tumble play style, so if you like to wrestle, I might just be the guy for you.  Or maybe you’ve got another dog at home that needs a playmate.  Why don’t you bring them down to Wayside to see if we’re a good match?  In the meantime, I’ll be watching for you!

Love, Simba


You can meet all of our adoptable Waifs during our adoption hours!

  • Monday: CLOSED
  • Tuesday: Noon-8pm
  • Wednesday: Noon-8pm
  • Thursday: Noon-8pm
  • Friday: Noon-8pm
  • Saturday: 10am-5pm
  • Sunday: 10am-5pm

Oct 24 2018

Waif Wednesday

Wednesday has arrived, so let’s give a big welcome to our Waifs of the Week: Addey, Butterfinger and Jill! All three of these wonderful souls will make the best additions to their forever families!


Hi! I’m a wiggly, waggly little cutie pie named Addey.. I’m gentle and friendly and probably the sweetest thing to ever walk on four paws. I came to Wayside as a stray, so I’m really looking forward to finding my very own family to love!

Speaking of love, I’ve got lots of it to give! One of my very favorite things in the whole world is giving kisses! I’m so affectionate and adore the attention of people. Wouldn’t you love to snuggle up with me on the couch and watch a movie or maybe scratch my bottom while I smother you with smooches? I promise you’ll never be lonely as long as I’m around. And when company comes over, I’m a perfect little lady that greets them at the door but keeps my paws on the floor. You won’t have to worry about me jumping up on anyone.

When I’m not cuddling, one of my other favorite things is going for walks! You should see how happy I get when I see my leash! I prance and dance and twirl in anticipation of going outside with you. I’m great on a leash too – I might pull just a little bit at first, but then I will settle down and stay right by your side. I also think it would be tons of fun to run and romp around in a fenced in yard. I just get so excited to be outside in the fresh air!

Oh I almost forgot to tell you – I’m completely housebroken! Isn’t that great? I’m also super smart – I picked up the “sit” command in about five seconds flat, so I won’t have any problems learning all the house rules and what you expect of me. I hope you’ll be patient though, because sometimes I like to survey new situations from my own safe spot (like a crate), but it doesn’t take long for me to warm up and join right in.

What do you say? Do I sound like your kind of girl? Why don’t you load up the family – including any kids and dogs – and head on down to Wayside to meet me. I’ll be watching for you!

Wags and kisses, Addey


Pleased to meet you! Thanks for reading about me! My name is Butterfinger and I can be just as sweet as my name suggests. I’m almost two and I’ve got gorgeous black and white fur. I came to Wayside from another shelter that was low on space. Moving around has been a little scary but everyone here is so nice and they tell me it won’t be long until I find my forever family.

Around here, they call me a Sidekick. That means I’m a brave kitty in new situations and I’ll always be around to help you, no matter what you need. I think I’d be especially great at helping you make dinner or clean up around the house.

You should also know I LOVE to play. I’m curious and interested in new things so a wand toy to pounce on would be super fun! It’s also a nice way for us to bond! I also like to do my own thing sometimes. I’ll let you know when I’ve had enough.

I would do best in a home with kiddos over the age of 5. Sometimes I can play a little hard but also small kiddos may not be able to read my signals that say I’m done playing.

I can’t help but dream of having my very own home to pounce around in. I’d also love a window to watch birds from. Seems like a simple request, huh? I thought so too!

Come to Wayside and ask to meet me today!

Love, Butterfinger


Hi there!  My name’s Jill and I am so glad you stopped to read about me.  I was found wandering the streets all alone.  What a scary time that was!  I’m happy to be safe and fed here in the shelter, but what I really want is to meet my fur-ever family.

I’m a fun and friendly gal, and I love to play with toys.  I’m super smart too.  Since I’ve never had anyone to give me the attention I need, the nice folks here at Wayside are teaching me how to keep my paws on the floor, even when I get excited.  It’s so fun to learn, and I’m really hoping my new peeps will keep working with me on my training.

I walk great on a leash – relaxed and bouncy.  Wouldn’t you love to go exploring with me or walk me around the neighborhood?  Sometimes I just like things my own way so I might be good as an only dog, but I’m also working on my doggie manners.  If you’ve got canine kids at home, please be sure to bring them with you to see how we get along together.

Life can be tough when you’re all alone, but I try not to let it get me down.  If you’re looking for a happy, energetic girl, then please come meet me soon.  I can’t wait to start my new adventure with you!

Love, Jill


You can meet all of our adoptable Waifs during our adoption hours!

  • Monday: CLOSED
  • Tuesday: Noon-8pm
  • Wednesday: Noon-8pm
  • Thursday: Noon-8pm
  • Friday: Noon-8pm
  • Saturday: 10am-5pm
  • Sunday: 10am-5pm

Oct 23 2018

Halloween Tips and Tricks

It is spooky season, and miniature pirates and ballerinas will be knocking on your door next week in search of sugar! Halloween is an exciting night for everyone on the block – Kids who dress up in their favorite costumes and get free candy, and parents and neighbors who get the joy of seeing the excitement Halloween brings to the little ones’ faces. However, there are members of the family who may not enjoy Halloween as much as you think, and those are our furry ones with four legs.

Here are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind as Halloween creeps up on us to help keep your pet(s) comfortable and safe on Halloween night:

  1. No matter how cute they are, do not give them any candy.

Common Halloween candies are made of chocolate or contain xylitol, which is found in sugar-free candies, and can be very toxic to pets. Please keep the candy bowls and buckets out of reach of your animals to ensure they do not ingest any of these toxic ingredients. Make sure to pass the word along to your generous children in case they want to share some of their candy with their best friends.

  1. We love oohing and awing over their adorable costumes, but they may not love them so much.

This will depend on how well you know your pet. If you know your pet will not mind running around in the world’s cutest costume, feel free to dress them up on Halloween night, but never leave them unsupervised in their costumes. Also, give them a day or two to get used to their costume before the big night.

If you can tell your pet is not a big fan of their costume, do not force them to wear it. If is causes enough stress to an animal, they will not hesitate to chew their way out, which can cause choking hazards for your pet. Make sure the costume does not interfere with their ability to see, walk, breathe or eat.

  1. Speaking of stress, some quiet time for your pets might be ideal.

With the doorbell constantly ringing and strangers in unusual costumes coming up to the door, this may cause extreme stress on your pet and make them uneasy. Consider putting your pet in a separate room for a little alone time, or swap out a thunder shirt for a costume to help them become more relaxed.

If you are out in the neighborhood trick or treating for part of the evening, it might be a good idea to turn your porch light off to avoid strangers coming up to your house and disturbing your pet when you are not home. Anything to help put your pet at ease on this busy night will help them feel better, and more importantly, keep them safe.

  1. Keep your pets in mind when setting up spooky Halloween decorations.

Both indoor and outdoor decorations can be inevitable during Halloween, but make sure they are out of reach from your fur babies. Decorations like jack-o-lanterns, spider webs, and decorative corn can be harmful for pets and put them in unsafe situations. You do not want your pet to digest these items as they can cause choking or have trouble digesting them.

Also, decorations with lighting, like candles or glow sticks, can be very dangerous. A candle inside a jack-o-lantern can be cause a fire if knocked over, and glow sticks can cause irritation if ingested. The liquid inside glow sticks is not toxic, but it can result in excessive drooling and vomiting in pets. Consider battery-powered lights, but make sure the cords are tucked away and out of reach as well as with other electric decorations.

  1. Lastly, update all tags and microchip information.

Halloween can be a very busy night in the neighborhood and can cause a lot of stress to our animals. In order to be safe than sorry, call or look online to ensure all information is updated for your pet’s microchip. Make sure your pet is wearing a collar with updated tags in case the unfortunate happens, and they get loose. You should always monitor your pets outside on Halloween night to make sure they don’t try to escape the stress or get teased by children or teenagers who are out trick or treating.

With these tips and tricks in mind, your pet should have a safe and comfortable Halloween night. We hope everyone in the family has a fun and safe night and makes many happy memories!

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Written by Cierra H.

Oct 18 2018

Long-Term Residents: Cats

It is time to shine the spotlight on some of our best cats this week! A long-term resident is an animal who has been in our care for more than 30 days or longer and has not crossed paths with their purr-fect match(s) quite yet! Our long-term residents are Mattie, Strider and a bonded pair of kittens, Peach and Orange!


Presenting to you the one and only Mattie! She is a beautiful girl who is almost 5 years old who is currently in our foster program living the best life. She loves it there, but no doubt she is ready to settle down in a permanent home with her forever family!

Mattie has been a part of the Wayside family for 160 days, and we have watched her come so far in the amount of time she has been with us. When she first came to us, she was a little unsure of people. She only allowed short interactions – a quick belly rub or lap visit here and there – and would let our staff know when she had had enough with a hiss or swat. She did not like being forced into affection, which is why it took some time for her to come around.

Now, over five months later, she is doing better than we could ever imagine in her foster home! She is the best lap kitty throughout the day and the best cuddle buddy at night! She cannot get enough of playing, especially with her favorite jingly balls or a wand toy.

Overall, Mattie is an incredibly friendly, affectionate gal who is not asking much of an adopter. She is great company and will always be there for you when you need her the most. She cannot wait to go home with the people she will love with all her heart!


Next on our list is the handsome Strider! This boy is 5 years old and ready for the many remarkable years to come with his new family! He is currently in a foster home as well, learning everyday how to be the best cat he can be. He has been with us for 116 days, and he has made big strides over the past three to four months.

When he first came to Wayside, the new shelter environment loaded him with tons of stress. He was unsure of what to do or how to act, and it took many visits with him to earn his trust. He would get very upset when he did not want the company of people or when they were moving too fast with him. With the immense care that our team had for Strider, we were able to slowly build up that trust to a point where he would allow us to pet him.

He has been in his foster home going on three months now and has made a complete 180 degree turn! It took him quite some time to get comfortable, but now, he is a super affectionate boy who greets his foster mom with hourly lap visits and cuddles. He sure puts you under a love spell with his purr when he does. When he is not in your face asking for attention, he is playing his heart out!

It is time for him to find his forever home! He will need a patient adopter who will let him get comfortable in his new home with his new family, but trust us, it will be well worth the wait.


Are you looking for double the cuteness and fun? Look no further! Peach and Orange are a special bonded pair waiting for the right one(s) to come along and take them home. This adorable duo are best friends and need to be adopted together.

Peach is a 4-month-old kitten who is starting to break out of his shell big time! He came to us 63 days ago as a very timid kitty in a scary, giant new place. He spent some time in a foster home where he was starting to learn what being a kitten is all about! At first, he spent a lot of time hiding under the bed, but now he is getting braver by the day! He loves to play with his laser toy and catch mice. He will need an adopter who will give him time to see his spunky and affectionate side, but he will be sure to come around in no time.

His best friend, Orange, has been with us for about the same length of time, 60 days. She is the more outgoing and playful of the two! She really helps bring out this side in Peach, and the two are bound for greatness together!


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Written by Cierra H.

Oct 17 2018

Waif Wednesday

Another week has passed, and we have a new group of Waifs of the Week: Andretti, Vivienne and Bailey! These sweet babies have waited for this special moment where they are one step closer to finding their forever families! Let’s give them a round of a-paws!


Hi there! Thanks so much for reading about me! My name is Andretti, and I’m a gorgeous four-year-old fella looking for my forever home. I came to Wayside after I was found wandering alone as a stray. I’m thankful to be somewhere that’s warm and safe. I know it won’t be long until I meet the people I’ll spend forever with.

My friends here have described me as affectionate and curious. I love people! I can be a little shy when I first meet someone, but with a little patience, I’ll warm up quickly.

I would love to meet your kiddos and other pups before going home. Bring them by, and let’s get to know each other!

Love, Andretti


Thanks for reading about me! My name is Vivienne, and I’ve heard people say I’m one of the prettiest girls at Wayside, with my vivid orange, black and white calico coat. It really brings out my gorgeous green eyes.

I’m an affectionate kitty who enjoys being pet, especially on my head, cheeks and chin. Ahhh … that feels amaaaaazing! I will let you know how much I’m enjoying it with my soft purr and some gentle headbutts.

I like to play, too. One of my favorite toys is a laser pointer. It’s so exciting to chase the red dot. I’ve been known to indulge in a little catnip on occasion, too. That’s fun!

When I had my Felineality test here at Wayside, they told me I’m a Sidekick. That means I’m moderately brave in new situations, and my mission in life is to stick by my favorite person or people, making them look and feel good. I’d love to do that for you!

Love, Vivienne


Hi, Everyone!

I’m Bailey the Beagle!!!  I’m a sweet, friendly gal, six years young which, if you ask me, is the perfect age!  I mean, puppies are great and all, but they’re a lot of work!!  See, I already have lots of the work done for you!!  Even though I’m not a puppy anymore, I’m still very active.  I like to run (I’m training for the Waif Runners’ program here at Wayside.) and I looooove to play in the dog park and get in the pool!!!

I also know a few commands like “sit” and “stay”, but I’d really like to continue my training and learn some more with my new family.  I sure love treats so if you throw a few my way I’ll be sure to learn more new things quickly!   I’m crate trained, too!  I’m a very social girl; I like meeting new people and I usually like other dogs too!  I get to play with other dogs in Play Groups here at Wayside, and I think that’s really fun!  Not as fun as the pool, mind you, but still really fun!!!

What do you think?  Are you ready to come meet me?!?!?  I hope so, cause as cool as Wayside is, I’d really like to find my people and have a home of my own.

Hugs and Kisses, Bailey


You can visit all of our adoptable Waifs during our adoption hours!

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