Oct 1 2020

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October is Bullying Prevention Month

It’s October, which means the beginning of Fall, the usual Halloween festivities, and National Bullying Prevention Month! This cause is extremely important to Wayside Waifs, as our Humane Education team works to end bullying and increase empathy and compassion skills in area schools with the No More Bullying! Program. On a normal, October day, we would be out in schools with our humane education animals, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are pivoting to virtual platforms to connect with students and teachers.  

Pivoting has been a valuable skill in almost every aspect of pandemic life – so, it makes sense that it should also apply to understanding bullying. Bullying has not disappeared, but pivoted as well. Accounts of bullying (virtual/cyber) have greatly increased over the past year. One teacher commented that a student reported being bullied because of what their room looked like in the small Zoom screen, while several others have noted increases in bullying on online gaming platforms.  

To appropriately and effectively work against these developments, we must gain a better understanding of one another and focus on practicing the five CORE VALUES that we discuss in our No More Bullying! Program – Responsibility, Compassion, Being Humane, Self-Control, and Integrity. Honing our skills in these areas will not only help to eradicate bullying, but will also boost our self-respect and outlook on life, which is incredibly important during a time of distance and isolation.  

So, this month, we have created a Kindness Calendar, with different challenges for yourself each day to remember to practice the CORE VALUES. Additionally, on our Wayside Waifs and No More Bullying! Curriculum Facebook pages, we will be posting resources to increase understanding and empathy for others. Please like us on Facebook and jump in to the work that we and our community so desperately need. 

Jun 18 2020

The Core Values: Responsibility

No More Bullying! Curriculum

What is the core value of responsibility and how is it defined?

Responsibility is doing what you’re supposed to do whether you feel like it or not.

How is the core value of responsibility used at Wayside Waifs?

Taking care of animals is a big responsibility and, in many ways, caring for pets can be very similar to caring for children. Dogs and cats rely on their owners to provide them with the necessities. Pets depend on their owners while children depend on their parents for the things they need each day. What do you think some of these necessities could be?

When we agree to take a pet in to our home, we are responsible to provide them with the following necessities: exercise, food, grooming, love, medical care, safety, shelter, toys, training, and water. Being a responsible owner and caretaker requires providing these necessities every day, whether we feel like it or not.

How is the core value of responsibility used in everyday life?

Has your teacher ever said, “Alright students, your homework assignment for tonight is…” and you thought, “I don’t feel like doing any homework”? In this particular situation, you have two main choices: 1. Complete the homework assignment because you know you are supposed to even though you don’t feel like it or 2. Ignore your homework and do what you want to do instead. Which choice do you think would be the responsible one? That’s right! Choice #1!

Let’s try one more. Pretend that you are at your house, playing video games, and you are about to make it to the last, tippy-top level when your mom or grandma or whoever you live with says, “Come on! It’s time to help with supper!”. In this situation, you could either 1. Pretend like you didn’t hear the person because you didn’t feel like helping get supper ready or 2. Pause the game and go help with supper because you know you are supposed to even though you don’t feel like it. Which choice do you think would be the responsible one? That’s right! Choice #2!

Fun crafts for practicing responsibility!

For full tutorial instructions and other pins check out our Pinterest at https://www.pinterest.com/waysidewaifs/.

Oct 18 2019

October is Bullying Prevention Month

October is National Bullying Prevention Month. One of our missions at Wayside Waifs is to stop the cycle of violence towards people and animals! One of the main ways we use our voice at Wayside Waifs is by reaching out to the students in our community through our Humane Education program. Bullying is something students face on a regular basis. If Wayside can get students to start developing empathy at an early age, we can make progress towards disrupting that cycle of violence.

Our relationship with animals plays a huge part in this as well. We know that people who hurt animals often hurt people as well. Also, animals gain students’ interest and attention. Affection for animals helps students understand how our actions affect those animals and the people around them as well. The connection between animals and students results in positive reinforcement.

Responsibility is the first Core Value we teach as part of the program.

Responsibility is the foundation for all of our lessons. We have re-framed how we think of responsibility at Wayside Waifs. Instead of focusing on all of the things we have to do, we think about what the end result is. We help the students learn that when we “do what we are supposed to do whether we feel like it or not,” we can create peace. Each one of us are powerful individuals and our actions have the power to help create peace – or to create violence.

We talk about what responsibility looks like, feels like, and sounds like in our daily lives. Most importantly, we talk about the areas in which we don’t feel peaceful (when the greatest amount of bullying occurs) and what actions we can take to help transition to a feeling of peace. Animals play a big part in our own internal peace. They are instant stress relievers and companions. At Wayside our humane education animals stimulate positive thinking in the students and they also bring peace to the school setting! We use the voice of animals to create a better connection with students and the issues that occur in their own personal lives.

Wayside Waifs wants readers of this blog to share their own representation of responsibility. Think about the things you do on a daily basis and how have you tried to create peace in those situations. No matter how big or small an issue is, it is important to take responsibility when conflicts arise. Take initiative and share your stories of responsibility with us. We love to see our community come together and advocate for peace!

You can download a selfie signs on our website here.

By: Emme Moorehouse and Ashley Stanley

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