May 31 2019

We’re Better Together

We were recently invited to participate in an outreach event with our friends, Spay and Neuter Kansas City (SNKC) and Kansas City Animal Control. SNKC is an incredible asset to our community, providing low-cost spay/neuter surgeries, vaccinations, and more. Since Wayside Waifs is unable to provide public veterinary care, we often refer people to SNKC to get their pets taken care of. It’s great to have a partner nearby who cares about furry friends as much as we do.

We canvassed a neighborhood in Kansas City that’s had a high volume of animal control calls recently. There are people who may not have access to certain resources and that’s where we came in. We provided information on SNKC’s services and provided treats and other supplies to the nice folks we got the chance to speak to. One woman I spoke to recently got a puppy (who was incredibly cute!) and I was able to share information regarding getting her puppy neutered and vaccinated. A man a few streets over told us that the dog in the yard was dumped and he had been taking care of him for a few days. I thanked him for caring for the pup and answered questions on his next steps. We were able to provide him with some dog food, treats, and a proper tie-out for the yard.

As a standard animal shelter, we aren’t out in the community as often as SNKC is. It was eye-opening to see their work in action and connect with those they serve.

If you or a loved one is in need of assistance with pet care, please contact Spay and Neuter Kansas City at 816.353.0940 or visit their website at

Written by: Kayla RS

May 29 2019

Waif Wednesday

Happy Waif Wednesday! Meet our three fabulous Waifs of the Week: Andy, Adam, and Chaps. One of our original Waifs of the Week, Kit, got adopted, so Chaps is moving into the spotlight. These three guys are so excited to find their forever families!

Hello there! I’m an adorable little kitten! I am a bundle of fun in a small package and I am so ready for a new family to call my own. Kittens are so much fun and boy do we love to play! I will need some work on training but we will have a lot of fun along the way. Being such a youngster I will definitely need both physical and mental stimulation to help me stay well rounded. Give me some fun and interactive toys in the mix and we will have the time of our lives! I think I should also tell you that I love to cuddle. Curl up with me and I will purr to show you just how happy I am; cuddles are my favorite!

If you are looking for a new buddy to bring you smiles and cheer, come to Wayside and ask to meet me!

Love, Andy

Hi there. My name is Adam, and I am pleased to meet you! I am two years old and so ready to find my people!

I am a high energy boy looking for a high energy family that likes to be active. I am playful and friendly and love, love, love attention. I can be goofy and wiggly, but can also sit still for a while. I am looking for a committed family who will spend time training me and giving me lots of mental and physical exercise. I would be a good addition to a family that loves outdoor activities like hiking and walking.

I know that the right family is just waiting to come and get me. Come to Wayside and ask to meet me!

Love, Adam

Hi there! I’m Chaps, a handsome gray boy with a cute pink nose. I am front-declawed. I came to Wayside from another shelter that was low on space. I am happy to be here at Wayside, where I’m in the perfect position to meet you!

I can be just a little shy at first, but I warm up pretty quickly. I enjoy being petted, and I especially love having my head scratched. That feels so good! I do prefer short petting sessions, though. Sometimes you can have too much of a good thing! I do enjoy playing with toys, especially wand toys. I sure hope my new people will play with me!

You may have noticed that I am 10 years old, but that is just middle age for a cat. If you take good care of me, we can plan to enjoy many happy, healthy years together. I just know that the rest of my life will be the best of my life, especially if I get to spend it with someone wonderful like you.

If I sound like the perfect kitty companion for you, come to Wayside and ask to meet me!

Love, Chaps

Come meet our adoptable waifs during adoption hours!

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May 23 2019

What is a Waif Watcher?

At Wayside, volunteers and staff strive to meet each individual Waif’s needs. With up to 800 animals in the shelter at any given time, tailoring our care to the unique qualities of each Waif is made easier through our Waif Watchers program. Our Waif Watcher volunteers give Waifs more opportunities for specialized attention, training, and exposure to potential adopters.

These seasoned volunteers work hands-on with their Waifs on a weekly basis, offering enrichment activities, field trips, and behavior training with help from others in the program and throughout the Wayside village.

With the reach of social media, Waif Watchers are also encouraged to create marketing programs for their Waifs. This might include decorating their Waif’s kennel, taking them in “Adopt Me” vests to parks, dog-friendly areas of the city, hiking trails, or festivals, and posting fun photos and videos of their Waif on social media. However they choose to tailor their care, Waif Watchers work hard to give their Waifs well-deserved moments in the spotlight.

Waif Watcher Carrie loves allowing her Waifs to spend some time outside of the shelter environment, especially when it comes to dogs with medical or behavioral issues. Carrie enjoys the program just as much as her Waifs do: “Longer term or special needs dogs do much more for me than I could ever give back, but to get to know them best, show them off on social media…to help find them a great home is wonderful!”

Carrie’s staple Waif Watching activities are taking her waifs for field trips and car rides, bonding with them in the volunteer room, and going on calm walks throughout Wayside’s campus.

Ellie & Knox

Waif Watcher Ellie’s favorite part of participating in the program is getting creative with how she promotes her Waifs. She knows that sometimes her Waifs “need to find the right family to take them home, and it may take a little extra effort from a Waif Watcher.”

Ellie’s favorite Waif so far has been Knox, a sweet senior cat who is FIV positive. Knox was in and out of the shelter and foster homes for a while before he was adopted, but Ellie’s familiar presence helped him to be more open to finding the perfect family, no matter how long it took.


Waif Watcher Dee enjoys the freedom of the program. She loves takings her waifs on outings and even took her last waif, Rocky, home for a couple of days to hang out with her family and help him de-stress. She thinks that “extra time spent one-on-one with a Waif can make a world of difference” and prepare Waifs for life in their forever homes.

Billie & Bailey

Waif Watcher Billie loves the autonomy of the program and thinks it makes a great alternative to fostering. Like Dee, Billie knows that a regular commitment to her Waifs can help them find the perfect family: “I tried to spend at least one hour a day with my last Waif helping train her so she would be more adoptable. Without someone in her corner, she may not have found her home.”

Billie also likes creating marketing programs for her Waifs and made a Facebook page for two of her past Waifs, giving them more exposure and landing them a video with Scott Poore of Mission Driven Goods.

There is no additional volunteer training required to participate in the program. If you’re interested in becoming a Waif Watcher, contact Lauren Stumbo or Becky Mathia in the volunteer department. Happy Waif Watching!

Pet Adoption Hours:

Tuesday – Friday: Noon – 8 PM

Saturday: 10 AM – 5 PM

Sunday: 10 AM – 5 PM

Written by Annie B.

May 22 2019

Waif Wednesday

Happy Waif Wednesday! Meet our three fabulous Waifs of the Week: Dino, Kit, and Bruno. All three of these cuties are on the hunt for their forever families.

Hi there, I’m Dino! I’m a 2-year-old sweetheart with a delightful personality. I originally came to Wayside as a stray. I’m a wonderful companion!  I have a nice amount of energy without being too much. Here at Wayside, I’m what they call a Green List Runner. That means that I make a great running buddy because I stay focused and I keep a nice pace as I run. I also walk really well on my leash without much pulling.

I like to look at you as you talk to me, tilt my head, and try to figure out what you’re thinking and saying. I do this because I want to make you happy! I want to be your special dog that you think about for the rest of your life. Sometimes I just feel like hanging out, and during those times, I’m a friendly, affectionate dog who loves attention from you. Sometimes it takes me a few minutes to warm up around new people, but if you’ll just stay patient with me and give me a little time, I will quickly become friends.

I can’t wait to be your dog! I think about you every day and the happy life I know we’ll have together. I’m waiting patiently for you to come and meet me so I can show you what a good boy I am.

Come to Wayside and ask to meet me!

Love, Dino

Hi! Are you here looking for your family, too? Then I should introduce myself! My name is Kit, and I’m a 4-year-old little lady. What I might lack in size I make up for in purr-sonality. (All puns aside, I really am a great purr-er!)

Receiving pets and cheek rubs are some of my very favorite things, and it’s no secret to anyone who spends a few minutes with me. Sometimes, when I’m really happy, I might roll over and let you see my beautiful belly, knead the air with my delightfully dainty paws, or simply stretch out and put my head into your hand. I also think I’m an excellent napping buddy, and would love to give it a try with you some wonderfully lazy afternoon.

I hope you’ll come and see me in person soon. The people here at Wayside are great, but I can’t wait to go home with my forever family!

I also have a cool video! Check it out here.

Come to Wayside and ask to meet me!

Love, Kit

Hi there, I’m Bruno! I’m happy, goofy, and playful. I still sort of feel like a puppy, even though I’m 2 years old. Life is meant to be celebrated, so that’s what I like to do, all day, every day! I came to Wayside as a transfer from a partner shelter when they ran out of space.

I’m already crate trained and mostly housebroken, too. I don’t really like being cooped up in a crate all day, but as long as I get plenty of exercise to wear me out, I can deal with it. I’m a work in progress, but I love learning! Currently, I’m staying in a foster home. The sky is the limit with what I can learn, and I’d love to have a job to do, so I hope to experience a lifetime of training and improving myself.

I absolutely love everyone I meet! I get so excited to jump up and say hello in a friendly sort of way. You can teach me not to be jumpy though…it’s just my instinct to show my enthusiasm for now. I love to play with my toys and stay busy and keep you laughing with my silly antics. I hope you like that about me! My life is all about having fun! I hope we have a lifetime of adventures and fantastic memories together. I want to be your partner for whatever comes our way.

Contact Wayside Adoptions at (816)986-4426 to meet me!

Love, Bruno

Come meet our adoptable waifs during adoption hours!

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