Dec 12 2018

Letter from the intern: Why you should work at Wayside Waifs

Walking in to this internship opportunity at Wayside Waifs, you have an idea of what it is going to be like. As you walk out, you leave with more knowledge, passion and confidence that you could ever imagine earning in what turns out to be not enough time.

Within a matter of months, you will grow even more as a fond animal-lover, teammate and expert in your area of study. From the first day you set foot inside Wayside, you will be welcomed into the organization with open arms, warm smiles and large hearts from everyone in all departments. No matter where your internship is (Donor Relations, Veterinary Clinic, Humane Education or Animal Welfare), you will feel the sense of unity and passion in every ounce of the building. You will make connections with staff and volunteers that will make this experience something you will never forget. Wayside Waifs is a place where you can watch yourself grow in your career of choice, and there will always be people there to help show you the way.

Of course, one of the best perks about an internship here is cuddling and hanging out with the cutest, most well-deserving animals you will ever meet. You will get attached to their personalities, admire their stories and smile as they walk out of the door alongside their forever families. You may even take one home yourself. All of the sudden, you realize why you are doing what you are doing. And that is to help find these babies the caring and loving homes they have dreamt of every day of their entire lives.

Here are 10 things to bring with you every day as you come in to work:

  1. Passion
  2. Drive
  3. Generosity
  4. Skill
  5. Love
  6. Inspiration
  7. Confidence
  8. Honor
  9. An open mind
  10. Room for growth

Nobody is perfect, just like no animal is perfect. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes because there will always be a learning opportunity present. Please let this internship take you places you didn’t think you’d go, and remember to have fun while you are doing it. Share your love for Wayside even you’re gone.

Written by Cierra H.

Dec 12 2018

Waif Wednesday

Happy Waif Wednesday! Please meet our wonderful Waifs of the Week: Easton, Peanut and Rocky! These three boys are more than ready to finally meet their fur-ever families!


Hi, I’m Easton! I am a cute 2 year old pup that has a lot of energy! It will take some time for me to learn some obedience and understand what is expected of me. Give me a chance, we will have a lot of fun! I will need lots of daily exercise and I would really like to go to class with other pups to learn how to be a great, smart dog!

I love people and get really excited. Sometimes I jump, so older kids would be great for me to play with! I will walk on leash with minimal jumping and pulling. Throw me some treats and take me on walks and I will be your best friend!

Won’t you come visit me today?! I can’t wait to meet you and your family!

Woof, Easton


Thanks for reading about me! My name is Peanut, and I’m one of the cutest and sweetest girls at Wayside. I’m a super soft, dainty kitty with gorgeous green eyes, an adorable face and a gentle spirit. I am front-declawed, so I must have an indoor-only lifestyle.

I’m a very friendly, affectionate girl. I love to snuggle up in a warm lap, and I will show my appreciation with my lovely, soft purr.

You might have noticed that I am 9 years old. That is just barely middle age for a cat. If you take good care of me, we can plan on enjoying many happy, healthy years together.

I just know that the rest of my life will be the best of my life. Maybe we can spend it together?

Love, Peanut



Hey there! I’m Rocky! I was transferred from another shelter when they ran out of space for me. But that’s okay, ‘cause I know I’m one step closer to finding my forever family.

When I first came to Wayside, I was a little stressed and scared and was hesitant to try new things. But guess what? Now I’m feeling pretty comfortable and am showing my affectionate, playful side! I love interacting with people and am always on the lookout for some pets or ear scratches. I really like playing with other dogs too – I’m bouncy and will play bow whenever I see another pooch. Do you have a dog at home who needs a new playmate? I think that would be super! But I’m totally okay if you want me to be your one and only.

I’m a treat-motivated boy, and I’m hoping my new peeps will take some time to teach me commands. I’m such a fun-loving guy, and I can’t wait to meet my family and get the adventure started. Please come meet me soon!



You can meet all of our adoptable Waifs during our adoption hours!

  • Monday: CLOSED
  • Tuesday: Noon-8pm
  • Wednesday: Noon-8pm
  • Thursday: Noon-8pm
  • Friday: Noon-8pm
  • Saturday: 10am-5pm
  • Sunday: 10am-5pm

Dec 5 2018

Waif Wednesday

Happy Waif Wednesday! Here are three outstanding and adorable animals ready to find their forever homes! Our Waifs of the Week are Rhodey, Whiskers and Conner!


Well hi there!  My name’s Rhodey, and I’m so glad you decided to stop and read about me.  I was wandering around town all by myself when a nice stranger picked me up and brought me to Wayside.  It sure feels good to be safe and warm and properly fed every day, but I’m really hoping to find a home of my own very soon.

You should know that I enjoy snuggling with people.  One of the volunteers here calls me “an absolute sweetheart,” and you shouldn’t be surprised if I lay my head in your lap or even on your chest.  I just have so much love to give!  But there’s more to me than just cuddles.  I’m also good on a leash and as you can tell from one of my pictures, I love to run around outside too.  Even though nobody’s taken the time before to give me any training, I’m learning quickly and already know the command “sit.”  If you give me the time and attention and throw some yummy treats my way, I’ll be ready to learn all the house rules in no time.

So what do you say?  Do I sound like your kind of guy?  I hope you’ll come to Wayside soon to meet me in the flesh!  Be sure to bring any other canine kids along with you so we can make sure we all get along.

I can’t wait to meet you!



Hello there! My name is Whiskers, and I’m a stunning, classic tortie (tortoiseshell) girl with large, expressive golden eyes. I came to Wayside as a stray. (Can you believe someone let a gorgeous girl like me get away?)

I’m a sweet, friendly kitty who adores being petted. I especially love being scratched on the top of my head. Awww … that feels like heaven! I also love almost any kind of treats. (Hint, hint!)

I’m so thankful to be here at Wayside, warm and well fed. But what I’m really dreaming of this holiday season is a home and family of my very own.

Maybe you are dreaming of finding a sweet, beautiful forever friend? If so, we might be a purrfect match!

Love, Whiskers


Hi there! My name’s Conner, and I’m so happy you stopped to read about me!

I’m a friendly boy who just loves people so much. Do you like giving pets? Then, you’re in luck, ’cause I like getting them! I’m a pretty high energy guy, so I’m hoping to find a home that can give me lots of attention and exercise. I think it would be so cool to go to training together. I like treats, and I’m super eager to learn commands like “sit” and “come” and all kinds of other doggie manners. Would you like to take the time to teach me? In return, I promise I’ll love you with everything I’ve got!

Oooh I hope you come to meet me soon! And if you’ve got other pooches at home, be sure to bring them along too. I just want to make sure we all get along great.

Wags and kisses,



You can meet all of our adoptable Waifs during our adoption hours!

  • Monday: CLOSED
  • Tuesday: Noon-8pm
  • Wednesday: Noon-8pm
  • Thursday: Noon-8pm
  • Friday: Noon-8pm
  • Saturday: 10am-5pm (Stop by for our annual Holiday Open House adoption event!)
  • Sunday: 10am-5pm

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