Waif Wednesday

Please welcome our Waifs of the Week: Loki, Wally, and Nero!

“Hi I’m Loki! I’m a 37-pound, guy who was brought here when my last shelter ran out of space for me. It’s okay though! I know this will be my last stop before my peeps find me and I’m on my way to my fur-ever home. I hope that home is yours! I’m a friendly guy who will do grr-eat in a home with children or other furry friends. I love making friends, whether they have two legs or four. I also love to learn and I’m eager to learn all the exciting things you have to teach me. I already know sit but I’d like to add more to my list. I’m super motivated when you reward me with fun toys to play with. Getting active is important for humans and dogs and doing it together will make it even more fun! I have PAWSOME leash manners so we can explore the world on walks together. When we aren’t on the go, we can chill out with each other and enjoy a night full of belly rubs and cuddles. I’m already dreaming of the day you come in to meet me. I hope you’ll be my happily ever after!”

Learn more about Loki here.

“Thanks for reading about me! My name is Wally, and I’m a beautiful brown and white longhaired boy with an adorable little beauty mark on my nose. Oh, and I have the cutest meow! I love to chat, so if you come to Wayside and meet me, you will probably get a chance to hear it. I came to Wayside from another shelter that was low on space. I’m so happy to be here, where I am certain to find the forever person or people for me! I love attention, and I especially enjoy playing! I have lots of energy, you see. I sure hope my new family will play with me! When I had my Felineality assessment here at Wayside, they told me I am a Personal Assistant. That means I tend to be moderately brave in new situations, and I crave the company of people. Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, I will want to be right there, by your side, ready to lend a fluffy paw. You will wonder how you ever got along without me!”

Learn more about Wally here.

“Hi there, I’m Nero!  I really want to stay humble and grounded, but I also want you to realize what a true gem of a dog I am.  So that’s my dilemma.  I decided to ask some of my volunteer friends what they think of me and their love for me came shining through.  So here goes….I’m smart, appreciative, easy to train, happy, friendly, social, and I have so much potential that the sky is truly the limit with me.  I am just an all-around great…and humble…dog! I’m a handsome, 2 year old, 56 pound beauty with stunning brown eyes.  And I think I’m at least kennel trained, because I keep my area clean and I know to go to the bathroom when I get outside.  I came to Wayside as a transfer from Louisiana.  While I felt happy to be here, I also had trouble focusing and I was feeling sort of stressed about my life and uncertain about my future.  I was jumpy and mouthy, trying to get attention the only way I knew how.  So I joined Wayside’s Peace Academy for high energy dogs that lack manners.  I began working with a specific group of volunteers who understood my stress and knew how to help me.  That’s when my delightful personality, intelligence, eagerness to please, and quiet energy became so apparent.  I welcomed my chance to shine and I aced it!  And now, I’m never looking back. I’m still a work in progress, but I’ve come so far so fast.  I love to go for walks and I have excellent leash skills.  I’m learning how to heel and I like to check in with you from time to time just to know you’re happy too.  Sometimes I get extra excited and I tug at my leash, but I’m easy to redirect.  I’m really good at listening to you and I want so very much to make you happy, so as long as I can figure out what that means, I’m all over it.  More than anything, I love getting attention from you. That makes me feel special and loved.  I know all sorts of commands that I can’t wait to show you.  And when my puppy behavior gets me riled up, it’s amazing to watch my mind work as I mostly make good choices to calm down, knowing what you expect from me.  I’m so happy when you’re proud of me! I hope I get adopted by an active family that wants to include me in everything.  I want to hang out with you and go on adventures together and cuddle with you in the evening as we unwind from a fun-filled day.  I know we can’t always be together, but that’s just what I wish for.  And if you have a few toys for me to play with, that would be great too!  I will need to meet the whole family before we all go home together.  My play style might be a little too much for young kids and some other dogs, so let’s just make sure we’re all a good match for each other from the start. I just want to belong to a family who will love me and believe in me.  If you are willing to put in a little work up front to teach me everything you want me to know, then I promise to do my part to be the best companion ever.  We’ll have a lifetime full of good times and happy memories.  I can’t wait!”

Learn more about Nero here.

You can meet all of our adoptable Waifs during our adoption hours!

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Written by Teryn J.

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