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We thought it was a good time to show some Waif alums that have fun social media accounts. We have many staff, volunteers, and adopters share their channels with us, and we think they are so fun. We’d figure we would feature a few so you can see some wonderful updates, and maybe even follow them too!

1. Lottie (@lottiecat2016) Instagram

2. Patrick (@tripodpatrick) Instagram

3. Vincent R. Van Freeman (@vinnywinks) Instagram

4. Sherry (@SplashofSherry) Twitter

5. Chesterton (@Chesterton The Cat) Facebook

6. Penelope & Molly (@catsofkansascity) Instagram

7. Rylee (@rylee_thebraveaussie) Instagram

8. Sunny (@sheepdogs.doing.things) Instagram

9. Samson (@samson_the_westie) Instagram

10. Lucy (@www.LucySrLovebug) Facebook

What a wonderful cat and dog social media presence our waifs have! Are you looking for a muse for an Instagram account? Come out and adopt today!

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Written by Teryn J.


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