Abby and Yuko: Long-Term Residents

It’s that time again for a monthly segment of our long-term residents. A long-term resident is someone who has been here at least thirty days or longer, and we try to narrow it down to some who have been here even longer. Last month we featured Andrea and Mac, and we have some good news. Of course if you follow our blog, you know Andrea was adopted shortly after the blog was released. Mac went to a foster home, and we are happy to report he is doing well and is learning a lot about what a home is like! This month, we are going to feature Abby and Yuko!

Abby has officially been at Wayside Waifs for 214 days. She originally came to us in July of 2017 from a transferring shelter. While we let her settle in, once we behavior tested her, we noticed she had some interesting quirks. Abby needed to work on impulse control and managing her excitement. She was very jumpy, not horribly mouthy, but displayed some mouthiness. She wasn’t sure of her harness going over her head, and she was very stressed here. We also noticed she wasn’t quite sure how to interact with dogs. Overall, she was still a very sweet and social girl, but we knew going forward we had to improve her skills a little bit before she would do well in a home. She was promptly put in our Peace Academy program and began training almost immediately.

After just a week, Abby had improved so much! She became PA available, so she could be seen by potential families. She does have a few restrictions of being no kids under five, and no dogs. Dog skills are something adopters could work on over time with the help of a trainer, but where her socialization is at with dogs at this time she will not be able to successfully live with another dog. She will need a home with NO KIDS 5 AND UNDER due to her energy level and strength. She will need an active home with adopters who are prepared to give her the exercise and play time that she will need to live successfully in a home. Just going for walks or being out in a yard will not be enough exercise for her. She is still working on her manners with impulse control and will need to continue working on that. She can get excited when she hears and/or sees another dog, so adopters will need to be aware of their surroundings when on walks, out in a fenced yard, windows she can see out of etc. She has a very good “sit” and “look” and both of those commands will be good for her when needing to redirect her focus. She is very affectionate and loves people. She will crawl into your lap and give kisses if you allow her to. She is food, toy, and praise motivated, so she is eager to continue her training. She will need to go home on an easy walk harness so adopters have control over her.

Abby is a dog that loves to go on field trips and car rides! Just a month later in September of 2017, she graduated from Peace Academy altogether. We were/are so proud of her! She made great progress with impulse control and overall excitability, so we threw a little party for her. In October, she ended up on a bite hold from an accidental tooth scrape, and was put on observation for 10 days. After her hold, we put her back on Peace Academy because she had so much pent up energy, and we wanted to work with her efficiently.

Ever since November, Abby was placed back on the adoption floor and been available. Our best guess as to why she is still here is the past behavior. She has improved immensely since she first came in, but she does require consistent continued training to keep up her progress. She has a small child restriction, and a no dogs restriction. However, she is fun, sweet, and generally a good time, so please consider her for either yourself or someone you know! She is going to tell you a little bit about herself as well!

**Abby is currently staying in a foster home. If you’d like to schedule a time to meet her, please contact Wayside Adoptions at (816)986-4426. And she has a video! To watch, scroll through her pictures and click on the video link. Thanks!**

**Abby is eligible for a Slumber Paw-ty! Please see “Slumber Paw-ty Program” page under the “Adopt” tab for more details.**

“Hi there, I’m Abby! I’m a sweet, affectionate, and energetic dog with a delightful personality and a smile that brightens any room. Sure, I’m tired of being homeless. Shelter life can feel lonely at times and I wonder when it might be my turn to be chosen by a new family. But I never get discouraged by the circumstances I’ve been given. I’m trying my best to be patient. But just so you know, I’m ready and I’m waiting for you now! I’m an adorable, 2 ½ year old Lab/Pit Bull mix with the softest and shiniest black fur you’ve ever seen. I am a beauty! And I’m already housebroken, so I think that will make you happy. I’ve always tried my best to keep my kennel clean when staying at a shelter, but I’m one smart cookie and even after such a long time without a home, I remembered my house manners when I was chosen to spend time in a foster home. I didn’t have any accidents at all! Besides my smarts, I’m eager to please and I love to learn, so if you will stay positive and patient with me and if you praise me when I’m a good girl, I will quickly learn all the house rules. Anyway, I came to Wayside last summer as a transfer from a shelter in New Orleans when they didn’t have space for me. And I love it here, although what I’ll really love is a home and family of my very own. One day, Foster Mom showed up and took me home with her. That was the best day ever and the time I have spent in my foster home has been an incredible ride! My foster parents love me because I’m housebroken and overall well behaved. I make them laugh with my fun and playful antics. But the thing they love most about me is when I settle down and show off my sweet and snuggly side. I love to curl up on the couch as close as possible to Foster Dad, or even in his lap when I’m invited, and we take a nap together. I feel so relaxed and content in a real home and I dream of the day when this is my everyday life. Lots of things make me happy and you’ll never find me having a bad day. I’m a wizard at the game of fetch! I will play as long as you’re willing and I like to lean into you as I drop the toy off to you. I love my toys, especially rope toys, and I frequently carry them with me during my walks. I’ve got lots of energy and I’ll need daily exercise to keep me healthy and calm. I’d love a fenced yard to play in, but I will also need a daily walk or run. Sometimes I pull on my leash, so a harness works great for me. I’m part of the Wayside Running Program, where they say I am an excellent running partner who keeps fantastic focus and a perfect pace. If you’re looking for a little motivation to stay in shape, I can be that for you! After all that exercise though, there’s no place I’d rather be than right by your side. I love to curl up next to you on the couch with one of my toys and relax as you pet me or rub my belly. I’m friendly and social and affectionate, with a wonderful temperament and such a sweet smile. I was never socialized with other dogs and sometimes I’m reactive around them, so I will need to be your only dog. I’ll shower you with so much love and attention that I’ll be enough though. And because I’m energetic and strong and sometimes jumpy, I’ll need a home without kids under the age of at least 5. Please bring the whole family to meet me before we go home together, including kids and other dogs. I’ve been waiting so long and I just really want to make sure we’re a good match for each other. I’m flexible and adaptable and I should do just great with most active families. Sometimes life throws you a curve ball and you’re not sure what to do. I certainly never planned to be homeless for so long. But I refuse to let it get me down. So I’m making the most of my time at Wayside… learning manners, staying busy, and making lots of friends. And I’m waiting for you to give me the chance that no one else has. I know you’re out there. I hope you come for me soon.

Love, Abby”

Learn more about Abby here. She also has a video, which you can view here.

This handsome boy is Yuko, who has been at the shelter for a total of 195 days. He originally came into Wayside as an owner surrender. His owner could no longer care for him, but he gave us some great information on him. Yuko has done well with children aged 1 and up, but we quickly noticed he stresses easily while adjusting to shelter life. We also noticed he doesn’t like anything going over his head, including hands, treats, and toys.

After getting used to being here, and interacting with volunteer, Yuko started showing us his quirks. Anything above his head makes him completely nervous, so his first reaction is to nip/bite. A few weeks after he came in, he was put on a 10 day observation hold. During his bite hold, you can interact with the kennel door acting as a barrier. We put him on our cat program TABBY, where volunteers work with stressed cats to help them come out of their shell. Turns out Yuko was good at “target,” which is teaching cats tricks like dogs, but it helps mental enrichment! Check out his tricks below:


After his hold was released, we put a no kids under 7 restriction on him. While his previous home said he was okay with kids, he stresses easily, and children who go to pet his head could easily be nipped and become scared of him. In early October, he was put on another hold due to someone petting him on the head. We continued to practice “target” with him, so he wouldn’t get bored during this observation. Yuki has officially learned his name, and we’ve learned he likes things on his terms; he will let you know when he is done with pets and playtime, but will always accept treats!

At the end of October, Yuko was placed on yet another observation hold. We put signs and directives on their kennels and doors to try and prevent this, but it only goes so far. Yuko still got his target practice in, and continued to do well with that during his third hold. After he was released, we introduced him to another cat in the shelter, to see if this would be a good option for him. He did rather well with her, so we foster requested him.

Yuko has done well in his foster home since he went in November. He started to dislike the resident cats, but that means he gets his own floor to himself. He can sit, turn, and high-five! He has now been approved to be an indoor/outdoor cat. Be advised he is NOT a barn cat, but a cat that is friendly, but needs an outlet. He longs to be outside, so we suspect there is more to his story than what we know. We suspect the fact that he is in foster is affecting his limited visibility, and also his history and requirements. However, given the chance, Yuko would be a wonderful addition to someone’s home. He’d like to tell you a bit about himself too!

**Yuko is in foster care.  To schedule a time to meet him, please contact Wayside Adoptions at (816)986-4426. To watch his video, scroll through his pictures and click on the video link.**

“Hello, my name is Yuko….thanks for taking a moment to learn more about me!  As you can see, I’m a gorgeous 6.5-year old black cat with super soft fur. I was surrendered to Wayside because my family was moving and couldn’t take me along. I’m not going to lie — life has been difficult. You see, when people visit the shelter, they assume all cats want to be petted and hugged. But that wasn’t the case for me. Then, one day my Foster Mom and Dad took me home and gave me the space and time I needed to start figuring out my new life. Foster Mom quickly realized that although I was surrendered as an indoor/outdoor cat, I was not comfortable inside. Most things scared me. When I am scared or insecure, I tend to bite. So Foster Mom quickly started figuring out what I liked and what I didn’t. She began noticing how I like to be touched and when not to touch me. Now, I sit in her lap for long periods of time just purring away. She knows there are also times when I need to play and “get the crazies out.” Since I wasn’t comfortable with hands around my face, Foster Mom began daily training sessions with me.  Now I can sit, look, twirl, target and give you a high-five. When I’m relaxed and confident, I’m a real Super Kitty! I also have a great time playing independently with toy mice and ping-pong balls. After three months in my foster home, my friends realized I will need some outdoor time to keep me happy. Perhaps you live in a rural area and are looking for the perfect indoor-outdoor cat where I have a field to roam. I would also be content as a friendly barn cat where I can come and go as I please. You will have no mice on my watch. A city life is not out of the question, but I would prefer a screen porch or my very own catio!! A quiet, adult-only home would be sublime. I have lived with cats in the past, but right now I prefer to be separated from them. Foster Mom thinks this might change when I get some fresh air again. Foster Mom can tell you more about me and all the progress I’ve made. So if you’re looking for a forever companion who’s friendly and self-reliant, please call Wayside to set up a time to meet me. I can’t wait!

Love & purrs,


Learn more about Yuko here. He also has a video, which you can view here.

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Written by Teryn J.

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