Waif Wednesday

Please welcome our Waifs of the Week: Watson, Mackenzie, and Joely!

“Hi there, I’m Watson!  I’m a little confused about why I’m homeless, but I’m trying my best to figure it all out.  I’ve been through so much this past month, yet I am the sweetest, most forgiving, gentlest soul on earth.  And I’ve got lots of living to do, so I can’t wait to get started on my new life with you! I’m an adorable, 7 year old, 43 pound Retriever mix, with beautiful and soft red fur and a grey muzzle that makes me distinguished.  My eyes might look sort of sad, but they are filled with love for you.  I lived with one family my whole life until they decided they could no longer care for me.  They surrendered me to the KC Pet Project who in turn transferred me to Wayside.  It was such a confusing time and I felt so alone and afraid.  I was trembling in my kennel the day I met Foster Mom.  She happened to walk by me and when her eyes met mine, she stopped in her tracks and she knew what she had to do.  Yep, she took me home with her and she made sure I knew that someone cared.  That felt so good. I’m such a sweetheart!  Foster Mom loves my quirks and she understands my insecurities.  I’m mostly housebroken.  I know to go when I’m outside and I do just fine with a dog door or if I get out on a frequent and regular schedule.  But I can’t quite hold it for a full 9 hour day, so I hope you will be home with me more often or figure out a way to give me regular breaks throughout the day.  I don’t use a crate and being confined to one makes me feel frantic.  In fact, sometimes I feel anxious and worried when I’m alone and I’m afraid that you’re never coming home to me.  Foster Mom has other dogs that I hang out with and they comfort me when no one is around, so I haven’t had any problems at her house and haven’t bothered a thing even when no one is home.  Because the other dogs make me feel relaxed and content, I will need to go to a home that has another friendly dog. At night, I sleep in the bed or on a dog bed in the bedroom and I don’t make a peep.  I’m smart, I love my treats, and I already know several commands that I can’t wait to show you, but I’ll be happy to learn more if you want to teach me!  I’m affectionate and cuddly and I love to be by your side whenever possible, but not in a needy or clingy way.  I’m just really an all-around delightful companion. I love to run and play or just hang out and contemplate life in the fenced backyard.  I also love to go for walks.  I’m perfect on my leash, never pulling, but I don’t go to the bathroom while I’m on leash.  Sometimes car rides make me nervous because I’m not sure where we’re going, but once I realize we eventually end up at home, I can relax and have fun.  In my past, I’ve lived with cats and kids and other dogs and I do just fine with all of them.  I’m not overly playful with other dogs, but I like their company and I like to know they’re there.   I need a home with a fenced in yard, since I won’t go to the bathroom on leash, and I need to go home with another dog.  If you’d like, feel free to bring the whole family to meet me and we’ll see how we get along. Sometimes life feels confusing and you’re not sure where the journey is taking you.  I don’t always understand why things happen the way they do, but I keep the faith that there is a reason.  The reason I ended up here is so that I can find you and we can become family.  I think you’ll like my sweet and gentle approach to life.  I can’t wait to meet you!”

Learn more about Watson here.

“Purrrleased to meet you! My name is Mackenzie and I’m a two-year-old gal with gorgeous brown fur. I came to Wayside when my last shelter ran out of space. While moving around can be scary, I know it won’t be long until I find a family of my very own. Around here they call me a Sidekick. That means I’m pretty brave and confident. I’ll also be your best pal! I’ll always be around to help you with the important tasks around the house. I’m also really friendly! I loooove to get ear scratches! If you stop petting me, I’ll actively seek out your hand for more! If you’re looking for a sweet best friend to go through life with, look no further! Come to Wayside and ask to meet me!”

Learn more about Mackenzie here.

“I’m Joely. I’m a 46-pound pointer mix here all the way from a shelter in rural Kansas.  It was getting a little crowded there so I was fine with being transferred to Wayside where I can now focus on the task at hand–finding you! I’m still young, but I already know “sit” and “down.”  I’m super motivated by food and especially toys, so I’ll pick up new skills quickly. How about if you and I take obedience classes together?  That would be so fun! I live life with enthusiasm! I relish walks and embark on them with vigor but I’m also a good snuggler. I enjoy playing with other dogs, so bring your dog family members out to meet me. Please ask for me when you come out to Wayside. Can I please be your dog?”

Learn more about Joely here. She also has a video, which you can view here.

You can meet all of our adoptable waifs during our adoption hours!

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Written by Teryn J.

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