Waif Wednesday

It’s time to meet our Waifs of the Week; Captain Jack, Thomas, and Misha!

**Captain Jack is currently staying in a foster home.  If you’d like to schedule a time to meet him, please contact Wayside Adoptions at (816)986-4426. Thanks!**

This is the lovely Captain Jack, a handsome three year old Terrier mix. He is cute and such a character!  His journey has been a challenging one, but he has made some real progress. He will still need help with that journey, but he is ready to find that perfect family! Wayside Waifs is unsure of his full past, but we can tell he has experienced some unfriendly situations, but he is building his trust! Jack is looking for a patient home with people who understand his needs. He was originally brought to Wayside Waifs because he was wandering the streets of Grandview, Missouri, and animal control picked him up. He was very scared and anxious when he first arrived. Based on his past, Jack decided he would love a nice family that understands his quirks and challenges, and will work through them with him. He has really hit the jackpot here as well, because he was put into foster care to get out of the daily stresses of shelter life. He is so lucky, that he had TWO foster homes! His  foster families love him so much, despite the fact that he can be ornery at times.  They stay calm and patient with him and they praise him when he is a good boy, so that he learns what is expected of him as he gains confidence at the same time. He is not fully housebroken yet, but he is making excellent strides in learning and keeping up with each family’s schedules. Jack can be a talented escape artist, but Foster mom has crated him along with another dog, and having company really made him feel better. He sleeps in the human’s bed or his own bed undisturbed, quiet as a mouse. He loves to ride in the car, and snuggle with you! He is also really good at entertaining himself with toys. He really enjoys being in the kitchen when Foster Mom is cooking, because she is fun to watch, and maybe he can get a snack! Once he warms up to someone, he becomes their best friend. He is an excellent walking companion, and will walk right by your side. He loves to greet the other dogs with a bark, or “Hello!” Because of his escape artist tendencies, he does need to be leashed at all times when he is outside. He is able to chew, dig, and wiggle out of almost anything, so he does like to keep you on your toes! Definitely keep an eye out for him when he is outside. He is still learning what a true home life is like, so he gets a little curious and sniffs his way into things he should not. However, once he bonds with you and your family, he will not want to escape as much. He just needs that initial time to learn that he can trust you! He is very nice to all the dogs he meets, and he has learned from them as well! He does so well with them, he would prefer a canine companion in his forever home. He even does well with cats! Because of his timidness, kids tend to intimidate him. He asks that he goes to a home without kids under the age of twelve. Captain Jack is truly sweet as can be, and he has learned a lot from both of his foster homes, and being at Wayside Waifs in general. He has blossomed into a loving dog, and we are so happy with his progress, and cannot wait to see him continue to grow. Call our Adoptions team and ask for Captain Jack, and you will never regret it!

You can learn more about Captain Jack here.

Please welcome Thomas, a handsome five year old Domestic Shorthair mix. He was originally surrendered to Wayside Waifs as his old owners had a change in lifestyle. That is okay though, because Thomas is ready to find his people-and that might just be you! Thomas has some striking features, such as the nice blue-grey coat and pink nose. He was a little timid when he first came to Wayside Waifs, but he has made some friends with the staff and volunteers, and quickly became a favorite. Thomas is all about being with you all the time, and he would make a great sidekick! He also loves to talk with people, so he would love to have a great listener in the family. Honestly, Thomas is fantastic, and is ready to settle into that forever family lifestyle, and he hopes it is with you! Come check him out!

Learn more about Thomas here. He also has a video, which you can watch here.

Meet Misha, a pretty eleven month old American Pit Bull Terrier mix. She was originally brought to Wayside Waifs after she was picked up as a stray, wandering the streets alone. That is just fine, because she is ready to find her people! She has some wonderful brown and white markings, and is a slim forty pounds. She knows several commands such as sit, down, come, shake and roll over. Roll over happens to be her favorite command….because that means she can get a belly rub out of it too! Belly rubs are the best!!! Misha is a leaner; meaning she loves to be against you and just sit next to you. She is a social butterfly and loves meeting new people. She would be a great addition to your family! She does ask that you bring in all your children and canine friends to meet her-to make sure you are the right fit! When visiting our adoptions campus, please ask for Misha!

You can learn more about Misha here.

You can meet all of our wonderful animals, including our Waifs of the Week, during our adoption hours! Check out our Black Friday special here!

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Written by Teryn J.

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