Waif Wednesday

It’s time to meet our Waifs of the Week: Perdita, Miss Hemingway, and Ginger!

Meet Perdita, a beautiful three year old Terrier mix. She is forty pounds of pure love! She is very excitable and friendly, but she may come on a little strong! She is just ready to meet all the people. We should also mention she has a very active tail-meaning she is excited and loves to show her enthusiasm. She originally came to Wayside as a stray, so she is eager to learn what it is like to be in a home. Perdita will do best in a home that has children over the age of five, and that has no other canine companions. She is ready to learn basic obedience with you, and is a smart girl! She can be a little anxious in new environments based on her past, so having a calm home at first will be a huge benefit. She loves to be a cuddle bug! She will even lean on you and sit by you, just to be close! If you think you would be a great match, please come see her today.

You can learn more about her here.

This is Miss Hemingway, a gorgeous orange tabby that is two years old. She was originally brought to Wayside as a stray, but she is more than okay with that because she is able to find her forever home here! She loves to be around people, and will reward you with head-butts. She is a purr machine, just because she wants you to know how happy she is. She is also very confident and loves to explore. Miss Hemingway has become a master of free-roaming in our sunroom. She loves to bird-watch, and is extremely playful. She enjoys wand toys and fake mice as well! One of her special quirks is that both of her front paws have and extra toe-meaning extra love to give! She is ready to find her family, and maybe that is with you!

You can learn more about her here.

Here is Ginger, a stunning Labrador Retriever mix and almost a year old. She is roughly 30 pounds full of energy and love. She already knows sit and come, but is ready to learn more from her new family! Because Ginger is pretty active, she asks that she goes to a home without children under the age of 5. She does not want to accidentally knock anyone down! She also would prefer a home without cats and other small animals. Ginger has met dogs before, but she asks that you bring in any and all dogs you have so she can see if they are a perfect fit! She is basically a star athlete, as she can jump a five foot fence. That being said, she will need supervision outside and will need physical and mental stimulation. She is not a huge fan of the crate, so she would prefer not to use one. She is super obsessed with squirrels, as she likes to watch them intently and stare at them when she spots one. It sure is fun to be outside! There is so much to see. Ginger is ready to meet you, are you ready to meet her?

You can learn more about her here.

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Written by Teryn J.


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