Waif Wednesday

Our hearts are with the Hurricane victims, and the victims of the Las Vegas incident. We hope this post can bring a little bit of light in times of sadness. And with that, please welcome this week’s Waifs: Selma, Brasi, and Tigger. 

This is Selma, a gorgeous one year old Domestic Shorthair. She has wonderful brown and black markings, true to the Tabby name! Selma came to Wayside as a pregnant stray, thankful for a Good Samaritan who brought her in. Her kitten-rearing days are behind her now, and she is ready to be the baby of the family! She is a sweet, affectionate girl, and enjoys exploring new places. She likes spending time with you too of course! She is also a very nice lap kitty. Her Felinality here is Personal Assistant, meaning she is people-oriented, but she is a moderately brave girl in new situations. She is ready to assist you in anything you need, as long as you want a helper. Are you cooking, cleaning, or watching a Royals game? She’s ready to be there with you! Sound like a good deal to you? It sure does to her!

Learn more about Selma here. She also has a video, which you can view here. Selma also can do agility courses! See her in action in the following links: 815499CB-3A29-4F4B-AA22-ED77D8AEB5DD   E42D286F-B0C1-4C1B-8CB8-8A3C863DAD1C

Meet Brasi, a fun two year old Staffordshire Terrier mix. At fifty-two pounds, this guy is nice and energetic! Do not let that serious mug fool you…he is a happy boy who loves his fair share of treats and toys! He is a strong boy, so he would do best in a home without children under the age of five. He doesn’t want to accidentally hurt anyone! He already knows the commands sit and speak, but he is very eager to learn more from you. He is very expressive, and will let you know what he is thinking. If you think he’d be a good match for you, please come see him today. He is ready to meet his peeps!

Learn more about Brasi here.

Here is Tigger, a stunning four year old Domestic Medium Hair. He has gorgeous red markings, and long white whiskers! While he is not as bouncy, he is ready to be the sweetest Tigger for you! He is ready to find his forever family. His Felinality here is Leader of the Band, meaning he is a confident dude. He is ready to explore the world, with some cuddling time in-between. He is a purr machine, so make sure to give him plenty of pets! He also enjoys many toys, and can play with you or by himself, but he wants that time with you more! He is FIV positive, but can live the life of a normal cat, just with extra precaution. He can get sick more than other cats, but if he has regular visits to the vet, it will be like he never had it! He really is a sweet guy, and you should take a chance on Tigger! Come meet him today.

Learn more about Tigger here.

You can meet all of our adoptable pets and our Waifs of the Week during our adoption hours.

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Written by: Teryn J.

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