Aug 30 2017

Waif Wednesday

Our thoughts are with the victims of Hurricane Harvey, both humans and animals! With that being said, please welcome our Waifs of the Week; Ying Yang, Carter, and Shelby.

This is Ying Yang, a stunning four-year-old Border Collie mix. He was transferred to Wayside when his previous shelter ran out of space for him. He’s okay with that, as he is happy to be here! He was adopted out from us, but returned as he was not the right fit for the family. They did provide some good information, such as he liked the dogs in the home! We still ask that you bring your dog in to meet him, to make sure they are compatible. He also needs and active home, as he is go go go! Because of his energy, he’ll do best in a home without children under the age of five, as he doesn’t want to accidentally hurt someone. He’s a smart, energetic guy who loves to learn and play. He’s food motivated, so present him with yummy treats and he is ready to learn the ropes. If you’re looking for a smart, confident guy who loves being with you, then look no further! Stop what you’re doing and come meet Ying Yang today. You won’t regret it!

Learn more about Ying Yang here. Ying Yang has a video, which you can view here.

Meet Carter, a handsome two-year-old Domestic Shorthair mix. Notice that cute black spot on his pink nose! Carter originally came to Wayside as a stray. He is pleased to be here, as he has a room and plenty of snuggles! He LOVES being pet, especially on the cheeks and around the ears. He makes great paw biscuits too. Like a lot of cats who lived on the streets, he has tested positive for FIV. It’s not nearly as scary as it sounds. It just means he needs an indoors-only lifestyle, good food and regular veterinary care–things a good adopter would give any cat, right? His Felinality assessment revealed that he is a Leader of the Band, meaning he is a confident boy! Doesn’t he sound amazing? See for yourself!

Learn more about Carter here. He also has a video, which you can view here.

This is Shelby, a gorgeous four-year-old Shepard mix. She was brought to Wayside after her last shelter ran out of space for her. She’s okay with that though, because she is ready to settle into her forever home! Shelby can be timid at first, as she wants to get to know you first. She can get very nervous around little kids, so she politely asks that she go to a home without children under the age of five. She takes a bit to really warm up and sometimes small children don’t understand that. She also needs to be the only dog in the home, just so she can be your main focus! She is very smart, as she already knows the commands sit, down, come, shake, and stay! She is food motivated, so give her some yummy treats and she will learn even more with you. She does very well on walks, and enjoys them too! While she does prefer a calm, quiet home, she is crate trained and housebroken, which is a bonus! Doesn’t Shelby sound awesome? Come meet her today!

Learn more about Shelby here.

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Written by Teryn

Aug 25 2017

Top Dog Classic With Drew Butera

This past Sunday was our Top Dog Classic with Drew Butera, one of the best back-up/starting catchers in Major League Baseball. Drew has always had a passion for animals, so he wanted to partner with Top Golf and Wayside Waifs to create a fun charity opportunity. What stood out was people would purchase a ticket and be assigned a local celebrity, and it could’ve been a present or past player. The night was filled with fun, good conversation, and it all went towards a good cause.

Butera has always loved animals, and has helped Wayside Waifs early on during his time here in Kansas City. He visited our facility, and has said great things about the work we do with our animals. During the Royals FanFest, Butera visited our booth daily to visit some of the dogs and puppies present, and to raise awareness for homeless animals. He also enjoys the sport of golf, so he decided to combine the two with a charity event he always wanted.

Here is our promo video we did.

Confirmed Celebrities included: Drew Butera, Danny Duffy, Travis Wood, Ian Kennedy, Nate Karns, Peter Moylan, Jason Hammel, Chris Young, Matt Strahm, Alex Gordon, Rusty Kuntz, Don Wakamatsu, Pedro Grifol, Dale Sveum, Mirke Jirschele, Doug Henry, Whit Merrifield and Seth Maness. What is really nice is that it seems the whole team wanted to support Drew and Wayside Waifs. It speaks volumes on how great the Kansas City Royals are, whether it be on the field or off.

Sunday night was our big night! The event was from seven p.m. to ten p.m. and it was a blast! Our guests had the opportunity to play golf with a local celebrities, and they had a chance to socialize with them and take photos. We also had raffles for prizes, including a cooking experience at Williams Sonoma, a Tivol diamond necklace, a signed Clayton Kershaw jersey and Mike Trout’s autographed cleats. Wow! We also had puppies on site during the event and they received plenty of love and attention!

Puppies pictured are Badger(Terrier Mix), and Trolley(Retriever Mix)

Drew Butera, Peter Moylan, Mike Moustakas, Eric Hosmer, and Alex Gordon were among several players who couldn’t resist  posing with a puppy!




All of the puppies at the event are available for adoption now, but several people at the event called our facility in hopes of being the first ones ready to adopt! We appreciated the support and kindness from everyone at TopGolf, the Kansas City Royals, and the Murphy-Hoffman Company. The players were very gracious and took pictures and signed things for people throughout the night, never batting an eye or losing their smile. Everyone from Kansas City should be proud to know how gracious our team is! Most importantly, we raised awareness for our organization and our animals, which is what Drew wanted as well. Here are some extra cute pictures just for your viewing pleasure!

Here our team is setting up the bays and getting ready hours before the event!

Whit Merrifield can’t resist the cuteness of Badger!

Our foster coordinator Morgan cuddling with Sammy, a favorite at the event!

Jason Vargas stopped by to pose with Badger!

Nate Karns enjoys some cuddles from Badger.

And for you loyal blog readers, I’m posting my selfie I took with Moose and Egg, just so you can see pictures of Egg cuddling up!

Overall, it was a lovely event with lovely people, and Wayside Waifs and Drew raised money for homeless animals, and that is the most important thing to take away from this!


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Written by Teryn


Aug 23 2017

Waif Wednesday

Better weather is upon us! To make up for the torrential downpour, please welcome our Waifs of the Week: Dahlia, Simba, and Charlie!

This is Dahlia, a beautiful one-year-old Mastiff mix. She was brought to Wayside as a stray, and she is very excited to find her forever home! She’s a big, friendly girl who’s looking for a home where she can be the only furry friend. She’s very smart, and is excited to learn and try new things with you! She already knows the commands sit, down, and come. Dahlia is food and praise motivated, meaning if you present her a yummy treat, or just tell her she’s a good girl, she is ready to continue learning and growing! Since she is a tall, curvy girl, she will walk best on an easy walk harness, but she does well on walks. She may be statuesque, but the love she gives is equally as big. If Dahlia seems like the one for you, come to Wayside and meet her!

Learn more about Dahlia here.

Meet Simba, a handsome three-year-old domestic shorthair mix. He has beautiful orange and white markings, including a cute patch of orange near his mouth. He has the pinkest nose ever, and wonderful golden eyes and a fantastic purr. Simba was originally at Wayside three years ago and was adopted out as a kitten, but recently his owners had to move and couldn’t take him with them. But it’s okay. He appreciates that they brought him back here, where he knows he will find his peeps. In his previous home, he lived with calm, older children and did well with them. He is shy, so he’ll do best in a home with children over the age of seven. His previous people said he’s very playful and love toys. They said he “interacts with humans in a loving way” and he “likes to greet you in the morning before doing anything else.” As long as you go slow with him, he will open up and show the love! That makes sense, because his Felinelity is Secret Admirer. Those Secret Admirers tend to be a little shy and timid in new situations, but they love and need people very much. Simba’s a great cat, come meet him today!

Learn more about Simba here. Simba also has a video, which you can view here.

Here’s Charlie, a dashing two-year-old Pit Bull Terrier mix. Charlie was brought to Wayside as a stray, and his owners never came to pick him up. That’s OK, though. He is ready to find his true forever home, potentially with you! He’s a very sweet boy, who is very affectionate and loving. Because of his past, Charlie is rather shy and unsure of his surroundings, so he needs a special family that will understand his needs. Once he has time to get to know you, you’ll meet one of the nicest dogs! He is very motivated to learn new things, and he is toy and praise motivated. That means if you associate training with compliments and toys, he will be a happy boy! He has been around dogs and enjoyed their company, so if you have a dog, he asks that your bring them in to make sure they go together well. Another dog would help him learn confidence. He is a big, strong boy, so he asks that he goes home without children under the age of five. He has a lot of energy and doesn’t want to accidentally hurt someone! Charlie is here ready for a new life, and it could be with you!

Learn more about Charlie here. He also has a video, which you can see here.

You can meet our Waifs of the Week and all of our adoptable pets during our adoption hours:

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Written by Teryn


Aug 18 2017

Buster and Nugget: Long-Term Residents

It’s that time again for a monthly segment of our long-term residents. A long-term resident is someone who has been here at least thirty days or longer, and I try to narrow it down to some who have been here even longer. Last month we featured Dutch, and I have some good news. Dutch has found his forever home this past weekend. He’ll have his best friend Stew with him, and they have two acres to play on! Without further ado, please welcome August’s long-termers; Buster and Nugget!

This is Buster, and he is a three-year-old Australian Cattle dog mix. Buster came here in January from Louisiana SPCA, as they were running out of room. The SPCA is really good about providing medical treatments and vaccines before animals are transferred and Buster was one of those animals that had everything ready! When he had his behavior assessment done, we noticed he was very food motivated, and very eager about treats. He needed to work on impulse control because he would jump and try to latch onto your hand for those treats.

What was holding Buster back was his impulse control. He was a moderate puller on walks, but he is a very playful boy. He’s very confident and does seek out attention, but will happily play by himself as well. He gives affection with an open mouth, but not mouthy behavior necessarily. Once he was taught restraint, he did not fight it as much. Buster met a medium sized dog and was very excited at first, but went on to do his own thing. Our behavior team found that what he really needs work on is his energy.

“Must meet all family members, including dogs, before going home. He is a high energy guy and will need an active household that will give him plenty of mental stimulation and exercise. If left to get bored he may be destructive, so actually training him how to use his crate will be important. Recommend no kids under 5 due to his energy, strength and herding instincts.” Our behavior team member Taya put these notes in so volunteers could properly work with Buster.

He was then placed in our Waif Runners program, which is a wonderful group of volunteers who take our energetic dogs out for runs and see how they do. Buster was a little crazy at first, but he turned into an excellent running dog, and it helped him learn impulse control. In April, Buster got adopted, but was returned a few days later because he went after the cats in the home. Our Behavior Team member Ben put him on a cat restriction.

“NO CATS – Buster was returned for going after cats in the home. Buster is House Trained. He knows Sit, Down, and Come. He is motivated by Food and Toys. Buster is a higher-energy dog and would benefit from Basic Obedience, Mentally Stimulating Games, and Agility/Extra Exercise. Potential adopters should be prepared to provide Buster with the outlets he will need to be happy in the home.” Buster also had a couple of bite holds, mostly from getting overstimulated and not knowing what to redirect on.

What seems to be holding him back is his energy and impulse control issues. Personally, I think he’s a really sweet boy who needs constant reminders and training that it’s okay to just relax. He’ll be a great walking/running partner for someone. He must meet kids and dogs before going home. He is a very active boy and will need an equally active home where he will get regular exercise and play time. He can be mouthy and excitable so will need a home with no kids five and under, and recommend no kids under ten. He is a rough player with other dogs, and will need dog friends that will either tolerate his play or give appropriate corrections. He needs a home with no cats, he was returned for terrorizing the cats in the home. He is smart and eager to learn new things. He will benefit from basic obedience training as well as mentally stimulating games to keep his mind pre-occupied. His previous owners said that he is house trained. He is food and toy motivated, and knows sit, down and come. He is strong and chokes himself when walking, so will need to go home on an easy walk harness. He has a tendency to be independent, so adopters will need to be dog savvy and have some basic understanding of the Cattle Dog breed.

Will you take a chance on this sweet boy? I’ll let him tell you a little bit about himself as well.

**I’m eligible for a Slumber Paw-ty! Please see “Slumber Paw-ty Program” page under the “Adopt” tab for more details. Thanks!**

“Hi, I’m Buster! I’m an adorable, Australian Cattle dog mix who’s looking for my fur-ever home. My last shelter brought me here when they ran out of space for me so that I would have a chance to find my peeps. I’m so excited to fall in love and spend the rest of my life with those people. Maybe it’s you! I’m a friendly guy who will do well in a home with children over 5 or other furry friends and would love to meet the family before heading home! I’ll do awesome in an active household because I don’t like to be bored. We’ll have so much fun playing together, though! I also like to get my energy out by taking long walks and do pretty well on my leash.  I’m also a good running partner. I’m a confident guy who loves attention, but I don’t mind playing by myself sometimes, too. I’m very affectionate and will make sure you know just how much I love being yours. I hope you’ll come by soon so I can show you all I have to offer!”

You can watch his video here.

This is Nugget, a one-year-old male tuxedo cat. Nugget came from the Animal Rescue League of Iowa back in April because they were running out of space. Once again, this animal rescue organization did treatments, tests, and vaccines for Nugget so he would be ready to go when he gets to Wayside. He was quickly adopted out within the next week, but was returned because of litter box issues. The cat in his previous home was antagonizing him, and the adopter believe he was missing the box out of fear of upsetting the resident cat.

Since he had been returned, Nugget exhibited the same stress he did in the home. He started having bathroom issues due to being stressed from the resident cat and then being back in the shelter. He was put on medication to hopefully help his bowel movements, and it still persisted. He went back to using his litter box, but the stress went on to cause more issues. During all this time, volunteers were socializing with him to help appease his anxiety.

“Nugget is super affectionate! He loves head, cheek and chest scratching. He just melts into a head scratch. He doesn’t like petting from halfway down his body however. Pleanty of eye contact and some blinking, not a lot. He enjoyed the fluffy wand and only got an attitude when I was leaving. Put a large towel o the floor in the Felineality room. Nugget never left my side and didn’t get off the towel. Enjoyed petting, sitting on my lap. Had lots of fun with the wand. Ate treats from my hand. Think he really enjoyed the time out of his kennel. Wanted attention. Head butted and rubbed. Very sweet and like to talk.” Volunteer Marilyn Ray provided great notes that help out the staff.

When mid-June rolled around, Nugget was sent to foster in Maura Landers’ home. Maura has fostered some of our toughest and most heartbreaking cases, so she was the perfect foster mom for Nugget. He was put on a special grain-free food that helped out his bathroom issues immensely. He started using the litter box daily with zero accidents, and had normal looking bowel movements. What’s also great about foster homes is that they can find out great information for us about how the animal is in the home.

“If we want to be super safe, he could have a no child under 3 or 5. He is super sweet but when he plays hard, it can take him awhile to mellow out. I could go ether way on this, so it’s whatever you think is best. The best food so far is the grain-free but I have started mixing it with regular food. He is super playful, but loves to cuddle. In fact, a few times a day he requires cuddling. He will reach up your leg with his paws until you stop to pick him up. He enjoys being carried around – not something all cats enjoy. He is very talkative when he wants your attention. He is naughty about trying to steal people food, but we are working on that. 🙂 he is a busy and fun kitty!” Maura finds out the best of every cat!

Nugget is a very friendly, social cat. He solicits attention from his people, and would do best with a family that has time everyday to cuddle/pet him. He does need a home without other cats due to how much he bullies other cats, and how stressed he seems to be around other cats. He could have a few accidents in a new environment. I recommend his new adopters keep him in his own room for at least a week until he’s consistently using his litterbox before letting him out of his room. He’d likely do best in a home without kids under 5 years old, since he’s easily stressed and kids make a lot of noise.

Really, Nugget is not exposed as much on campus because he is available from foster, so people have to call our adoptions department and set up a meeting. He is a sweet boy who just gets a little stressed out at times. He is ready for that permanent forever home and he has been very patient.

I’ll let Nugget give his life story and information on how to meet him. He’s a sweet boy-don’t miss out!

**Nugget is currently staying in a foster home.  If you’d like to schedule a time to meet him, please contact Wayside Adoptions at (816)986-4426. Thanks!**

“I’m so pleased to make your acquaintance, allow me to introduce myself! My name is Nugget! I am quite a gentlemanly cat, as I’m sure you can see from my headshots provided by the shelter staff and volunteers. Nature gifted me to be perfectly well dressed with a permanent tuxedo, graceful white whiskers, and sparkling green eyes. I know you’ll notice how Handsome I am right away, but I hope after reading my short biography you’ll see I’m more than just my dashing looks. I originally came to Wayside in a transfer from another organization located in Iowa. Moving so far was absolutely terrifying. Making new friends in a new city is always hard, but I quickly charmed the new staff and volunteers at Wayside. They adored my tuxedo, the way I asked to be held in their arms, and the way I cuddled in their laps when they had spare time. Unfortunately, the longer I stayed in the shelter the more stressed I became. I did my best to remain strong for my new friends, but they could tell I was not doing well in my kennel all on my own. That’s when my guardian angel came to rescue me, my wonderful foster mom! She scooped me up in her loving arms and took me to her home so I could have a much needed vacation until I find my very own home. She and my foster dad have shown me what it is to be loved, cherished, and adored, and they’ve assured me that I will find my own home soon. My foster parents say I’m a lovely kitty. They love how much I adore being held around the house, and how cuddly I am. They said my new family MUST want a cuddly cat, because I demand so many cuddles during the day. They think it’s so funny how much I love cardboard boxes, so much so that they’ve even given me my own cardboard box to snooze in when we’re all hanging out together. I enjoy playing with toys, watching the world go by outside my window in my room, and chatting with them about their days when they come home from work. There are a few things you should know though. I need a home without other cats. I love my people SO much that I simply can’t stand to share them. Don’t worry though, I’ll make sure to give you all the love you need! Also, when I’m stressed I tend to have some loose stool issues. My foster mom says this has gotten better with a grain-free food, so I’d really prefer to be fed grain free in my new home. My tummy will be very thankful for this. All in all, if you’re looking for a charming, cuddly, lap cat, I’m your guy! I really hope you enjoyed reading about me. I’m so ready to meet you. Please know that I already love you so so much. I can’t wait for the days where it’s part of my routine to snuggle on your lap, or chat with you in my cardboard box about your day at work. I can’t wait to curl up to you in bed while you watch the evening news while we close out the day. And, most of all, I can’t wait to be your very best friend. Whisker Kisses & Purrs – Nugget”

You can also view Nugget’s video here.

You can meet Buster, Nugget, and all of our wonderful waifs during our adoption hours!

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Written by Teryn

Aug 16 2017

Waif Wednesday

Thank you all for the wonderful support we had over the weekend of Mega Match. A grand total of 724 shelter pets found forever homes during the event presented by the Petco Foundation! This collaborative life-saving event with Wayside Waifs, KC Pet Project and Great Plains SPCA offered $35 pet adoptions this past weekend. Congratulations to all of the new families and furry friends – be sure to keep us updated on your life adventures together! Tail wags and purrs to the all of the staff, volunteer and supporters who worked tirelessly during this mega adoption event!

Back to business! It’s time to meet our Waifs of the Week: Jack and Jill, Nugget, and Charlie.

This is Jack and Jill, a bonded pair of senior boxers. Jack is ten and Jill is six. They are looking for a place to call home. They were found wandering the streets of Belton until a nice police officer brought them to Wayside. They were very happy, because they knew they would find the best match here! If you are looking for big dogs with big hearts, I can’t think of a better duo. They are both calm and gentle souls who do very well on leash. They are the snuggle champions, and that’s their favorite thing to do! They want a calm, quiet home they can retire in. What more could you possibly need?! They are a dynamic duo with the sweetest souls around. Come down to Wayside and see if they are the right fit for you!

Learn more about Jack here and Jill here. They also have a video, which you can view here.

**Nugget is currently staying in a foster home.  If you’d like to schedule a time to meet him, please contact Wayside Adoptions at (816)986-4426. Thanks!**

This dashing young man is Nugget, and he is a one-year old old cat. He is a tuxedo cat, which means he is always ready for a formal outing with you!  Nugget was transferred here from Iowa after his shelter ran out of space. Making new friends in a new city is always hard, but he quickly charmed the new staff and volunteers at Wayside. Nugget became a favorite because of those paw-some cuddles he gives! Unfortunately, the longer he stayed in the shelter the more stressed he became. The staff and volunteers noticed he was slowly getting worse. That’s when his guardian angel came to rescue him, his wonderful foster mom! Nugget is enjoying a much needed break from the shelter, and getting all the cuddles he wants! His foster parents are showing him what it means to be loved. One of his best attributes is that he loves being carried around the house. Cuddling is a must, so his new family needs to be prepared for that! Some of his favorite things to do are play in cardboard boxes, watch the world outside, and talk to his foster family. There are a few things you should know though. He is not a fan of sharing, so he would like to be the only cat in the home. When he gets stressed, he has some loose stools, and grain-free seems to have helped him, so his diet should consist of grain-free food and treats. His tummy will be very thankful for this. If you are looking for a snuggle bug who wants attention like no other, contact the Adoptions team to get in touch with Mr. Nugget!

You can learn more about Nugget here. Nugget also has a video, which you can see here.

**Charlie is currently staying in a foster home.  If you’d like to schedule a time to meet him, please contact Wayside Adoptions at (816)986-4426. Thanks!**

This is Charlie, a two-year-old male Shepard mix. Charlie has unfortunately lived in a shelter his entire life.  So living in a real home with people that love him is all new to him. He is unsure and scared of a few things, and he sometimes prefers the company of dogs over people. So he realizes he’s not the dog for just anyone. He knows someone is out there waiting for him! He’s already housebroken and crate trained as well! He was transferred to Wayside after two years in another shelter. The people that had been caring for him loved him very much and they were sad to see him go to yet another shelter. But they knew that this was his chance to finally find his forever home. He’s been doing a great job learning how to fit in. Because of his nervousness, Charlie was sent to foster, which ended up being the best thing for him. His foster mom has prepared him for a home life instead of a shelter life. His foster mom is very patient with him, and sometimes he feels confused as to if he should give the love back. He does really well with being praised and receiving treats, so he has grown accustomed to that. He’s the perfect houseguest, as he is calm and quiet when someone is and isn’t home. When he has visitors, he barks at them for a bit and then runs and hides.  Maybe someday he’ll be ready to meet new people, but for now, Foster Mom doesn’t pressure him to do things he’s not ready for.  He’s learning how to walk on leash and he really enjoys going for walks. We’re still learning that someone is holding the end of the leash and he is not just free walking! He enjoys his fenced-in backyard, as he will run and play, but he also enjoys laying in the grass after a play session. Charlie’s ideal home is a calm and quiet one. There are other dogs in the home and he adores them! They have brought him so much confidence! He definitely needs a dog in the new home.  He would love a fenced-in yard, so no apartments for this guy! His story is very touching, and he deserves a wonderful first and final home. Could that be with you?

You can read more about Charlie here.

You can visit all of our adoptable pets, including our Waifs of the Week during our adoption hours:

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Written by Teryn

Aug 14 2017

10 Reasons to Strutt With Your Mutt!

 Event Home Register | Donate                                                                                                    Share on Facebook! Share on Instagram Tweet about the Strutt    


10 Reasons to Strutt! 
KC’s largest dog-friendly 3K/5K event
1. Form a team! Invite friends and family to join you on September 17. Start a new tradition!
2. Enter your dog into the Pet Costume Contest! Only $5 to enter. We will award 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place on stage!
3. Your registration fee ($35-$45) pays for an animal’s vaccinations.
4. You will get an updated 2017 Strutt event t-shirt! The shirt is blue and super soft.
5. All youth fundraising will be matched by a generous Wayside donor. Get creative in collecting for the waifs! Host a lemonade stand or ask a company to sponsor you.
6. Are you a runner? 5K participants will get a cool finisher’s medal!
7. Poppy’s Ice Cream truck will be giving free pup-cones at Strutt! Yum!
8. Be a Top Team! We’ve got awards for the Largest Team and Top Fundraising Team on Strutt day! Will you be a winner?
Top Team Award.jpg Largest Team Award.jpg
9. Over 50 pet-related vendors in our Flealess Event Market – you’ll get tons of freebies and information on what our pet community has to offer! Be a vendor.
10. Earn fun prizes for your fundraising efforts! Check out our Prize Program here.
About Strutt
Strutt With Your Mutt is Sunday, September 17, 2017 in the Brookside neighborhood. We need your help to raise funds for the homeless pets at Wayside Waifs!
There are many ways you can help. Register your team today, fundraise and be a voice for the Waifs, and ask your friends and family to support you!
Stay Social!
Be sure to stay up-to-date with all things Strutt With Your Mutt! Head over to our Facebook page and be sure to “like” us!
Upcoming Wayside Events
 August 20
Prize Sponsors: 
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Best in Show Sponsors:
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Aug 11 2017

FIV: Fabulous, Invincible, and Valuable

FIV(Feline Immunodeficiency Virus) is a complex retrovirus that causes immunodeficiency disease in domestic cats. In non-fancy jargon, basically the cat’s body is unable to properly protect the immune system. As a result of immunodeficiency, most infected cats do not show symptoms and have a normal life expectancy, but they are prone to developing other infections and certain types of cancer. We adopt out FIV positive cats, and I just want to showcase how great they are, by explaining their unique quality.

A retrovirus, such as FIV, is slow-moving and can lay dormant in the body for months and even years. That is why most infected cats do not show symptoms right away and live a normal life expectancy. Many people compare it to the human virus HIV(Human Immunodeficiency Virus.) Genetics may or may not play a role in if a cat is more susceptible in getting the virus. The average age is five years at the time of diagnosis, and the likelihood of infection increases with age.

FIV is mainly passed from cat to cat through deep bite wounds, the kind that usually occur outdoors during aggressive fights and territorial disputes-the perfect reason to keep your cat inside. Another less common way is if the mother of a litter is FIV positive. She may pass that down to one or more of her kittens, which is where genetics comes into play. FIV is more common in males because of the more aggressive tendencies males get in terms of defending themselves in the outdoor territory, but female cats can get it as well. Cats who live indoors are the least likely to be infected. The most common cat that will get FIV is an un-altered, free-roaming, outdoor male cat who fights.

People cannot catch FIV, only from cat to cat. As mentioned above, symptoms take years to develop, but some of those are fever, weight loss,  anemia, dental disease, and sneezing, to name a few. If you think your cat has FIV, you should schedule an appointment with your veterinarian to get them tested. FIV infection is determined through a blood test, and sometimes they require another test be done later on for confirmation.

At this moment, there is no cure for FIV, but it is very manageable. There is a vaccine, but it does not protect all cats. Keeping your cat indoors is one of the most important things, so they don’t get sick, and they don’t infect others. By spaying and neutering your pet, the chances of getting the infection decrease. A vet might prescribe medicine to combat and secondary infections your cat may get. Monitoring your cat is really the most important way to stay one step ahead of this disease. If FIV continues to stay un-treated, the secondary infections they already develop can lead to life-threatening diseases/conditions.

As mentioned earlier, here at Wayside, we adopt out FIV cats because we believe they provide a unique quality to someone’s life, including ours! We have five FIV positive cats currently looking for their forever home. I figured I would take this opportunity to introduce them.

This handsome man is Blackbob. You can learn more about him here. He also has a video, which you can watch here.

This dashing orange man is Jaws. You can learn more about him here. He also has a video, which you can watch here.

This chatty dude is Captain. You can learn more about him here.

This little guy is Edison. You can learn more about him here.

This cuddly boy is Carter. You can learn more about him here.

These are all of our lovely FIV boys. I personally met all of them today, and they have two things in common; FIV and being complete love bugs! What is really nice is this sign is on the back of all of their kennel cards to explain to potential adopters what FIV is. 

Along with this note, our staff and volunteers are always so helpful if anyone has questions. I recommend giving any of these boys a try, they are all so sweet!

We are closed this week due to our Mega Match event during the weekend. I’ll post those hours below.

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Written by Teryn

Aug 9 2017

Waif Wednesday

It’s time to meet our Waifs of the Week; Taylor, Merke, and Luck!

This is Taylor, a medium-sized two-year-old retriever mix. Taylor was brought to Wayside by a Louisiana transfer when they found her living in poor conditions. Thank goodness! Now that she is safe and comfortable, we can focus on finding her a family. Because of her past, she hasn’t seen much love and attention, so she’s really looking for someone to dote on her. She needs someone to teach her the ways of life. She’s motivated by food, so present a yummy treat and she is ready to learn! While she is sweet and loving, she is a bit unsure of herself, so she asks that you bring the whole family in to meet her, dogs included. She just wants to make sure you are the right fit! She is ready to prove to you that she is an amazing girl with a lot of love to give! Won’t you come out to Wayside and give her a chance?

You can learn more about Taylor here. Taylor also has a video, which you can view here.

This is Merke, a handsome five-year-old orange and white kitty. He’d like to describe himself as an orange tuxedo cat. Who says all tuxedos have to be black? Merke is declawed, and was surrendered to Wayside when his previous family had to move and couldn’t take him along. He came in with his sister Cedar, who has since been adopted. As long as proper introductions are followed, Merke should do well with another cat. The wonderful staff and volunteers can give you lots of good information about that. He has lived with kids in the past and did fine with them, but he is very sensitive to tail touches. His previous family had great things to say about him: “very good cat who likes to knead on you when you sleep and be played with a lot.” Here at Wayside, his favorite toy to play with is a feather wand. So much fun! Merke would love a family that will play with him! His Felinality is a Party Animal, meaning he’s a confident boy who loves hangout out! Think you can handle that?

Learn more about Merke here.

Lucky you! This is Luck, and he is a sweet two-year-old Beagle mix. He came to Wayside after his last shelter ran out of space for him, but not to worry. He is happy to be here! He’s ready to find his forever home! He’s a social guy who loves people. He is really energetic, so he asks that he goes home without children under the age of five. It is recommended he goes home without children under the age of ten, but that will depend on the child’s experience with dogs like him. He’s just really jumpy and excitable, and he does not want to hurt little ones! He is not easily motivated, so he needs a persistent owner to teach him Basic Obedience. Luck has lived with other dogs, and he did well with them. He does ask that you bring your dog to meet him so he can make sure you are a perfect match! He is a very sweet, loving boy, he just is really happy! His favorite activity is being with people, and I’ll bet he’ll make a great walking/running partner! Maybe it’s your lucky day, to come and meet Luck!

You can learn more about Luck here.

We are closed this week due to our big Mega Match event this weekend! I’ll post those hours here!

Our hours will be:

Monday-Thursday: Closed

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Written by Teryn

Aug 7 2017

Mega Match Alert!

There are some exciting times ahead! We are gearing up for our adoption event next week, and there are many animals ready to find their forever homes! In this post, I want to provide information about our event, as well as advertise some of our animals and give tips to potential adopters.


First, let me give you some event information. This year is a little different since we are doing it in August rather than October and it will be in conjunction with Great Plains SPCA and Kansas City Pet Project. The Petco Foundation is generously sponsoring the event. It’s a three-day event, and all animals available for adoption will be priced at thirty-five dollars. We are closed for adoptions the week of Mega Match beginning Monday, August Seventh, until Thursday, August Tenth. Our hours for the event are; Friday, August 11 – 10 am to 7 pm     Saturday, August 12 – 10 am – 7 pm Sunday, August 13– 12 – 6 pm. Our goal is to adopt out 170 animals over the course of the event.


Second, here are some tips  to help better your chances during our event.


  1. Get here early! Almost always there is a huge line outside the front doors by 10:00, so if you have a certain animal in mind, it might be wise to come and wait early.
  2. I would suggest having multiple dogs or cats in mind, because the line is first come first serve, so someone ahead of you could want the animal you do. If you aren’t picky and have multiple animals, it makes for a better outcome.
  3. Please be patient during this time, as we have limited staff and volunteers trying to go as fast as they can. Understand the process might take a couple hours depending on needs and situations.
  4. If you have a dog at home and are adopting a dog, our adoptions staff are willing to put a two-hour hold on a dog so you can go home and get yours for a dog-to-dog.
  5. Understand that this is a high-stress event; meaning animals, staff, volunteers, and members of the public are emotional during this time. We should try and remain calm so the animals don’t pick up on our stress.

Those are really the only tips you need for an event-everything else relies on time management.


Finally, I would like to show you some pictures of our very adoptable Waifs!

Pictures in order: Bert, Dutch, Beau, Buster, Everett, Jon, Nugget, and Marshmellow








Please note we will have special hours the week of the KC Megamatch (Friday, August 11 – Sunday, August 13)


Monday: CLOSED

Tuesday: CLOSED

Wednesday: CLOSED

Thursday: CLOSED

Friday: 10am – 7pm

Saturday: 10am-7pm

Sunday: 12pm-6pm

Written by Teryn


Aug 4 2017

Back-To-School Tips

When August comes around, we start thinking about school. Either the back-to-school sale, school supplies list, making sure everything’s ready, or just dreading the upcoming semester. What we might not always think about is how our furry friends in the home might understand what August means. I’m going through some tips and explaining what our pets feel like during those different schedules after summer.

Not all animals will feel this way when people start going back to work and school, but some will experience sadness and loneliness. They might mope around or sleep more. Maybe your dog starts chewing on things they shouldn’t, or maybe your cat becomes more vocal or pees in the litter box. Many people will not connect this to back-to-school time. Like some people, animals like having routine because it makes them feel secure. During the summer, if kids are playing with them all day, and suddenly they go away for long hours, it can cause confusion and stress.

There are so many ways that we can prepare for to curb this anxiety your pet might feel, and it is a great teaching moment for your children! Here are some tips that can get you through this transition.

1. Transition Time

If you prepare at least one week before school starts, the animal can mentally prepare for your absence. This could be leaving your dog inside during the early hours of the morning by themselves. Only for about thirty minutes or so, and that should help simulate school time. Another good trick is to start breaking out lunch boxes or school supplies that your dog would see when you leave them. They can get used to the items and desensitize them around it, making for an easier transition. 

2. Come up with a routine.

As mentioned above, animals are all about routine, and without it they can have severe depression or separation anxiety. To avoid that, you can start a new routine for all year round, that can benefit the children, you, and your animals. The schedule should include but is not limited to feeding, bathroom breaks, walks, and exercise/play time at set times each day. You could plan for a morning walk before or after school, and cuddle time in the evening, depending on what your schedule looks like. Coming up with a routine will reduce the stress on your animal.

3. Turn on the TV/music before you leave.

I do this with my animals, because I think they worry more when it is completely quiet. We used to turn on the radio, but now we turn on the TV for them. I usually put it on cartoons because they make the most noise and they can hear happy music. Human voices or calm music helps them adjust from seeing and hearing you all day to just nighttime.

4. Prepare special toys for the environment.

With you and the kids gone, the animals have lost their favorite playmate. If you provide toys throughout the day, and switch them out to make it fun, they will be able to transition. You can also provide food puzzles so they have to play and think while eating their food. We personally hide treats around our living room so they can have that to do as well. Some people will fill a puzzle feeder or Kong toy with peanut butter or cream cheese for an extra treat. Save those “favorite” toys for when the kids come home so they can enjoy it a little more.

5. Think about Daycare.

Sometimes dropping your dog off to daycare will help them make new friends and be busy all day. Cat daycares are few and far in-between, but you can always check to see if someone does that, but cats will not be as upset as dogs will. This will allow your dog to expend some energy, while being in good care and the company of others.

6. Quality Time

It is important to re-connect with your pet at the end of a busy week. With school back in session, your dog may not get as much time playing with your family as during the care-free days of summer. Remember that even though your pet wasn’t at work or school all day, he still needs time to unwind. Consider activities like: Long walks at the park, Lounging around on the couch, Daily walks, even as the days get shorter, A weekend picnic, A weekend hike, A visit to a restaurant or establishment that allows dogs, and A special weeknight brushing.

There aren’t that many tips for keeping your pet calm and collected while going back-to-school, but this is really all it takes. August can be a stressful time for you and your family, but don’t forget about your furry friends!

Come visit Wayside Waifs!

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Written by Teryn

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