Deck the Paws!

It’s about that time, folks! The snow will be falling, the sweaters will be worn and the fires will be built. During the holiday season, our entire family deserves to be happy and safe. Below are a few tips for you and your furry friends this holiday season.

  1. Give Your Furry Relatives Their Own Space

Consider leaving a room aside for your pet when guests and parties are invited to your home. Often times pets – even the most outgoing – want to have a “safe place” of their own. Consider inviting an animal-loving guest into the room with your pet to make them feel safe and secure.


  1. No Food?!

We’ll most likely see the adorable faces of our furry family members staring up at us while eating at the dinner table this holiday season. Although it may be hard to resist sharing, we need to. The meals humans eat throughout the holidays include fatty and heavy foods– they are not healthy for our pets’ digestive systems. Never keep desserts where pets can reach them as many sweets will make them sick and even toxic to them! It’s best to stay safe and give them animal-friendly holiday treats!


  1. Electronics, Gifts, and Lights, Oh My!

It’s pretty hard to unplug during the holiday season. The heater is on, the lights are up and sometimes our presents can be electronically oriented. As pet owners, we have to make sure our animals are far enough away from these harmful devices. Make sure string lights are attached to the walls so that pets don’t chew them or trip over them.

  1. Let’s Decorate!

Decorating is fun and festive for you, but it shouldn’t be harmful to your pet. Make sure decorations are out-of-reach so your pet can’t get them. And some pets have a difficult time resisting presents and their wrapping paper s chew toys. You know your pet best so act accordingly, even if that means presents should be kept out of site.


  1. Snuggles and Love

Just like you, your animal needs joy in their life. Be sure to show them extra admiration – get them a fun cat toy to play with or a new Nylabone to chew! Never let them get cold during the winter. Provide them with a bed and blanket or have them join you on the couch. And don’t forget to give them extra belly rubs – they deserve it!

Happy Holidays and have a safe, joyful winter.

Wayside Waifs

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