Cricket, Cricket!


Three great ways to describe Cricket? Here they are!

1. LAP MAGNET: Looking for a cat to relax with? Cricket is your girl. Staff and volunteers adore her obsession with trying out every single lap that she can get her paws on. Once she has found JUST the right spot, she will start making biscuits (affectionately kneading her paws), she will lean in for a quick kiss or two, and will purr to her hearts content. If you have a lap (everyone does!) Cricket is sure to give you the royal treatment.13872996_656383621179705_4280245657705628131_n

2. Predictable: In Cricket’s world predictable certainly doesn’t mean boring-it means predictably affection and cute! The second you walk through her suite door she will give you a quick meow or two, hop down off her favorite chair or cat tree, and assess your lap for comfort. Once you have passed the test, she will jump up and plop right down! We love her predictably cute routine!13631569_10210249710344929_2655804706409377244_n

3. Petite: Cricket is a petite beauty! When she developed her lap sitting habit, we think she knew she was just the right size. Not only is she petite, but look at those beautiful blue eyes of hers! The only way to really appreciate this girl’s beauty is by heading out to Wayside to meet her. She would love to have another lap added to her bucket list!13619940_10210249710504933_5205329672614830742_n

Cricket would LOVE for you to come visit her at Wayside Waifs, but until then check out her profile and watch her video here:



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