Betsy, Waif of the Week!

Let me tell you about my friend, Betsy! This precious Retriever/Lab mix is ready to find her fur-ever home. After coming to Wayside from another shelter that was full, she was very scared and shy. Betsy wasn’t sure how to walk on a leash, play with toys, or even interact with other dogs. She was then enrolled in a special program here at Wayside Waifs called Confidence College. This program helps shy and fearful dogs learn how to interact and come out of their shell! She did grrr-eat when volunteers showed her how much fun walks and playing can be. Betsy learned to relax around other dogs and open up a little. She soon graduated then spent some time in a foster home where she did fabulously.



Her foster parents learned a lot about Betsy during her stay. She absolutely LOVES to go on walks and has great leash manners.


When inside, though, she doesn’t mind relaxing and laying around all day.


She’s very cuddly and loves to lean up on people.  When you sit down Betsy won’t hesitate to crawl up in your lap and sit with you. She’s full of love and kisses to give! Staff and volunteers even started calling her ‘Velcro Dog’ because she loves people and being by your side.





Another fun fact about Betsy is that she loves cats! She’s currently staying in a foster home with another foster cat named Stella. Stella and Betsy are the best of friends and enjoy cuddling and nose kisses. Betsy would love to find a home with a feline friend! Betsy has really improved her social skills with other dogs, too. She came in not knowing how to interact with other dogs but since then she has been able to break out of her shell and make some friends! She will still need to be socialized appropriately and slowly with other dogs but she gives appropriate warnings when she’s feeling uncomfortable. With the right dog she could make a great pal!





This cuddle bug also loves to explore. Here Betsy studies art at Avila University. The work has no name plate, so Betsy calls it Dipylidium Caninum Infinitus. (Betsy is very intelligent.)




Betsy needs a loving, patient home with people who will give her attention and help her really blossom into the amazing companion she’s destined to be. If you’re looking for a sweet, quiet dog, maybe even one who loves cats, Betsy is your gal. Schedule a time to meet her by calling Wayside Waifs! In the mean time, take a look at her adorable video.


Tail wags!


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