Summer Safety Tips for your Feline Friends!

Though many greet summer with excitement over warm weather, open pools, or a break from classes it is also a season when cat owners need to be especially careful. With that in mind, here are a few tips to help you take care of your feline friend this summer.


1. Keep Your Cat Indoors

Cats are especially sensitive to hot weather and are far more comfortable inside with air conditioning than they are out in the heat. Keep your cat inside as much as possible, only bringing them out when absolutely

2. Know the Signs of Heat Stroke

Just like humans, cats are particularly vulnerable to heat stroke during the hot summer months. Symptoms of heatstroke in cats include panting, restlessness, sweaty paws, staggering, very red gums, or vomiting. If you notice these symptoms in your cat get them out of the heat and to a vet if the symptoms don’t

3. Ensure Your Cat Has Access to Shade

If you do bring your cat outside, make sure that they can move to a shaded area to cool down. Cats’ paws are especially sensitive to hot pavement and can easily burn if they are on it too long. Additionally, cats’ bodies can easily sunburn if they are sitting in direct sunlight for too long despite being covered in

4. Don’t Leave Your Cat in the Car

On hot days the temperature inside a car can rise exponentially in just minutes. In these conditions a cat left in the car can quickly succumb to heatstroke that could lead to death. If you are driving with your cat in the car with you keep the air conditioning on and make sure to take them with you when you leave.Cats

5. Watch Out For Bugs

Bugs, specifically stinging insects such as wasps and bees, can annoy or even harm your cat. Make sure to keep your cat away from these insects because they may decide it is a fun game to swat at the bugs. Sugary drinks attract these insects so don’t leave them around.

Summer will be both fun and safe for your cat if you use these five tips!cat-1461908_1920

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