Nov 12 2015

Donut’s Journey: A Forever Home

Donut finds a forever family!

Donut finds a forever family!

Remember Donut? He came to Wayside as an 8 month old puppy in January of 2014 through our Shelter Transfer Program. This is a program where Wayside partners with 30+ shelters across the region and takes animals from shelters that have run out of space for their current animals. Many of these shelters are located in rural settings and don’t have the local population to support a robust pet adoption program.

When Donut came to us he was a pretty sick little guy and our veterinary team diagnosed him with roundworms and hookworms. Once he was nursed back to health, he was neutered and finally ready to find a forever loving home.

By transferring animals like Donut to an urban setting – like Kansas City – the chances of these animals getting adopted rises exponentially because the population is much larger. If Donut had not been transferred to Wayside, it is likely he would have been euthanized because his original shelter had run out of room.

We are thrilled to update you that he now has a forever home! His new family has wonderful things to say about him!

“Donut has a huge personality, he tilts his head to the side whenever we talk, he knows all kinds of tricks including how to army crawl, which started when he wanted his toy across the room and was too tired to get up and walk!! He loves chewing on bully sticks and spending time outside. Camping and hiking are two of his favorite activities. When going to his forever home, he was afraid of getting in water but has since loosened up and will even swim without touching for a little bit. He loves the dog park and gets so excited when his mom or dad says they’re going that you can see the excitement building up until he eventually lets out a big, long hound howl of joy. He especially loves his dog friends, and one mention of their names has his paws on the window trying to find them.”

One time when he left the dog park and his best friend Stella was still there, he stuck his head out the window and cried and wailed almost all the way home, so his mom and dad turned around to go back to the park. Donut and his family recently moved into a new home and he has learned to love his new backyard. He wasn’t sure what to do there where they first moved in but now he runs around and plays all day long. Donut is pretty unique and definitely a fun, great dog.

Congratulations to Donut and his new family!

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