Wayside Waif Alum Is Official Cuddler at Ronald McDonald House


Lots of dogs at Wayside Waifs are such good cuddlers, they could go professional. In fact, one of them has!

Mr. Bean, a 15-pound Cairn Terrier/West Highland mix, is an official member of the staff at Ronald McDonald House Charities in Kansas City. The Ronald McDonald House provides comfortable and convenient lodging to children who are battling illness and their families as they undergo medical treatment. Wayside Waifs placed Mr. Bean with The Ronald McDonald house to help provide comfort to children and their families.

Although Mr. Bean was only a year old when he joined the Ronald McDonald staff, he hit the ground running and tail wagging. He moved into one of two Ronald McDonald houses in Kansas City. Both houses are always packed, which is why they are opening a third one in mid-February!

As the official Director of Love and Compassion, he’s a champion snuggler, a fun play pal, and a sweet nap buddy. Children who miss their pets back home especially appreciate his presence.

Most dog owners will tell you how their dog just knows when they’re not feeling well and need a little extra love and support…and what a great consolation that support can be.  Mr. Bean definitely has that sixth sense, and always seems to know just what the kids need.

We’re very proud of Mr. Bean and the good work he does, but we can’t say we’re surprised. Wayside Waifs is full of dogs who have so much love, loyalty, and companionship to offer. And every week, we hear about Wayside Waif alums who are doing a great job of being someone’s best friend.

Contributing Writer: Stacey Donovan

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