Ring in the New Year With a Waif in Need

Christmas has come and gone, but that does not mean the season of giving needs to come to an end. At Wayside Waifs, we have a number of animals available for adoption. Giving an animal the gift of a forever home is a great way to ring in the New Year and make a difference in the life of one of our Waifs in need of a home. To get you inspired, we would like to better acquaint you with a few of our adoptable dogs.

Adoptable Waifs:


This six-month-old Alaskan Husky has a white and black coat that keeps her warm all winter long. Although she is a new addition to the Wayside Waifs family, she is eager to find a home of her own. Athena’s breed is celebrated for their sociable, mild-tempered, and sweet disposition that is complemented by cute and cuddly looks. If you are looking for an adaptable and generally kid-friendly doggy addition to your family, you have met your match. For more information about Athena, visit her online profile or give us a call today.

biggie smallsBiggie Smalls

Looks can be deceiving; so, do not let Biggie Smalls’ intimidating features send you astray. Underneath those broad, tan shoulders and wide-set eyes is a dog with a heart of gold. Biggie Smalls is a two-year-old, Terrier-American Staffordshire male dog, who is well-behaved and excited to get settled down again. His eagerness to please makes him highly trainable, something every pet owner can agree makes for a winning combination. If you are looking for a dog to cuddle at night or throw the tennis ball with during the day, Biggie Smalls is just the pooch for you.  For details about Biggie Smalls, visit his profile and watch his online video, or contact us now.


Want a sweet, smart, and fun-loving pooch, who is ready to finally learn what it means to be part of a family? Greycie, our Greyhound greyciemix, who is almost two years old, is exactly these things. If you are willing to give Greycie the loving, stable home she deserves, she is sure to adapt and thrive in a permanent-home environment. Her requirements? Compassion and patience are virtues she seeks in her new owner or family. Because she has never had a real home, she will need some training and guidance about what it means to be a part of your home. Want to learn more about Greycie? Visit her online profile or stop by Wayside Waifs during our open hours of operation.

Learn More Today

The New Year represents new beginnings. What better way to do just that than adopt one of our Waifs in need? Athena, Greycie, and Biggie Smalls are just a few of our many animals available for adoption. This year, you can give the gift that keeps giving by showing an animal what it means to have a loving home. Not ready to adopt? Make a tax-deductible donation to help provide for their care

To learn how you can adopt one of our Waifs in need, contact us by calling (816) 761-8151.




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