Jun 14 2013

Meet Ace!

**Be sure to┬ámy ‘watch video’!**

Hi there! I’m Ace and I need a home! Please people, get me outta here! I’m pleading with you. That’s why I look so crazy in my kennel when you come out to visit me. I’m not aggressive at all….I’m just trying to communicate with you the only way I know how. So I jump and I bang into the walls, all the while wondering if you can understand me. Because surely you’ll take me out, if you see how much I need you, right? In fact, you’ll be pleased to know that once you do get me out of my icky kennel, I am a true gentleman! I am relaxed and fun, I walk very well on my leash, and I love to have a good time. But first you gotta get me out of my kennel! Then you’ll see the true me, I promise.

I’m a smart and active 1 1/2 year old, 51 pounds of pure love, Shepherd mix looking for just the right home. I came into Wayside Waifs after being transferred from another shelter, where I had been since January! Did you hear that? I’ve been stuck in the shelter system for 1/3 of my life already. And for a dog like me, that’s not a good thing. I need to be out enjoying life, living to the fullest every single day, having fun and making people happy. I really don’t mean to complain, but being stuck in a kennel is such a drag. I need to be with my people! I need you in my life!

I’m tenacious and I have lots of energy. I’m athletic and fast and strong. I think I can probably jump a fence if I get bored and am left alone for too long. If these are things that make you nervous in a dog, then I’m probably not the right dog for you. No offense intended, but I’m going to need a family who is committed to helping me become the well-rounded and well-mannered canine citizen that I know I can be. The staff here at Wayside thinks that I’m the type of dog who might like a job. Are you hiring? Just think of all the fun we could have hiking, jogging, playing Frisbee or fly ball, or maybe even doing some agility work. I love toys! Did you see me playing with my basketball in my video? That was a fun day! I like to splash in the pool too, or just sit by your side and take in the day, if that’s what you feel like doing.

I think I’ll be happiest in a home with kids over the age of 12. Right now I really need a family who can focus on me and where I need to get to. I need some help with my manners, and I wouldn’t be the best fit for a family with young kids. Not to say that I won’t do well with kids once I learn some manners and have some basic training, but for now a home with no kids or older kids would be ideal. The staff here recommends Nothing in Life is Free training for me. Have you ever heard of that? Basically it means that I don’t get anything until I earn it. That sounds sort of mean, but it is like you going to work everyday. I don’t get paid until I do my work. So before you put my food dish down, I have to sit for you. Before you scratch my head, I might have to sit and lay down. Get it? And my payday is whatever you give me for doing as I’m told. This is a gentle way to teach me you are the boss. I work best for treats and affection! I already know how to sit for my treats and promise to take them gently from your hand.

I’d also like a home without any small furry animals, such as cats or bunnies. I’ve never done anything to hurt anybody, but staff just wants to be extra safe. I’m more of an only child, center of attention superstar. After all, who wouldn’t want that? As far as other dogs go, it really just depends. I’m pretty pushy with my canine friends, and I can be a bit bossy. If I had a dog savvy owner who could monitor and work on our interactions, we might be able to make it work. I’d like to meet any potential doggy friends I might be living with before I could go home with you. That way we could be allowed to meet on neutral territory.

So do you think maybe you’ll come out and meet me today? I’d like that so much! I just need a chance to shine, that’s all. I need to belong to a family who wants me and will be proud to show me off around the neighborhood. I don’t understand that my craziness in my kennel is giving me a bad reputation. I hear people laughing and pointing at me, but I don’t understand why. Can’t you hear me? Don’t you understand that I just want out? To you out there who really gets me, I can’t wait to meet you! Let’s be best friends.


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